Best Commercial Meat Grinder

Looking for the best commercial meat grinder? A few of the most crucial points to consider are the grinder’s power, speed, and durability. Having said that, I did the hunt myself and discovered some of the best commercial meat grinders that hunters and restaurant owners recommend.

And to help you narrow down your options, I’ve also curated a handy buying guide. As well as other essential information to ensure that you only get the ideal meat grinder that suits your budget and needs.

Meat Grinder

Having your own meat grinder (particularly a commercial one) can open up a world of possibilities in your kitchen. Think ground-beef patties and sausages. As well as soft meatballs which go well with a variety of dishes.

Sure, you can buy store-bought ground meat packed with preservatives. But with the best commercial meat grinder, you can ensure that your customers or family are served with a cleaner dish every time.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial meat grinder for your restaurant or for heavy-duty applications at home, you can rely on the machines on my list. Keep reading to find out how these tools can amp up your culinary game.

My Top Picks for the Best Commercial Meat Grinder

Best OverallLEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat GrinderLEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder– 755 Watts
– 1 HP- Stainless steel material
– Modernized brushed steel finish
– Can grind up to 13 lbs. per minute
– 5-year warranty
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Best Heavy-dutySTX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat GrinderSTX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder– 3000 Watts- 3.4 HP
– Patented air cooling system
– Polish aluminum grinding head
– 304-grade stainless steel blades
– 3 Speed switch system- Equipped with circuit breaker
– Can grind 180 – 240 lbs per hour
– 3-year warranty
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Best for SausagesKitchener Elite Electric Meat GrinderKitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder– 550 Watts- ¾ HP
– 304-grade stainless steel
– Steel gear-driven mechanism
– Equipped with circuit breaker
– Can grind up to 720-lbs per hour
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The Best Commercial Meat Grinders, Reviewed!

With so many meat grinders on the market, it’s hard to find a good machine that does the job right. Luckily, consumer reports from firsthand users led me to the top commercial food grinders listed below. With each having its own set of pros and cons.

LEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder – Best Overall

LEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

If you’re looking for the best commercial meat grinder, the LEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder could be a good option. This machine made it to the top of my list for its great durability, which leads me to conclude it’s designed to provide efficiency and longevity.

This LEM meat grinder is compact with a durable stainless steel body, and it’s fast and reliable. And finding these qualities in one machine is rare in the meat grinder industry.

One of the defining features of LEM grinders is their Big Bite technology that flawlessly grinds large batches of meat. In comparison to other LEM models, this machine has a 1 HP power output, which allows for more productive grinding. It can grind up to 13 lbs per minute, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

Although compact, this meat grinder actually weighs heavily, and it’s also heftier than other machines in terms of price. But one thing holds true: your commercial kitchen staff will adore it!

Considering its high power, this machine is quiet when in use. Its brushed stainless steel finish is very hygienic and resists fingerprints. But you can’t run the stainless steel parts inside the dishwasher, which can be quite annoying. Particularly during post-party cleanup.

• High durability
• Compact size
• Powerful motor
• Hygienic
• Quiet operation
• There are more affordable options with almost the same quality
• Doesn’t have a reverse function
• Not dishwasher-safe
• Comes with a 5-year warranty

STX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder – Best Heavy-Duty

STX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder

Anything from STX International is reliable, and the STX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder is no exception. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty grinder that can grind bones, then you may consider getting this machine instead.

It features a patented, cool air induction system that delivers a more efficient coolant. At 3.4 HP output and 3000-watt motor, this grinder can produce between 180 and 240 lbs of meat an hour. This is a bit sluggish for me, but it can grind harder stuff. So, that’s an obvious trade-off.

Another feature I appreciate about this grinder is the three-speed switch mechanism. This lets you customize the machine based on your application. It’s also equipped with a circuit breaker, which protects your appliance from damage caused by overheating.

This machine’s grinding head is made of 100 percent polished food-grade cast aluminum. The same material makes up its attachments, including the kubbe, the blades, grinding plates, and stuffing tubes.

After reading several online reviews, I’m confident it’s one of the best electric meat grinders on the market. and considering its power and reliability, it’s at a reasonable price point!

