Best Milk Chocolate

If you’re craving the best milk chocolate, you should first consider the cocoa content and the ingredients. It is also important to think about its taste and texture.

Keeping those factors in mind, I’ll talk you through finding the best milk chocolate for your any serious sweet tooth. I’ve also compiled a list of some of the most delicious milk chocolate bars on the market.

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You simply cannot deny delicious chocolate. Whether you prefer it dark or white, I think milk chocolate is a great compromise.

But there are so many milk chocolates available. Some boast a unique flavor, while others are eco-friendly or even have health certificates. You’ll also run into ones you don’t like, which is why I’m here to help you dodge bland sweetness—you don’t want something that reminds you of your ex… I’m kidding.

My point is that regardless of how much you enjoy milk chocolate, the market is saturated with so many options that finding the best products will leave you overwhelmed.

So, which milk chocolate is the best?

Well, milk chocolates come in a range of flavors. In this article, I’ll guide you through making the right decision based on your taste preference and budget.

My Top Favorites

Best OverallCadbury Dairy Milk ChocolateCadbury Dairy Milk ChocolateCheck price
Runner UpLindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate BarLindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate BarCheck price
Best for BakingHERSHEY'S Chocolate BarHERSHEY’S Chocolate BarCheck price
Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate SquaresGhirardelli Milk Chocolate SquaresCheck price
Best OrganicTheo Pure Organic Milk Chocolate BarTheo Pure Organic Milk Chocolate BarCheck price
Great OptionsDove Milk Chocolate BarDove Milk Chocolate BarCheck price
Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate BarMilka Alpine Milk Chocolate BarCheck price

Keep in Mind: High Cocoa Content Doesn’t Indicate High Quality

You need to understand that not all milk chocolates with higher cocoa content are of high quality. Certain products can be bland and too sweet for your liking.

But you’ll know milk chocolate is well-made when it embraces cocoa’s unique, inherent flavor yet has the milk’s adaptability. After all, you can’t conceal bad-quality milk chocolate using almonds, caramel, and other ingredients.

Don’t let the high cocoa content deceive you.

A high percentage of cocoa in milk chocolate does not give it the gold star for quality.

Milk chocolate is a suspension of cocoa solids in cocoa butter. It’s occasionally mixed with other fat and sugar for added sweetness.

By US law, a milk chocolate bar must contain 10 percent cocoa solids and 12 percent milk solids to be labeled milk chocolate. Dark chocolates, on the other hand, have a higher cocoa content but no more than 12 percent milk solids.

While the percentage tells you the amount of cocoa in your milk chocolate, it simply doesn’t determine the product’s quality. A darker chocolate bar doesn’t always mean it’s better than the others.

What does the percentage mean?

The percentages of cocoa in your chocolate bars might be quite misleading.

To make things simpler, the percentage of a chocolate bar tells you how much of it, by weight, is made from cacao derivatives. This includes both cocoa beans and cocoa butter. Which is why two bars of the same percentage can have drastically differing intensity, flavor, and sweetness.

Two chocolate bars, for example, may both have 60 percent cocoa. But they can have completely varying levels of quality. Similarly, a 70 percent cocoa bar may be of poorer quality than a 50 percent cocoa bar due to its ingredients and the manufacturing technique.

Cocoa butter lends a creamier taste to the chocolate bar, while cocoa beans add intensity to the flavor.

So, what makes high-quality chocolate?

What makes good chocolate boils down to an extensive manufacturing process. This includes selecting high-quality beans, artistic refining, tempering, as well as handling. The technique that the chocolate maker uses in producing chocolates has an effect on the finished product in terms of flavor.

The selection of additional ingredients, the roasting periods, and the aging of the chocolate before it gets to shelves at the supermarket can also have a significant impact on its overall quality. And these are true for both milk and dark chocolate.

If you want to expand your taste, there are craft chocolate products on the market. Many artisans offer a wider selection of chocolate products. There are dark chocolate bars seasoned with sea salt, dried fruits, raisins, and nuts.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find better quality milk chocolate bars that are equally as wonderful as dark ones. Some of the milk chocolates crafted by artisans are far superior to many of the products you’ll find on the market.

The Best Milk Chocolates

Milk chocolates are delicious. But depending on the brand and quality, you might find some that just don’t cut it. Such a type of chocolate also comes in a range of flavors, tastes, and textures.

