The Best Cutting Board with Containers

If you’re on the hunt for the best cutting board with containers, look into the board’s material. As well as how many containers it has. I know how challenging finding the right product can be, which is why I’ve gathered the top cutting board with containers to help you shop.

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Cutting boards are super handy for all things food prep. They are key necessities in every healthy and delectable kitchen. However, many underestimate the importance of a cutting board with containers. In the end, we settle for a cheap quality that’s not useful.

The best cutting board with containers should provide you with enough space to handle everything. From cutting, chopping, to storing the ingredients, a good cutting board with a container will surely make your life easier.

However, finding the right cutting board with such features might be tricky. This is because they’re not as widely available as conventional cutting boards. When I did my research, though, I found the NOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board to be one that gets great reviews.

And in this article, I’ll talk you through the following cutting boards with containers. I will also discuss what sets them apart from the rest. But before we get into it, check out my top picks!

My Top Picks: The Best Cutting Board With Containers

Best OverallNOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting BoardNOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board– 15.75 x 10.24 x 3.74 inches
– 4 Organizer trays
– With a built-in handle
– Has wide drop zone
– 1-year warranty
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Runner UpSB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting BoardSB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board– 16 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches
– 4 Food-grade silicone containers
– Lids have removable rubber plug
– With 5 interchangeable slicers
– Dishwasher-safe
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Best BudgetNOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting BoardNOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board– 17.3 x 12.2 x 3 inches
– 4 BPA-free sliding drawer trays with lip
– 4 Graters and slicers
– Has a phone and tablet holder
– Dishwasher-safe
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Why Use a Cutting Board With Containers?

People are becoming more aware that cooking at home may save them a lot of money. Well, that makes sense, right? But if you cook at home all the time, you will eventually have to prepare your own ingredients. And what entails making home-cooked meals is the challenge of cutting, slicing, and cleaning.

A cutting board with containers is the feature-rich version of the standard cutting boards that allow you to make meals quicker and easier. They are convenient and are ideal if you prefer to keep things tidy when creating your mise en place. It’s also a practical approach to keeping things clean without taking up too much counter space.

Since cutting boards are very large in size, many people believe that they are only helpful in large kitchens. But that’s not really true. They’re also very useful in tiny kitchens since they can keep important items accessible.

With the best cutting board with containers, you can:

• Reduce prep time by half
• Clean up easily
• Have ingredients ready
• Easily store them in the fridge
• Have ample working surface
• Extra-large cutting board
• Have a sturdy board to work with
• Have a versatile kitchen tool
• Have an excellent for presentations or gatherings
• Keep your knives from rusting
• Safeguard for your counters from knives

Here Are the Best Cutting Boards With Containers

Cutting boards with containers are a clever and practical way of preparing meals and storing ingredients. However, they are not all created equal. And each has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a quick look at the top cutting boards with containers, as recommended by chefs and home cooks alike.

NOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board – Best Overall

NOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board

The NOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board may be an ideal option if you’re looking for the best cutting board with containers. It’s made from raw bamboo that’s chemical-free and water-resistant. And easy to maintain. This bamboo board is coated with edible oil, which functions as a barrier for the wood, keeping moisture at bay.

The NOVAYEAH cutting board comes with four Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) organizer trays that are dishwasher-safe, sturdy, lightweight, and easy to handle. What I like about this wood cutting board are the built-in juice grooves that capture extra fluids and leaks before they fall onto your countertop.

Another feature I like is the wide drip zone. It lets you slide your ingredients into the tray through the wide opening. This means you may chop various types of food while keeping the surface clean by using the trays.

And whether you’re right-handed or a lefty, this board got you! Simply flip the cutting board around and reorganize the trays. It’s that easy!

• Chemical-free and water-resistant
• Has built-in juice grooves to catch fluids
• Has a wide drip zone that allows you to slide ingredients into the tray
• Easy to use
• Comes with a 1-year warranty
• Plastic trays are a bit thin
• Some users find splinters
• Not stockable; containers don’t come with lids

SB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board – Runner Up

SB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board

Another thing you may want to consider in narrowing down your option is the SB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board. I like this one because the trays have lids which makes them convenient for storing food. It also comes with slicers and graters.

It’s on the pricier side. But with a cutting board with this many attachments, I wouldn’t even sweat the price! I may need ample storage space for them, though.

The SB Simpli Better cutting board is made of bamboo, while the containers or trays are made from food-grade silicone. The trays are also so lightweight and durable. You can even put them in the dishwasher.

It also includes a large opening to easily slide food into the tray. When the trays become filled, just rotate them. This means you won’t have to look for a dish, keeping your countertop clean.

The five interchangeable slicers are essentially made to fit in the slot on top of the board. There’s also a hand safeguard to safely handle ingredients. The graters are also dishwasher safe and can withstand high temperatures.

