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If you’re in the market for the best cheese slicer, the most important factors you must consider are the slicer’s sharpness, among others. To help you shop, I’ve put together the best products you could get in the market. I’ve also curated a buying guide to further help you make an informed decision.

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You may think that slicing cheese takes mastery. Well, if you’re not that skillful at cutting them, you could use a good cheese slicer. Nothing adds to the beauty of a cheese plate more than precise and neatly cut cheese slices. Besides, manually cutting them with a knife can be time-consuming and inefficient.

There are special kitchen tools for everything. And for slicing cheese, a cheese slicer is a specialized device that produces the most efficient results. In this article, I’ll walk you through getting the best cheese slicer, as well as knowing the different types so you can decide which one will suit your demand.

What are cheese slicers for?

Have you ever cut cheese with a knife and ended up with a weird slice? I’m sure you’ve done it. I’ve done it! Well, the good news is that a cheese slicer will solve this dilemma we all may have had. A cheese slicer is a special device used to make even cuts without crumbling the cheese.

Cheese slicers come in a range of shapes, sizes, and features. Some cheese slicers have built-in blades, others have integrated wires to cut. Cheese slicers even have adjustable functions that allow you to customize your cuts. Plus, they are not expensive.

Different Types of Cheese Slicers

A good cheese slicer is essential in any kitchen. But before buying one, know that you have options. There are various types of cheese slicers commercially available. The kind of cheese slicer you choose depends on the type of cheese you often cut. Your preferred thickness for your cheese will also affect your choices.

Handheld Wire Cheese Slicer

Handheld models are the most common cheese slicers. And besides, portability is an important consideration in any kitchen tool, like a cheese slicer. The portability of handheld cheese slicers allows you to conveniently use them.

But hey, don’t be fooled by its physical look. You may mistake it for a vegetable peeler, but it’s incapable of performing that role successfully. Anyway, you can always take a cheese slicer apart with the distinct layout referred to as the European design. You must hold a handheld cheese slicer at a specific angle to use it properly.

Hand-held cheese wire slicers are the most user-friendly and safe to use. They make consistent slices of cheese, no matter how thick you like them to be. Wire slicers are suitable for all types of cheeses. Although soft cheeses may be more difficult to cut because the sections tend to stick together. 

Many wire slicers customize the thickness of your cheese with an adjustable wheel. You can also do it by adjusting the angle at which you cut. When a wire breaks, it’s usually possible to put in a replacement.

Cheese Plane

A cheese plane is another handheld cheese slicer that creates thinner slices of cheese. Unlike the handheld wire cheese slicer, this one uses a blade. Cheese planes work well with hard and semi-soft cheeses. When looking at it, it resembles a  carpenter’s planes in design. They are made of flat metal with an angled edge sliced into them. 

Cheese planes are simple to use; just run the cutting edge against the top or side of the cheese. This type of cheese slicer may require a certain amount of dexterity and practice. And because they have a sharp edge, you must take precautions. 

Cheese planes are the most restricted, as they can shave just thin slices of cheese. They are, however, the easiest choice if you want to achieve extremely thin slices.

Cutting Board Cheese Slicer

Also known as the tabletop cheese slicer, this type of cheese slicer has a base of a solid, sturdy platform. A cutting board cheese slicer can be made of sturdy materials like wood, marble, and even steel. Sometimes with a handle attachment on the side. The base is typically large enough to hold cheeses of all varying sizes and cut a big chunk of your cheese at the same time. 

This type of cheese slicer uses a wire to cut, creating smooth cheese slices. Simply lift the handle, lay the cheese on the platform, and lower the slicer. You can make cubes of cheese by cutting a stack of slices on the board. The drawback to this type of cheese slicer is that it’s a little harder to clean, and they are bulky.

Are cheese slicers worth it?

Investing in a high-quality cheese slicer is always a good idea. It guarantees you can slice cheese with consistent cuts in each slice. While cutting cheese blocks with just a knife is the most logical alternative, it forgoes the consistency needed for uniform cuts.

If you don’t mind having a weirdly cut shape of cheese, then a knife might work for you. As for me, presentation is everything. Everyone desires an appealing cheese plate, with a smooth texture, neat cuts, and sleek edges. What’s more, it allows you to slice cheese into various shapes.

