Best Commercial Pressure Cooker

If you’re on the hunt for the best commercial pressure cooker, a few of the most important factors to consider are the pot’s capacity, durability, and the accessories that come with it. As well as the cooker’s PSI settings.

To help you shop, I’ve rounded up some of the best commercial pressure cookers on the market. I have also curated a handy buying guide to make sure that you’re only considering the best options possible.

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Compared to traditional ways of cooking and preserving food, commercial pressure cookers conserve both time and energy. They are the workhorse that many people never knew they needed until they own one (thankfully, you don’t because you are here!).

Finding the best pressure cooker for your business uses is a good decision. As not only do you save time and money on electricity, but you also improve your productivity throughout the day.

I enjoy convenient cooking. And I flush with delight when my customers are satisfied. That’s why I went on the lookout for the best commercial pressure cookers, which both home cooks and chefs rave about. I hope that this guide will give you a good sense of what to look for in a commercial pressure cooker.

What Is a Commercial Pressure Cooker?

A commercial pressure cooker is a sealed cooking appliance with a locking top. It uses steam pressure to cook food on the inside. Such appliances are intended to cook foods at greater humidity levels. They also offer higher temperature ranges than traditional cooking methods.

Commercial pressure cookers provide speedier serving intervals. Which is why they are ideal for chefs with a heavy workload.

The ability to quickly prepare a variety of foods is not the only advantage, though. Its high temperatures, short cooking times, and sealed atmosphere also help lock in flavors. Which makes your meals even more delicious.

With a commercial pressure cooker, you can pressure cook anything from veggies and pasta to meats and seafood. While they can cost more, commercial pressure cookers are well-worth the investment.

How Does a Pressure Cooker Work?

Understanding how a pressure cooker works involves a little chemistry lecture.

Your pressure cooker is just a pot with a locked cover and a valve that regulates the internal steam pressure. When you do the traditional way of cooking, liquids will begin to boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. But with a pressure cooker, you can get temperatures as high as roughly 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, how does this happen?

As the pot gets hot within a pressure cooker, the pressure rises in the lid of the gasket-sealed cover. This is when the steam gets trapped, raising the temperature inside the pot. In comparison to other cooking tools, pressure cookers are more efficient because they cook faster.

The heat in the cooking pot can reduce cooking time by up to 70 percent. This is why pressure cookers are ideal if you’re serving tougher meats or any meats that traditionally demand an extensive cooking and canning process.

My Top Picks: The Best Commercial Pressure Cookers

Best OverallAll American 921 Canner Pressure CookerAll American 921
Canner Pressure Cooker
– 16 x 15 x 17 inches
– 21.5-quart capacity
– Made of durable aluminum
– Sturdy phenolic top handle
– Metal-to-metal sealing system
– Automatic overpressure release
– 5, 10, and and 15 psi settings
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Best CapacityAll American 941 Canner Pressure CookerAll American 941
Canner Pressure Cooker
– 20 x 18.9 x 18.7 inches
– 41.5-quart capacity
– Made of durable aluminum
– Sturdy phenolic top handle
– Metal-to-metal sealing system
– Automatic overpressure release
– 5, 10, and and 15 PSI settings
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Best SplurgeBuffalo QCP435 Pressure CookerBuffalo QCP435
Pressure Cooker
– 20 x 20 x 16 inches
– 37-quart capacity
– Made of stainless steel
– Pressure indicator valve
– Comes with 2 steams racks
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Budget PicksPresto 01781 Pressure CookerPresto 01781
Pressure Cooker
– 15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches
– 23-quart capacity
– Made of heavy-gauge aluminum
– Overpressure plug
– Deluxe pressure dial gauge
– Comes with canning/cooking rack
Check price
Granite Ware Pressure CoGranite Ware
Pressure Cooker
– 14.5 x 14.25 x 13.38 inches
– 20-quart capacity
– Made of anodized aluminum
– Fail safe weight control
– 5, 10, and and 15 PSI settings
– Dishwasher-safe
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All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker – Best Overall

All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker

From one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cookware, the All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker works just as hard in the kitchen as you do.