• Durable and powerful machine; great for heavy-duty application
• Easy to use
• Comes with several useful attachments
• Reasonably priced
• Some users say the aluminum polish isn’t very sturdy
• Very slow

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder – Best for Sausages

Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder

Love grinding meat for homemade sausages? Then the Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder might be an ideal machine for you. It’s compact and wouldn’t take that much space in your kitchen.

Designed with a heavy-duty 304 stainless steel grinder head, auger, and meat pan, this machine exudes durability. Its stainless steel casing and water-proof switch ensure exceptional safety. As well as superior corrosion resistance.

At ¾ HP output and 550-watt motor, this machine is capable of grinding 720 lbs of meat per hour. The steel gear-driven mechanism and maintenance-free air-cooled motor make the grinding capabilities more powerful and encourage quiet operation.

The machine’s motor also includes a circuit breaker for safety, which I appreciate. And, thanks to its patented retractable drawer design, managing your grinder accessories is a breeze!

I don’t know about you, but this machine is probably not a good option if your commercial kitchen demands more workload. But it would still be a nice option for basic meat grinding tasks.

• Durable construction
• Easy to use
• Compact size
• Circuit breaker for safety
• Innovative air-vent cooling
• Dust and rust-proof
• Prone to clogging
• None dishwasher-safe parts

LEM W780A Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

LEM W780A Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

I have to note that several LEM items look identical, but not exactly. Each machine still has distinguishing features that set it apart.

The LEM W780A Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder, for example, is fueled by a 550-watt motor with a power output of.75 HP. This is why it ranks lower on the list than the previous LEM machine.

Its innovative rifled head design and patented Big Bite technology provide a superior second grind. All while nearly reducing stomping and substantially improving sausage stuffing.

Much like the first LEM on my top list, this commercial meat grinder comes in a space-saving compact size. Designed with a stainless steel head, auger, and meat pa, this machine also boasts durability. The machine is also easy to clean.

The price of this commercial food grinder is slightly less than the price of the other LEM machine on my top list. But it also comes with a five-year warranty which protects your investment.

• Compact size
• Efficient grinding
• Comes with a 5-year warranty
• Some users have complaints about jamming

LEM 1158 Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder

LEM 1158 Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder

Another machine from the brand that gets a lot of praise is the LEM 1158 Mighty Bite Electric Meat Grinder. If you want an even more compact meat grinder for your commercial kitchen, then you may refer to this machine.

LEM likes to call it the “little brother” of their Big Bite grinders. Powered by a 500-watt lubricated motor with a 1000-watt peak, this dual-speed machine can grind meat without breaking a sweat. It’s made of durable aluminum, which should make this machine more lightweight than its big brothers.

It’s designed with all-metal gears including a grinding head, auger, and a meat pan that can hold up to 3 lbs of meat. If you’re a beginner in the meat-grinding and sausage-stuffing industry, this could be a nice machine to start with. Plus, it’s backed by a one-year limited warranty.

• Space-saving compact size
• Portable
• Durable construction
• Comes with sturdy attachments
• Comes with a one-year limited warranty
• Large locking hole allows the hopper to move around a lot

A Buyer’s Guide in Choosing the Best Commercial Meat Grinder

Before investing in a commercial meat grinder, you must first think about a few deciding factors. These things will help you in better understanding what you truly need.

Motor Power

The workload that the motor can perform is defined by its strength. This is why your machine’s motor is critical for the grinding process. 

Electric motors are complex, but they are powerful. Heavy-duty grinders can easily ground any piece of meat. They typically have a 1.3  to 1.5 HP motor. And to achieve the best results, you must keep the motor at an optimal temperature.

Keep in mind that it’s important to consider the power of your meat grinder as it ​​should correspond to the peak demand of your commercial kitchen. But if you don’t really need to rely on your machine all the time, a grinder with lower horsepower (HP) should suffice.

Grinding Speed

A high-quality electric meat grinder can crush up to 1000 lbs of beef in an hour. But these machines can be pricey. If you opt for a manual meat grinder, you can grind as much as you want as long you’re willing to do all the hard labor.

Manual grinders can smash 240 lbs of beef in an hour – if you grind for one hour. Though you can always pick a grinder required based on your kitchen operations.