My Top Picks for the Best Cheese Slicer

Best OverallBellemain Cheese SlicerBellemain Cheese Slicer– Made of zinc alloy
– Stainless steel adjustable cutting wire
– 1-year warranty
Check on Amazon
Best ValueWestmark Germany Wire Cheese SlicerWestmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer – Made of aluminum
– Stainless steel adjustable cutting wire
– 5-year warranty
Check on Amazon
Best Wooden Wire SlicerProdyne Beech Wood Cheese SlicerProdyne Beech Wood Cheese Slicer– Made of beech wood
– Stainless steel replaceable cutting wire
– Has non-slip rubber feet
– Lifetime warranty
Check on Amazon
Best for Hard CheesesBOSKA Copenhagen Cheese SlicerBOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer– Made of Stainless steel
– Hollow blade edge
– 10-year warranty
Check on Amazon
Best Marble Wire SlicerFox Run Marble Cheese SlicerFox Run Marble Cheese Slicer– Made of marble
– Stainless steel cutting wire
– Includes 2 replacement wires
– Has plastic feet
Check on Amazon

The Best Cheese Slicer Reviews

The best cheese slicers come in handy in perfecting your cheese slices. If you plan on getting one soon, you may consider the options I’ve got below for you. 

Bellemain Cheese Slicer – Best Overall

Bellemain Cheese Slicer

If you’re looking for the best cheese slicer, the Bellemain Cheese Slicer could be an excellent option. It’s one of the top-rated products in the market today. This cheese slicer makes a lightweight and convenient use for preparing your grilled cheese sandwiches. It can perform the job with ease and precision.

The Bellemain Cheese Slicer is a heavy-duty kitchen tool made of a single piece of zinc alloy, so it should last for many years. The rugged stainless steel wire in this handheld w slicer cuts lovely slices to your ideal thickness. It’s up to you whether you want thick, thin, or even paper-thin slices.

This slicer is no stranger to the idea of convenience since you can smoothly achieve your desired width and thickness. You can easily shift the slicer to a thickness of 14 inches and a width of 3.5 inches for chunky slices. This cheese slicer comes with a one-year warranty.

• Wire tension and thickness are easily adjustable
• Has the muscle for hard cheeses
• Durable cheese slicer
• Affordable
• Comes with a 1-year warranty
• Not as efficient for softer cheeses

Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer – Best Value

Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer

The Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer may be worth considering if you want to get the most of your investment. It’s one of the most durable cheese slicers you could find on the market. This cheese slicer’s cast aluminum-built and stainless steel cutting wire can cut through soft and semi-hard cheeses.

Keep in mind though, the cutting wire on this slicer is not replaceable. But I’ve read through user reviews of Westmark cheese slicer enough that they can attest to its durability. The thickness of the slices can be adjusted by changing the angle at which you slice, allowing you to achieve your desired result. Its well-designed handle offers a good grip and makes it easier to slice the cheese. 

And since this cheese slicer is made of aluminum, it shouldn’t go in the dishwasher. But it’s still easy to clean with warm water and soap. And when you’re done, you can use its hanging hole for easy storage. Plus, it comes with a lengthy five-year warranty.

• Durable cheese slicer
• Adjustable to your preferred thickness
• Ergonomic handle
• Easy to store
• Comes with a five-year warranty
• Cutting wire isn’t replaceable

Prodyne Beech Wood Cheese Slicer – Best Wooden Wire Slicer

Prodyne Beech Wood Cheese Slicer

Wooden cutting boards are a great platform for mincing, dicing, and chopping herbs. But sometimes, they’re for your cheeses. With a cutting wire attachment for efficient cheese slicing. The Prodyne Beech Wood Cheese Slicer is made of beech wood with a stainless steel replaceable cutting wire.

Beech is a close-grained hardwood, meaning their pores are so small you can’t see them with your naked eye. So, you can expect that it won’t absorb moisture. I think the natural wooden look also adds a touch of beauty to this slicer. Plus, you can double it as a serving platter!

The Prodyne cheese slicer features a sleek black arm and a stainless-steel cutting wire that seamlessly cuts through the toughest cheese. You can achieve your desired thickness or thinness for each slice. But the perks don’t end there; it has non-slip rubber feet which support your cutting session by preventing the tool from wobbling, which could damage your countertop.

Handwashing with gentle dish soap will maintain this wood slicer in tip-top shape. It’s also very affordable, and the best part about it? It comes with a lifetime warranty.