Here are some of the best milk chocolates you could try. Most of them I’ve already tested, while the others are in my cart.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate – Best Overall

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

I have been in love with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate throughout my childhood. And I know I’m not the only one who can attest to this chocolate bar’s delicious taste. Many fans love the rich, smooth mild flavor, which does not taste bitter due to the higher milk to cacao ratio.

Each bar is divided into small squares that you can break off easily. They are exactly the ideal size for a quick chocolate fix. Some of my friends even prefer it over Hershey’s, which I’ll talk about later. It tends to be smoother and melts nicely in your mouth.

However, since this Cadbury milk chocolate is manufactured in the US, some reviews say it seems to lack quality compared to British-manufactured ones.

While it’s not bad, it’s not anything like the creamy version from the UK with less sugar added. Instead, it has a somewhat waxy texture that is not present in Cadbury bars from the UK.

• Mild and delicious flavor
• Creamy texture
• Comes in easy-to-break squares
• Lacks the quality of UK version

Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Bar – Runner Up

Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Bar

Great for dipping biscotti and cookies, the Lindt Classic Recipe Milk Chocolate Bar boasts the right amount of sweetness without being tooth-achingly sweet. Almost every tester praised its super-smooth and velvety texture. But the satisfying snap you’ll hear as you bite into the bar makes the experience more satisfying.

Made with the finest ingredients, this milk chocolate is expertly crafted. It’s made to let you enjoy its smooth and milky flavor but not as rich as other bars. It’s sectioned into bite-sized pieces that you can easily break off for a quick chocolate fix.

• Smooth and creamy
• Has the right sweetness
• Comes in easily breakable pieces
• Others find it too sweet for their liking

HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bar – Best for Baking

HERSHEY'S Chocolate Bar

The HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bar used to be my favorite milk chocolate, but over the years, I discovered new products that my palate found exciting. Having said that, I still enjoy its chocolatey taste whenever I get the chance to eat it.

This classic American milk chocolate bar not only has an iconic taste but is also ideal for baking. You could use about six-packs of this for a fantastic alternative for easy-to-grate chocolate. And other fans even used it for cannoli recipes.

It’s a wonderful pair for baking gluten-free cookies. You can also use it for S’mores, or if you’re like me, I prefer enjoying them on their own.

• Goes well as a baking ingredient
• Has a classic American milk chocolate taste
• Gluten-free
• Melts very easily

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares – Also Good for Baking

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares

Another product that makes for a great baking partner would be the Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares. What I love about this is the sweet surprise center which is a buttery, soft caramel filling.

It’s made with premium cacao beans and high-quality ingredients that have been expertly blended to create this delicious milk chocolate. If you’ve ever tried Ghirardelli, you can expect the right balance of chocolate and caramel

The squares are also very thin, which is perfect bite-size. I love that the chocolate content isn’t too overwhelming, but just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I think the only downside is that they can melt easily. The caramel fillings tend to ooze out of the chocolate bar, so they’re just messy to eat when it happens. But you can always put them in your fridge before eating.

• Comes with soft, buttery caramel filling
• Made with high-quality ingredients
• Comes in thin, perfect bite-size
• Mets easily; caramel filling oozes out of the bar

Theo Pure Organic Milk Chocolate Bar – Best Organic

Theo Pure Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

If you’re looking for something more organic, the Theo Pure Organic Milk Chocolate Bar could be a wonderful choice. It’s an artisan milk chocolate with a distinct flavor that changes just a bit from one batch to the other. While each batch has its own unique flavor, it is still very tasty.

It also doesn’t contain soy, which is great if you have soy allergies. Some tasters love the thickness of the chocolate bar which is just right and melts deliciously in your mouth.

The best thing about the brand Theo is that they source their ingredients ethically. So, you can feel good enjoying your chocolate while knowing it came from sustainability that supports cocoa bean farmers. However, one taster found the texture a bit waxy.

• Made with premium ingredients that are ethically sourced
• Each batch has its unique flavor
• Soy-free
• Texture might be a bit waxy

Dove Milk Chocolate Bar

Dove Milk Chocolate Bar

The Dove Milk Chocolate Bar lives up to many chocolate lovers’ expectations. It’s milky and chocolatey at the same time. Comes in a box of 18 pieces, you can get the best bang for your buck with the price.