• Comes with many attachments
• Lidded containers
• Safe, durable, and lightweight
• Has a large opening for easy sliding of food
• Dishwasher-safe
• Some users say the plastic parts warp in the dishwasher
• Containers are a bit thin
• Attachments take lots of storage space

NOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board – Best Budget

NOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board

Looking for an economical option? The NOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board might be a great option. The attachments of this bamboo cutting board also swayed my vote. It has many of the same features as the previous cutting boards I’ve mentioned above. It also comes with four graters and slicers. But it is slightly cheaper (not in quality, just price).

The NOONCHIHOME cutting board with four sliding drawer trays makes food prep a lot faster and easier. It helps in organizing sliced and chopped ingredients. Making it ideal for salads, fruit platters, and all of your signature dishes. That is why I think the sliding trays are a clever idea.

The containers are made from clear plastic, allowing you to see what’s within. You can simply pull out a drawer, slip goods into it, and then pull it out when you need them.

You may also use reinforced plastic to replace the tray with a lip. They are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. And best of all, it comes with a phone and tablet bamboo holder. I assume they added this feature to let you watch recipes while preparing food!

• Budget-friendly
• Comes with several attachments
• Comes with a phone and tablet holder
• Easy to use
• BPA-free
• Dishwasher-safe
• Some users say it warps in the dishwasher
• Might be heavy for some user

Hultzzzy Extra Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Hultzzzy Extra Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board

The Hultzzzy Extra Large Acacia Wood Cutting Board could be an ideal size if you want more surfaces to work with. Made from natural acacia wood, this cutting board has a thick and sturdy design to handle pressure.

It comes with three dishwasher-safe removable prep compartments. Which makes it easier to transfer your ingredients to a sauté pan, keeping your countertops clean and your ingredients organized. It also has non-slip rubber feet on all four corners to hold the cutting board in place.

Just like the NOONCHIHOME board, I love that the manufacturer included a phone and tablet holder. Also, the high barrier in front of the media slot keeps juice and debris away. Now I’m convinced these were designed for watching recipes while prepping things!

You also won’t have to worry about spilled liquids on your counters. The Hultzzzy cutting board has a juice groove that collects up to 4 ounces of liquid, preventing fluid and grease from leaking while preparing your meals or serving them.

So, not only is this ideal for chopping up fruits and veggies. But it also works well for cutting meats like brisket, prime rib, and so on.

• Large, thick, and sturdy design
• Dishwasher-safe removable compartments
• Has a juice groove that collects liquid
• Multipurpose
• Comes with a phone and tablet slot
• Some users find splinters after wash
• Bulky size requires a lot of space

ChopZing PREMIUM Bamboo Cutting Board

ChopZing PREMIUM Bamboo Cutting Board

Another fantastic option I’ve found to be gaining lots of positive reviews is the ChopZing PREMIUM Bamboo Cutting Board. One user even praised how handy the “built-in bins” are for storing ingredients.

Made from bamboo, the ChopZing cutting board works wonders as a heavy-duty butcher block for chopping meat and vegetables. Or, just as a fancy serving platter or cheese board. You can use the four trays as either prep containers and dishes. And this makes preparing meals even more effective and organized.

The four trays also fit nicely inside the cutting board, saving you more time and space in your kitchen. Each tray comes with a matched cover, making it great for keeping both prepared meals and leftovers. This cutting board also has a juice groove to capture excess fluid. Which keeps your kitchen surfaces clean.

• Great for heavy-duty task
• Durable design
• Lidded trays
• Has a juice groove to capture fluid
• Some users complain about a pungent smell from the board
• Lids don’t seem to seal the trays all the way around

BAMBOO LAND Bamboo Cutting Board

BAMBOO LAND Bamboo Cutting Board

If you’re looking for a cutting board that does the job, the whole nine yards, the BAMBOO LAND Bamboo Cutting Board may be a wonderful choice. This cutting board comes with four storage containers, bamboo lids, and a vegetable peeler set. As well as several graters.

Made from natural bamboo, the BAMBOO LAND cutting board has natural odor and water-resistant properties. Which keeps your cutting surface clean, healthy, and hygienic.

What I appreciate most about this is that it comes as a whole package. It includes three vegetable peelers, each with interchangeable stainless steel blades that fit the same handle. The four plastic trays are dishwasher and microwave-safe and crafted with high-grade plastic.

It also has a large opening through which you can slip the chopped veggies into the trays. The built-in groove running around three corners prevents unwanted juices and fluids from overflowing onto your counter or table. So, no more messy countertop here!

• Comes in full set
• Graters and slicers with different colors
• Made of food-grade materials
• Durable, stainless steel blades
• has a large opening for catching excess fluids
• Plastic trays are dishwasher and microwave-safe
• Cutting attachments have a flimsy feel
• Plastic containers are a bit thin

FISHSUNDAY Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set

FISHSUNDAY Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set

When it comes to food prep, the FISHSUNDAY Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set sets the bar high in durability. This cutting board is made from natural bamboo, which is highly durable, resists scratches, and is easy on cutlery. There are no artificial coatings on the board, which are properly polished and have a smooth finish.