• Non-porous; won’t absorb moisture
• Lovely, natural wooden look
• Can serve as a wooden platter
• Non-slip rubber feet offer great support
• Replaceable wire
• Has the muscle for the toughest cheeses
• Comes with a lifetime warranty
• Bulky
• Wire’s diameter is thin

BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer – Best for Hard Cheeses

BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer

If you’re looking for a handheld device, something lightweight and less bulky, but can cut through hard cheese, the BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer could be your best friend. This cheese plane is made of stainless steel and has a one-piece blade that’s sharp out of the box, and could stay sharp for years.

The slicer’s opening is 2 inches wide, helping you study how to grip it correctly for effective results. You’ll be able to achieve your desired thickness for your hard cheese slices.  It comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty, so you can be confident that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

Despite being made of stainless steel, this cheese slicer, as I’ve mentioned, is still lightweight. Its rounded handle allows you to hold this cheese slicer with ease. What’s more?  You can safely throw it in the dishwasher, you couch potato. Plus, it comes with a lengthy ten-year warranty to last you a long time.

• Durable cheese slicer
• Has the muscle for hard cheeses
• Lightweight and easy to maneuver
• Dishwasher-safe
• Comes with a 10-year warranty
• Produces thicker slices
• Feels a bit flimsy

Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer – Best Marble Wire Slicer

Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

I don’t know about you, but the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slice to me is the most attractive model on the list. It reminds me of the mortar and pestle I inherited from my late grandmother, it’s so timeless. This cheese slicer features a beautiful marble slicer block.

Its stone has distinct patterns and grayscale that are typical of natural stone. I appreciate the manufacturer for creating a unified look, as the slicing lever, much like the base, is made of marble. This slicer has a nonstick surface which is great for slicing and serving.

The stainless steel cutting wire has the muscle to cut through hard and soft cheeses with customizable thickness to match your liking. This cheese slicer also includes two replacement blades as well as plastic feet underneath the board to safeguard your counter.

To clean the block, thoroughly rinse it off with warm water after washing it with mild soap. If you don’t rinse the block really good, soap may leave a residue of taste or fragrance. It’s likely because of the porous nature of marble.

• Attractive and unique
• Great as a serving platter
• Plastic feet protect countertops
• Includes two replacement wires
• Porous; may absorb traces of taste or scent
• Requires careful washing

A Buyer’s Guide in Picking the Best Cheese Slicer

If you want to find the best cheese slicer, you must first set your standards high. You’re going to want a tool that’s made of sturdy material, is easy to work with, and has a good cutting threshold, meaning it should be able to cut through soft to hard cheeses. Find out more on the handy buying guide below. 


For blades and cutting wires, stainless steel is the most commonly used material. Steel is among the few food-grade materials. Such a material is also durable enough to slash through tougher cheeses with less than 50 percent moisture content.

For cutting board cheese slicers, their bases are made of metal, wood, or marble. I think it’s entirely about looks. Either you want the natural wood aesthetic or the nonporous steel, you have the choice. Others also prefer a marble cutting surface. This I think is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Handheld slicers, such as cheese planes and wire slicers, are typically made of lighter, more sturdy materials, such as zinc alloy. The cutting edge of a cheese plane and the wire of a handheld cheese slicer are generally made of stainless steel. When it comes to handles, certain models with plastic handles with a silicone sleeve are also available. The silicone component adds comfort and better grip.

Ergonomic Handle

When it relates to handheld cheese slicers, comfort is essential. Cutting a lot of cheeses can strain your wrist and hands. Sturdy handles aid in maintaining consistent pressure while cutting. The slicers’ shape or contour of ergonomic handles can also help to reduce wrist and grip strain.

Large handles on cutting board cheese slicers allow you to apply pressure to the wire without flexing. The wire does the bulk of the work if it is strong enough. A cutting board cheese slicer is probably simpler to use when slicing hard cheese. Remember that such a type of slicer will require more storage space.

Adjustable Thickness

Depending on the angle at which you handle the tool, certain cheese slicers create different thicknesses. Other cheese slicers have adjustable dials. This feature allows you to customize your cuts. I find working with a cutting board cheese slicer generous with more flexibility in terms of thickness. It’s because you can shift as much and as little of the cheese block underneath the wire you please.

While a cutting board cheese slicer can cut a stack of cheese, a plane slicer would be a better option if you want thinner slices. 


A versatile and adaptable cheese slicer allows for a wide range of tasks. It gives you the option of making your cuts thicker or thinner. I suggest you choose a slicer that’s up for the task of the cheese you usually consume.