It’s one of the best commercial pressure cookers, having the capacity required for preparing meals in bulk and pressure cooking meat cuts into succulent chunks in a short amount of time.

This cooker is equipped with two automatic venting features (the safety control valve and the overpressure plug). These features add an additional degree of safety. It also comes with a simple geared steam gauge and pressure settings of 5, 10, and 15 PSI.

What I like about this commercial pressure cooker is its attractive satin finish. And it’s crafted from durable hand-cast aluminum. Which will give you the assurance that it will last for many years.

Its double-thickness edges provide extra protection at the pot’s most vulnerable spots, and the durable phenolic top handle allows you to transport it safely.

I also appreciate that it doesn’t have a gasket, which has the tendency to get burnt and is a hassle to clean. And that means you don’t need to replace it ever, since it has a metal-to-metal sealing for a steam-tight seal.

Another thing I like about this cooker is that it offers a large capacity of 21.5 quarts. If you intend to use it for pressure canning, it can accommodate 19 standard regular mouth pint jars or 7 standard regular mouth quart jars. Making it an ideal pot for all your pressure canning and pressure cooking family meals.

• Built to last; elegant satin finish
• High PSI settings
• Safety control valve and overpressure plug for added safety
• Metal-to-metal sealing won’t require replacement unlike gaskets
• Easy to use
• Offers large capacity
• Doesn’t come with accessories
• Hand wash only

All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker – Best Capacity

All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker

The All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker is simply the bigger version of the 921, but with a larger capacity. And having a large pot means the cooker can hold more food. So, if you’re looking for an oversized commercial pressure cooker, this one could be a nice option.

It’s one of the best commercial pressure cookers to use on a regular basis for an extended period of time. I recommend this one for its hand-cast aluminum construction, which makes it extremely sturdy. The satin finish that adorns the exterior of the cooker is simply cleanable.

Its simple on/off cover at the top allows for effortless opening and shutting. The durable phenolic handle is also connected to the top. Because it is sturdy and stable, it is less prone to collapse off or fidget unnecessarily, as is the case with many other models of a similar type.

It comes with pretty much all the features the 921 above has. Including the metal-to-metal sealing, safety control valve, the overpressure plug, and the pressure settings. This one is way pricier, though. But that’s expected of extra-large pressure cookers.

• Offers large capacity; works well for canning
• Built to last; elegant satin finish
• High PSI settings
• Safety control valve and overpressure plug for added safety
• Metal-to-metal sealing won’t require replacement unlike gaskets
• Easy to use
• Heavy
• More expensive
• Hand wash only

Buffalo QCP435 Pressure Cooker – Best Splurge

Buffalo QCP435 Pressure Cooker

The Buffalo QCP435 Pressure Cooker may be well worth the splurge if you don’t mind spending a little more on a commercial pressure cooker.

Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, it boasts durability and is easy to clean. Its stainless steel handles are ideally suited for commercial use, ensuring sturdy support for heavy-duty pressure cooking of food products.

This cooker features German gear with mortise and tenon joints and an intuitive switch. It also comes with a pressure indication valve, and you can easily release pressure, making it safe to use. At 37-quart capacity, you can place three racks inside. Just picture layering (23) 4-ounce jars – that’s 69 jars!

When you get this commercial rice cooker, you get two steam racks. Which, instead of the optional pressure gauge, I could get for less separately. So I think that is the drawback. It’s on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, yet you’ll have to buy the other essential accessories separately.

It’s also not suitable for your induction cooktop. But overall, I think it would be a fantastic investment and addition to your commercial kitchen.

• Offers large capacity
• Heavy-duty construction
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean
• Expensive
• Separate purchase for pressure gauge
• Hand wash only

Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker – Budget Pick

Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker

Alternatively, you may go with the Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker if you prefer an economical yet efficient cooking appliance.

Since it is made of warp-resistant heavy-gauge aluminum, you can expect it to withstand the daily wear and tear in your commercial kitchen. This material also has a superior thermal conductivity that transfers heat quickly and evenly.

