The Best Korean Snacks You Should Try

Korean snacks have become hugely popular — all thanks to K – dramas and Kpop idols. They say to get authentic Korean snacks, you should go to South Korea and step into any of their supermarkets and convenience stores.

Well, I have good news for you. Korean snacks are easily accessible online. From savory snacks and biscuits to milky drinks, you’ll never run out of options. The best thing about Korean snacks is that there is a wide range of choices for every palate.

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The popular Korean snacks became so huge because people crave their unique flavors. Besides, binge-watching your favorite K-drama series wouldn’t be complete without taking a bite of the crunchiest and mouth-watering Korean snacks.

So, I’ve rounded up the best Korean snacks that you can add to your long list of favorites. I’ve also provided links to where you can get them online. If you’ve never had any Korean snacks before, it’s time to feed your Seoul! And bring the South Korean taste close to you.

Where Can You Buy Korean Snacks?

Most Korean snacks on the list you can find at any local pyeonuijeom or convenience store if you’re in South Korea. But if you live or you’re outside Korea, you might find them in any local Korean grocery store near you. Or, you can order them online and have your Korean treats delivered to your doorstep.

Some online stores also sell Korean snack boxes, meaning, you’ll get a variety of snacks in a bundle. I find the snack boxes cheaper, but the odds are that you won’t get to choose the snacks of your choice. But it’s also exciting getting a bundle of surprises with different snacks you might have never tasted before.

The 7 Best and Popular Korean Snacks

1. Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips

Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips

Since its release in 2014, the Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips have been one of the best Korean snacks. And it went crazy popular among Koreans. When Korean celebrities began promoting the chips, the “Honey Butter Craze”, as they call it, grew even bigger. K-pop idols like Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Super Junior’s Siwon, and T-ara’s Hyomin took photos with golden honey butter bags on social media, and everyone bit it.

These bags of fried potato chips have an excellent blend of salty and sweet by infusing the flavors of acacia honey and French butter. The sweet smell of the inside of this bag of honey butter chips will greet you as you open it. Its scent is so enticing, to say the least. A snacker describes the bag’s smell close to the aroma of a Danish cheese danish.

The chips have just the right amount of sweet and salty. You may compare the taste of incredibly buttery cookies. It has that buttery sweetness that you get when you take a bite of a freshly-baked croissant. The flavor is simple, nothing too fancy, but it stands out because of its crispness. It’s really buttery, sweet, and salty, and it tastes even creamy. To some, referring to the honey butter chips as delicious is an understatement.

2.Gilim Honey Butter Almond

Gilim Honey Butter Almond

Here’s another honey variety on the list, the Gilim Honey Butter Almond. It’s also one of the best Korean snacks. Koreans love this bag of almonds and refer to it as a very addicting snack. And you won’t feel guilty about your decadence over this bag of glazed almonds. I think it’s a bit pricey for a bag of chips, though. But its taste outweighs the price where you’d consider it worthy of a try. The almonds are incredibly crunchy and thinly coated.

What constitutes the goodness of this Korean snack is the natural sweetness of honey butter. It has the right amount of sweetness to it, so it’s not overwhelming. Many who have enjoyed this bag of honey butter almonds preach about how well-balanced the flavors are. It has the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and rich buttery. And the crunchiness of almonds tops it off.

3. Binggrae Strawberry Flavored Milk

Binggrae Strawberry Flavored Milk

It’s technically not a snack. But the Binggrae Strawberry Flavored Milk is so popular that I had to include it here. In case you’re not familiar, the banana version of Binggrae, which was first launched in 1974, has been featured on K-dramas. This strawberry version, however, may be one of the most authentic tasting strawberry milk you could find.

Binggrae is a beautifully sweet, creamy milk drink. And you can find it on the shelves of every Korean convenience store. A carton of this goodness contains sugar, milk, and strawberry juice. Besides the banana and strawberry flavors, you can also choose from the melon and black sesame versions.

4. Orion Choco Pie

Orion Choco Pie

For those with a sweet tooth, you may not be able to resist the Orion Choco Pie. It’s one of Korea’s most well-known munchies, so it’s nearly unlikely to meet anyone that has at least lived in Korea who hasn’t heard of the choco pies. These pies are an important aspect of their society. It’s almost like a national emblem.

You can find similar brands that sell this type of treat, but Orion is a favorite go-to brand for everything that’s got to do with chips, snacks, and sweet treats. Orion’s Choco Pie is made up of two pieces of little chocolate-covered cakes with a marshmallow filling in the middle.

The Choco Pie comes in many different flavors, including dark chocolate, strawberry, Banana, and injeolmi, a Korean rice cake. It’s a good light snack, and you can pair it with a hot, freshly-brewed coffee. They come in a variety of box sizes, ranging from 2 to 60 chocolate pies each box.

5. Yopokki Cheese Tteokbokki Korean Rice Cake

Yopokki Cheese Tteokbokki Korean Rice Cake

If you’re way past the Korean ramen noodle trend, why not give Yopokki Cheese Tteokbokki Korean Rice Cake a go? This one offers an authentic Korean taste with a blend of sweet and spicy sauce. This tteokbokki retains the delectable flavor of a variety of Korean dishes, allowing you to cook it within minutes. It’s delicious and creamy with a soft texture.

Okay, cheese isn’t usually found in Tteokbokki, however this Yopokki rice cake brand manages to include it in the recipe. Which ends up in a tasty fusion of Korean and American tastes. You’ll  enjoy how the smoothness of the cheese lends to the hot Tteokbokki sauce’s richness, which will appear liquidy at first. But it will thicken as it sits, and its tasty. Also, the rice cakes have a good chewiness to it.

6. Bibigo Roasted Seaweed Snack

Bibigo Roasted Seaweed Snack

Of course, the talks surrounding the best snacks in South Korea wouldn’t be as interesting without my all-time favorite Bibigo Roasted Seaweed Snack. I first had this when one of my friends took me to a newly-opened Korean store. I love seaweeds for their health benefits. So with this dried version, it’s like getting my dose of micronutrients in the form of a sheet. It’s definitely one of the best Korean snacks I’ve tried.

A pouch of this crunchy goodness contains seasoned and roasted seaweed sheets. They are light, salty, and delicious with each bite. Also, these dried seaweed delicacies are regarded for their high nutritional and vitamin content. The basic roasted flavor is Bibigo’s best-seller. But you can also choose from a range of flavors such as wasabi, sesame and Korean BBQ.

7. Orion Gosomi Crackers

Orion Gosomi Crackers

Koreans know what’s up when it comes to perfectly-made snacks, and the Orion Gosomi Crackers is no exception. It’s a good tea-partnering cookie that’s just too good for others to call it junk food. The sesame-seed-strewn thin biscuits are nutty and crunchy, with a sweet nevertheless salty flavor. It also has a tiny hint of coconut.

The “goso ” in the word “gosomi” is an untranslatable word that loosely means sweet and savory in a nutty way. Which perfectly describes the crackers in a nutshell. Also, it’s night high in calories, and has the perfect blend of sweet and savory taste. It’s ideal for suppressing hunger and keeping you energized during the day.

Final Say

As you may have noticed so far, snacks with saltiness, pleasing nutty flavor, and sweet flavors are popular among Koreans. And that’s how you spot authentic Korean snacks. I hope you find this article helpful in picking the best Korean snacks, though I suggest you try all of the items on my list if you haven’t already done so. Bring South Korea closer to you, and enjoy your Korean snacks!

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