Many cheese slicers are capable of cutting hard as well as semi-soft cheeses. Some are also adept at slicing softer cheeses. By shifting the edges, you should also be able to change the slices however you like it.

Check if a slicer will allow you to customize the thickness of the cheese slices. Some handheld wire slicers feature adjustable rollers which you can set to various thicknesses. Other models require you to change the angle at which you slice, in order to achieve your preferred thickness.

Ease of Cleaning

Another factor to consider when purchasing a cheese slicer is its convenience of cleaning. A few handheld cheese slicers can be thrown in the dishwasher. It’s the way to go if you hate washing your hands. Other cheese slicers, particularly those with a board and a wire connected to a cutting arm, need to be hand-washed.

I suggest you wash your cheese slicers by hand as they tend to last longer and protect the finish and avoids corrosion. If you choose a cheese cutter with a wipe-clean board that requires only wiping, then this is even a better option.


Even if you use the tool daily, a cheese slicer should last you for years. I’m not saying it should be at its top shape throughout the years. At some point, you may have to replace the wire, but the device as a whole should be able to withstand the wear and tear of repeated use.

Opt for a cheese slicer of durable materials such as stainless steel with zinc or aluminum handles to ensure a lasting investment.

Jack of All Trades

Did you know you can use the best cheese slicers to cut certain foods? You can use the cutting board cheese slicers to cut sausages, peppers, salad greens, and radishes. Cutting board slicers with a hard-edge blade can expand the types of food you can cut. Wire blades are not typically strong enough to cut through meat products like salami or tougher food items like nuts.

Price and Warranty

Most cheese slicers are at a considerably low cost, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding affordable models. However, it’s nice to get it from a manufacturer that offers a warranty. Depending on where you buy your slicer from, the length of the warranty can vary.

A basic warranty typically lasts a year. A lifetime warranty is the better option to get the most bang for your buck. It ensures your item is protected against flaws or defects. It will also be easier for you to find replacement parts, just in case.

The Best Cheese Slicer FAQs

What is the best type of cheese slicer?

The type of cheese cutter or slicer you buy depends on the type of cheese you often consume. It also depends on your preferred thickness. Cheese planes are ideal for thinly slicing hard and semi-soft cheeses. Handheld wire cheese slicers perform well on tough and semi-soft cheeses.

A handheld slicer can create a range of thicknesses by adjusting the angle at which you slice. Cutting board cheese slicers are a versatile option if you want to achieve a wide range of thicknesses of both hard and soft kinds of cheese.

What are the best cheese slicers?

I suggest you look for cheese slicers that are made of lightweight but long-lasting materials. Pick those made of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloys. Look for stainless steel or zinc-coated wires for wire slicers. Handheld slicers made of plastic or other brittle materials are the least of my suggestions. But some cutting board slicers are made of a very durable plastic material.

What is the best way to slice block cheese?

If you’re using a cutting board cheese wire slicer, then you slice the block cheese in a guillotine motion. For handheld models, you’ll need to put a blend of pulling and pressing pressure.

Can I wash a cheese slicer in the dishwasher?

It depends on whether or not the slicer is dishwasher-safe. But it is preferable to hand wash them. Metals like aluminum and zinc are not suitable for dishwashers. Also, stainless steel can corrode, so it’s wise to avoid placing them in the dishwasher. Besides that, cheese slicers, as wire cutters, don’t cope well with dishwashers and may become warmed up.

Conclusioncheese slicers

My favorite is the Bellemain Cheese Slicer because it’s durable, and has the muscle for hard cheeses despite being lightweight. The Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer may be worth considering if you want to get the most of your investment. This slicer is one of the most durable models you could find, and it has an ergonomic handle that allows for ease of use. And it’s easy to store, as well.

But if you’re looking for a wooden cutting board cheese slicer, the Prodyne Beech Wood Cheese Slicer could be a nice option. It’s non-porous and won’t absorb moisture, with its lovely, natural wooden look that you can use as a platter.

For folks who often consume hard cheeses, the BOSKA Copenhagen Cheese Slicer may be a sturdy option. This cheese plane is durable, also has the muscle for hard cheeses, while being lightweight and easy to maneuver. But if you like the elegance a marble block would bring to the table, the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slice could be a gorgeous choice. Like the beechwood board, it’s also great as a serving platter!

There are overwhelming choices for the best cheese slicers in the market but not all of them are up for the task. Make sure to check the latest price and discounts for these fantastic cheese slicers, and find out which one suits your demand. Say cheese!

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