With a capacity of 23 quarts, this extra-large size is ideal for substantial canning applications. Think of preserving fruits, jams, salsa, pickles, and jellies. It features a deluxe pressure dial gauge that registers the whole range of operating pressures. This precision gauge is particularly necessary at higher altitudes.

It also features an air vent/cover lock. Which enables pressure to build up only when the cover is securely closed. And it keeps the lid from opening until pressure is safely reduced.

Aside from a pressure gauge and a simple steam release mechanism, it also comes with an overpressure plug which releases the steam if there’s an excess pressure buildup. This commercial pressure cooker also includes a rack that slides into the pot to keep your jars off the bottom and let liquid flow beneath.

What I like the most about this pressure cooker is that despite being in the lower price range, it comes with a lengthy 12-year limited warranty. Which is a really nice perk, if you ask me!

• Heavy-duty construction
• Budget-friendly
• Comes with essential safety features
• Easily removable accessories to make cleaning a breeze
• Simple operation
• Comes with 12-year warranty
• Fixed 15 PSI; not beginner-friendly
• Some users question its durability

Granite Ware Pressure Cooker – Another Budget Pick

Granite Ware Pressure Co

Another nice budget-friendly option you may go for is the Granite Ware Pressure Cooker. While it has the lowest capacity on my list at only 20 quarts, it’s got great features!

Extremely high-pressure buildup in your cooker poses the risk of explosions and scalding when in direct contact with it. This pressure cooker solves that problem, all thanks to its fail-safe weight control! It comes with a pressure gauge to help you with more precise tracking of the process and progress.

The exterior features a hard-anodized finish that adds a touch of beauty and refinement to any kitchen. It’s crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, with stay-cool handles, and a stainless steel cover with a locking mechanism.

The lid is locked in place by a pop-up pressure indication and you can be assured that it won’t open up while it’s pressurized. It has only 1 PSI, though. But I think the safety features that this pressure cooker provides outweigh the low-pressure setting.

It features a vent pipe in the middle of the lid. And if it fails or gets clogged up, an extra black-capped safety valve will shut it down. Then, a secondary all-metal safety valve will expel the remaining pressure while producing a whistling alert.

The lid gasket sealing ring forms a pressure-tight seal and keeps the sturdy cover in place throughout the canning or cooking process. Lastly, it comes with a rack that slides into the pot to keep your jars off the bottom and folding handles for convenient lifting and lowering.

I love how all of these handy features are included in this one pressure cooker. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, but other times, you get more!

• Durable construction
• Budget-friendly
• Comes with essential safety features
• Easy to use
• Dishwasher-safe parts
• Smaller capacity
• Only 1 PSI; not enough pressure buildup
• Some users find it to be not so durable

Things To Consider in Choosing the Best Commercial Pressure Cooker

Commercial pressure cookers provide the same advantages as household models. They can not only help you save money on energy. But it is also evident that they are the perfect cooking tool if you want to maximize your earnings and productivity.

Making the right choice in choosing the best commercial pressure cooker is critical. So, I curated a handy buying guide below to help you find the right cooking equipment for your needs.


The capacity of commercial pressure cookers varies depending on the brand and model. And the capacity of the pressure cooker you pick depends on the volume of meals you’re cooking throughout the day. Since you’re opting for a commercial type, you’ll want to consider extra-large pressure cookers.

The capacities of the models on my list range from 20 to 41.5 quarts. If you want to use a pressure cooker for all your canning needs, the All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker offers the most generous capacity. Always remember that the larger the pressure cooker, the quicker it is to cook ample food.


Your pressure cooker will be subjected to the rigors of commercial operations. So, always choose one that is built to last. When you shop, look for an 18/10 stainless steel pressure cooker. This means that it’s made of 18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel.

Commercial pressure cookers with such construction are durable. And they are impervious to rust, staining, and corrosion. They are also easy to clean and have a shinier finish.