It also takes up little space in your kitchen — thanks to its extendable frame beneath the cutting board. The four containers are also large enough to accommodate chopped fruits, veggies, or meat. It also comes with a bin for waste and an additional plastic board to hold your smartphone or iPad as you watch recipes.

We sometimes overlook the subtle details on cutting boards, but they do make a difference in how we use them. This wood board features a round buckle that makes it more ergonomic and durable for us to move. The sink design groove also helps to keep juices from spilling. Leaving your counter clean and mess-free.

The FISHSUNDAY cutting board also has non-slip feet to keep the board in place and aids in handling food better. You can use it as a cutting and carving board, or as a heavy-duty butcher block for chopping meat and slicing cheeses. And you can use it as a serving platter.

And it seems that media holders are a common thing with these cutting boards. And I’m here for it! The phone and tablet holder on this cutting board is a nice addition. It’s safe to say that this board is built for pretty much everything related to meal prep.

• Durable, ergonomic, and gentle on knives
• Takes up little space
• Has extendable frame underneath
• Has large containers
• With juice grooves to catch fluids
• Some users find splinters when they wipe the board

Choosing the Right Cutting Board With Containers

Finding the best cutting board with containers can be a difficult undertaking. You will see quite a few products on the market, but they aren’t created equal. So, you may find it hard to pick what suits your lifestyle, especially if you’re a novice in the kitchen.

Storage Bins and Trays

Storage containers or trays in cutting boards are ideal for sliced items and culinary crumbs. So, make sure they are made of food-grade materials for healthy food prep.

They are great for organizing the ingredients for your favorite recipe. Some veggies used in stir-fry are sliced and placed straight in storage containers. Which makes them readily accessible when you need them. Aside from containers, there are also cutting boards with built-in attachments like graters and slicers.

Wood vs. Plastic

The first thing you may want to consider is the material. In picking a cutting board with containers, consider the fact that it should be efficient. A cutting board with containers made of wood or bamboo is the ideal choice.

Wooden cutting boards have been available for quite ages and they have several perks. And if you’re the type who cooks all the time, then a wood cutting board would be preferable over its plastic counterpart.

Also, the cleaning part is perhaps the thing that annoys many home cooks. In this category, hardwood cutting boards are not as common. That’s why plastic cutting boards exist. They are easier to clean and are designed to help us with the cleaning process.

Best Cutting Board With Containers FAQs

What is the most sanitary type of cutting board?

Plastic is regarded as being the most hygienic cutting board material. While wood is a renewable resource and lasts longer. But unlike wood, plastic does not have any natural antibacterial properties.

However, you can clean plastic boards with stronger cleaning solutions like bleach and disinfectants. And they won’t get damaged. If you treat wooden cutting boards with stronger chemicals, they can keep some of these toxins. And these can eventually contaminate your food.

Do wooden cutting boards hold bacteria?

Although a wooden cutting board can harbor germs, this does not make it harmful for use. Many researchers indicate that wood boards do not harbor any more or fewer microorganisms than plastic ones.

But if your wood board gets deep grooves from frequent usage, bacteria could grow more easily. The groves are an easy breeding ground for germs and microorganisms.

Which cutting boards are easily contaminated?

Wooden cutting boards get easily contaminated. While softwoods cost less and require less knife honing, they are far more prone to cross-contamination. This is because the boards are more porous. This means that germs may thrive and grow quicker.

What’s the best surface to cut meat on?

Since it is dishwasher-safe and has a nonporous surface, plastic is often regarded as the ideal choice for cutting raw meat. Wooden cutting boards like bamboo might be harder to clean and sanitize. This is because some wood boards are not dishwasher-safe.

What wood should not be used for cutting boards?

When picking the best wood cutting board, it’s best to avoid woods with open pores like ash and red oak. These woods are more difficult to keep clean of food stains. Also, pine may have a resinous flavor, and since it is soft, it can indicate cutting traces from knives quicker.

Do bamboo cutting boards need to be oiled?

To retain the gloss and water-proofing of your bamboo cutting board, you will have to oil it on a regular basis. Once a month is a decent timetable to follow. But if you’re a culinary aficionado who uses your board many times every day, you might consider oiling your board every two weeks.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best cutting boards with containers, you may want to go with the NOVAYEAH Bamboo Cutting Board and the SB Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board. Both offer attachments that come in handy when you need them.

The NOONCHIHOME Bamboo Cutting Board could also be a great choice if you want to spend less. It also comes with several attachments and is very easy to use.

I hope you find this helpful in finding the best cutting board with containers to help you prepare your food easier and more efficiently. Don’t forget to check out the latest prices on these fantastic selections of cutting boards. Happy meal prepping!

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