Given the cost of certain models, buying a commercial meat grinder can be a major purchase. This is why the durability of the machine should always be the first thing that comes to mind.

Many grinders constructed of stainless or copper metal are more durable. And you’ll find a commercial electric meat grinder made of thick-gauge stainless steel alloy. Your grinder’s body, as well as its parts including the blades, grinding plates, and motor, should ideally be made of stainless steel.

Keep in mind that a machine with high durability can last you longer. Also, suitable voltage settings and allowing your equipment to have ample rest can help it last longer.


The best commercial meat grinder should have features that allow you to be flexible in the kitchen. There are several trays you may ignore, yet they are useful. Steel plates are essential for slicing the meat into varied forms to make it more pliable.

You can use metal claws in breaking down the ligaments. They are also useful in holding hot meat chunks. Certain grinders may include a removable washstand, providing you with a more compact workstation.

Burger patty makers and sausage rollers are also a great attachment in commercial meat grinders. The attachments you would want to get should depend on your food business.

Grinding Plate Options

Grinding plates are also an important consideration. Their sizes are particularly crucial since they make a significant impact on the ideal end result. The coarseness of your ground meat varies according to the size of the plates. That being said, you must figure out your ideal grind size.

You may start with identifying what your customers like. This way, you can begin looking through all of the available plate sizes in the market to find the one that is best suited to your business’ demands.

Safety Mechanisms

The best commercial grinders often have safety features. Waterproofing cooking tools are usually a good safety feature. Which is why certain electric grinders feature waterproof controls.

It’s also important to check whether the machine’s ventilation works since motors get hot in the process. There are also patented quad air cooling systems integrated into the motor of certain grinders. This mechanism will keep your machine functioning for an extended period of time. It can also lengthen its lifespan.

Ease of Use

Unless you don’t mind spending a lot of time figuring out your new commercial grinder, picking a machine that’s easy to use is important. Especially for beginners.

Depending on your understanding of how a commercial grinder works, certain machines can be quite complicated and too technical. A good commercial grinder should allow you to load the meat and its claws will tear it for you. It shouldn’t take you to do guesswork in your busy commercial kitchen.

For manual meat grinders, you will need to exert more effort, but it is also simple to use. You may also see foot pedals on certain electric grinders.

Ease of Cleaning

Grinders handle food. So, you must always wash them after each use to ensure that they are perfectly clean for the next use. Fortunately, many commercial food grinders come in easy-to-remove and assemble parts. Dishwasher-friendly components are also preferable to make cleaning a breeze.


Commercial kitchens demand versatility. So, if your equipment can accomplish two jobs at once, it is a huge advantage.

While meat grinders are designed to ground meat, certain machines are capable of grinding bones. Heavy-duty grinders can process any type of meat, including ribs and loin. If you have pets, you can even use a versatile machine to make their food.

Working with a commercial meat grinder that only specialized to handle separate meat cuts. If you want to save money and not have to buy a separate machine for the other tasks, consider a versatile machine.

Price and Warranty

When it comes to price, a more expensive machine may have more features than a less expensive one. And sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. But it’s also worth noting that it may be an unnecessary splurge to get a $1000 machine.

Before deciding on the machine, make sure to set a budget plan. If your business requires a heavy-duty grinder with more attachments and features, you may opt for a higher-end machine. Otherwise, stick to one that suits your budget since you can still find decent machines within reasonable price points.

Product warranty is also an important factor. I suggest you opt for one with a longer warranty. Always verify whether or not the warranty covers the meat grinder’s service and components.

Certain manufacturers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Ensure to double-check the terms and conditions before completing your order.

Why Invest in a Commercial Meat Grinder?

Despite having the name “meat grinder”, this machine is versatile. It has the potential to replace virtually all of the tools you use for meal preparation. This machine can also grind practically any other food, such as vegetables, fruits, or even nuts.

A commercial grinder is especially useful for busy kitchens in restaurants, fast food chains, and cafes. And depending on your needs at home, you can even keep it in case of heavy-duty application and keep your manual or hand-held grinder.