I personally prefer a pressure cooker that is crafted from commercial-grade, heavy-duty aluminum. Since you’ll be using your commercial pressure cooker and need it cleaned every day, the commercial-grade aluminum will help extend its life span.


Commercial pressure cookers include a few accessories, making them safe and efficient to use. It is always good to opt for one that comes with extra attachments. Such a cooker may include a cooking or canning rack and a steamer basket. These accessories are required for preparing certain recipes. 

Many commercial pressure cookers have those accessories included in your purchase, giving you the best bang for your buck.

Pounds per square inch (PSI)

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is a standard pressure measurement unit used in a variety of applications. The higher the PSI of your pressure cooker, the faster it will cook your food. I suggest that you opt for a pressure cooker with a maximum pressure of 15 PSI.

Commercial pressure cookers at this pressure rate will allow you to prepare a variety of meals. Particularly those that demand 15 psi or higher. This way, you’ll avoid having to spend extra time cooking various delicious dishes, which might mean having 10 to 20 percent more cooking time based on the PSI range of your pressure cooker.


It’s also important to consider the commercial pressure cooker’s handles. They are typically large and designed to hold a significant amount of food.

I suggest that you choose a pressure cooker with sturdy handles on both sides. This way, it will be easier for you to lift and transport the pot. If you’re worried about storage space, opt for a pressure cooker with foldable handles.


Commercial cookers come in electric and stovetop models. Stovetop pressure cookers let you easily control the heat setting. Plus, they transfer heat faster than electric pressure cookers.

If you’re a newbie, you might want to opt for an electric model. An electric pressure cooker often includes programmed settings for different cooking periods and functionalities, allowing you to prepare a meal with the click of a button.

However, I wouldn’t recommend them for upscale restaurants as they often come with smaller capacity. Consider using a commercial stovetop pressure cooker, instead. Such a model lets you to manually adjust the heat to achieve the best results.

Best Commercial Pressure Cooker FAQs

Is there a commercial pressure cooker?

Yes, there is such a thing as a commercial pressure cooker. They’re designed for heavy-duty use in commercial kitchens. You can get the same results as braising or simmering meat quickly with a commercial pressure cooker.

What’s the largest pressure cooker you can buy?

The All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker has the largest capacity on the list at 41.5 quarts. It can accommodate about 19 standard mouth pint jars or 14 regular mouth quart jars.

Do professional chefs use pressure cookers?

Chefs use pressure cookers for making stocks. Using commercial pressure cookers is one of the best ways for achieving depth and complexity in the flavor.

Which pressure cooker is best: aluminum or steel?

While a stainless steel pressure cooker is more durable, it’s not as efficient at conducting heat as aluminum. If you opt for a pressure cooker made of stainless steel, you can expect your cooking time to take longer.

Are pressure cookers worth it?

Pressure cookers, especially if you operate in a commercial kitchen, is a well-worth investment. They are ideal for preparing meals quickly. They’re better at searing meat than electric models since you can turn up the heat higher.

Commercial cookers can also pressure cook at a higher pressure setting. This gives you the flexibility to simmer, braise, simmer, and boil faster.

What Are the Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers?

Before you decide on picking the ideal commercial cooker, let me give you a quick wrap-up.

The All American 921 Canner Pressure Cooker could be a great choice if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced pressure cooker with generous capacity. But its big brother, the All American 941 Canner Pressure Cooker, may be a better option if you want an oversized cooker for more efficient pressure cooking.

The Buffalo QCP435 Pressure Cooker’s price is eye-watering. But it’s priced higher for good reasons. It’s a wonderful investment that offers large capacity with heavy-duty construction.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly pick, you may consider either the Presto 01781 Pressure Cooker or the Granite Ware Pressure Cooker. Both are in the below $200 price points. They also have a wealth of features that outperform many other expensive commercial pressure cookers on the market.

And there you have it – the best commercial pressure cookers!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful in finding the right cooking pot for you, and I can’t wait to hear about all the delicious recipes you make in them. Make sure to check the latest prices and discounts on these fantastic pressure cookers. And as always, good luck!

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