Some tasters even mistook it for a high-end artisanal chocolate bar. It has a decadent flavor, with no bitter taste but not too milky that it will irritate your lactose intolerance. And unlike some other milk chocolate bars, which are overly sweet, this one woos any chocolate lover with a rich, buttery taste and its unique smoothness.

It has a silky texture that melts in your mouth and lasts long from the last mouthful. Which makes it a really wonderful delicacy. So wonderful that even dark chocolate fans would enjoy a piece of this deliciousness. However, some tasters find the texture a bit waxy.

• Offers great value for money
• Has rich, buttery taste
• Has the right balance of milk and chocolate
• Melts easily in your mouth
• Some tasters find it a bit waxy

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar

This German milk chocolate wows American chocolate fans with its delicate nutty overtones from hazelnuts paste. It simply has an over-indulgent feature that only European chocolate makers can deliver.

The Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar has a smooth, buttery texture that embraces the palate. It is not overly sweet so it won’t give you a toothache. But it has the right sweetness to please your palate. But just like other good chocolate products, this one easily melts in the packaging.

• Has delicious, nutty overtones with the right amount of sweetness
• Buttery texture
• European-made
• Melts easily inside the packaging

How To Find the Best Milk Chocolate

We often refer to taste as the default criteria for picking the best milk chocolate. However, there are also other important factors to consider:

Consider Cocoa Content

There are different types of chocolates: dark, milk, and white chocolate. But it’s the cocoa content in each chocolate that sets one apart from the other. On chocolate bars or mixes, you’ll commonly find a cocoa percentage indicated, which specifies the cocoa mass that is in the product.

If the packaging says it is 70 percent dark chocolate, it indicates it contains 70 percent cocoa mass. The remaining 30 percent is made of other ingredients like added sugar or vanilla.

Read the Ingredient List

Savvy shoppers will always want to know what’s in the product they’re consuming. Reading the ingredients list is important, particularly for people with food allergies or sensitivities. After all, being aware of what’s in your chocolate is generally a healthy practice.

If you see words that are hard to pronounce, then this is an indication that there might be unfamiliar ingredients added. This means it has more additives and these will make the flavor taste unauthentic. I get that some brands don’t disclose the entirety of what’s in their product. But generally, the shorter the list, the better.

Milk chocolate, however, often includes more ingredients since it has a lower cocoa mass and hence depends on a longer list of additional ingredients.

Taste and Texture

A good milk chocolate bar should be creamy and delicious. It shouldn’t have a bitter taste while also having the versatile taste of milk. The best milk chocolates are sweet, but not too sugary.

Look at the Nutritional Value

Nearly all milk chocolates on the market are comparable when it comes to nutritional value. So, it’s not a major deciding factor. After all, you can’t really enjoy good milk chocolate bars if you keep scrutinizing the nutritional facts or saturated fat percentage at the back of the packaging.

Best Milk Chocolate FAQs

Is milk chocolate the best chocolate?

Milk chocolate is hands down the best chocolate out there. It has a sweetness that is very delicious, especially when combined with other ingredients.

Why is Dove milk chocolate so good?

Dove milk chocolate bar would be a sweet choice if you want a nice milk chocolate bar. It’s thick and creamy without being overbearing, yet it’s far from plain or artificial. This milk chocolate boasts a nice consistency and flavor and comes in sturdy bars that are perfect for sharing.

Is chocolate gluten-free?

Pure chocolate is gluten-free. But just like with any food allergy or intolerance, it can be a good idea to double-check the label. You’ll find many chocolate bars that are not made entirely of chocolate and contain extra ingredients that may or may not be gluten-free.

Is milk chocolate healthier than dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate. This is due to the concentration of flavanol in dark stuff. Flavanol has been shown to help lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots, and fight against cell damage. Many dark chocolates have 70 to 80 percent flavanols because they contain more cocoa.

So, What’s the Best Milk Chocolate?

It depends on your taste preferences, really. You can always explore different brands and even go all organic until you find the best milk chocolate that your taste bud loves.

All of the products in my list have been carefully selected to appeal to different palates. Most of these milk chocolates I’ve already tasted, while others are popular among fellow chocoholics. So, make sure to check out the latest prices and deals on these tasty milk chocolates!

Good luck!

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