With a meat grinder, you can choose the ingredients that will go in your sausages or mixed meat. This is a better way to create your own ground meat than buying processed ones from the grocery store.

You’ll also be able to manage how your meatballs and sausages are prepared. As well as which part of the meat goes into your grinder. It’s definitely a wonderful addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Two Types of Meat Grinders

Meat grinders come in a variety of designs and features. Depending on the type of kitchen you have and your requirements, you must pick one that will work best for you. Here are the two types of meat grinders you may choose from:

Manual Meat Grinder

Typically small and compact, a manual grinder has a central motor that powers the claws. Its motor is attached to a lever that sticks from the machine’s exterior which you can turn. Since it is a freestanding machine, it needs to stand on a stable flat surface.

Such machines use a meat dispenser and a stuffer to push the meat further down the chute. It shreds the meat as it gets into the sharp claws, and it oozes out of the metal plates like strings. Such machines are perfect if you have a small restaurant or if your kitchen only needs minimal meat grinding.

There are also manual handheld grinders. They are often small and compact in size with heavy-duty construction. These grinders do not have as many settings, but they generally have a few of various outputs for different kinds of meat.

And since they are more compact than electric grinders (more on this later), you can secure them on the edges of the counter rather than sitting on top.

Electric Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders are the most common and frequently used type on the market. It’s rectangular in shape, with a feed for the meat and an outlet for the finished product. The voltage, power output, and type of motor it has have a significant impact on its overall efficiency.

Such grinders often include a handful of distinct outputs for various kinds of meat, such as sausage links. They are simple to operate since they allow you to prepare the meat with both hands, and in most situations,  you won’t even need a meat stuffer.

Electric meat grinders also offer many speed settings. Certain manufacturers offer to boost the power of their product by installing a foot pedal. Which comes in handy when processing sausages and patties.

Its feed is often in the shape of a tray, allowing the meat to pass through the grinder smoothly and easily. Electric meat grinders are often designed to generate less noise at a high speed. Such machines are ideal for kitchens that need a considerable amount of grinding. They can also reduce the amount of time required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial meat grinder?

A commercial meat grinder is intended for restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, and any culinary establishment that prepares meat-based dishes.

What makes it a necessity for commercial kitchens is its capabilities for large grinding. Which can be handled like a pro. It processes meat faster, which is a requirement for commercial kitchens.

You don’t want your customers to wait around for their food. So, such machines come in handy in quickly grinding meat to perfection.

Which brand of meat grinder is the best?

Each brand has its own set of features when it comes to designing a meat grinder. and depending on the brand, the machine’s quality will vary.

It is best to get a machine that has all of the features you want for your specific application. For example, if you intend to grind a lot of bones like chicken, you may go for a heavy-duty machine like the STX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder.

How many watts should a good meat grinder be?

A higher number indicates that it can offer more force. This equates to a faster grinding time. High motor power also translates to its capacity to work through harder pieces like bones or meat that still has bones in it.

Most food businesses will require a grinder with a 1000-watt motor at a minimum. And certain heavy-duty machines have 2000 watt or 3000-watt motors.

Others, particularly small commercial kitchens and home chefs who prepare small amounts of meat, can get away with lesser power output.


I place the LEM #22 Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder on the top spot for its functionalities and high durability. Plus it’s compact and lets you work in silence. Which I find impressive considering how powerful the machine is. If that sounds like something you would add to your commercial kitchen, this machine could be a great choice.

For busy commercial kitchens that deal a lot of meat grinding on a daily basis, you may want to consider getting the STX Megaforce 3000 Electric Meat Grinder.

This machine features a very powerful motor that’s perfect for the food processing industry. It’s easy to use, comes with several useful attachments, and is reasonably priced, too.

But if you’re looking for a meat grinder for your homemade sausage business, the Kitchener Elite Electric Meat Grinder might be an ideal machine for you. It’s durable, with an easy-to-use design. This machine is also compact which is ideal for saving space on your counter.

There are several meat grinders on the market, but not all of them are up for the task. And I hope the five options I discussed above help you find the best commercial meat grinder for your kitchen.

You may check out their latest prices and discounts to get started on that business you’ve been wanting to launch. Congratulations, and good luck!

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