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If you’re looking for the best NutriBullet blender, you must first look into a machine’s power, capacity, and attachments, among others. To help you shop, I’ve rounded up some of the best NutriBullet blenders, as rated by smoothie fans. I’ve also included a handy buying guide to help you narrow it down to the best options possible.

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When it comes to choosing the right blender, you may find it challenging due to the wide range of models with varying features. But, when it comes to picking a brand, you must go for one with the legacy of providing dependable blenders: NutriBullet.

I think that the main selling point of NutriBullets is their affordability. They are also very easy to use and offer hassle-free cleaning. My favorite thing about them is that they come in compact sizes.

Besides models with apparent extra functionalities, you might find it tricky to identify one NutriBullet from another. Just because they’re all great doesn’t mean they are the same. Each NutriBullet blender has its own set of features that set them apart from the others.

So I did my research, evaluated their features, and selected the best NutriBullet blender for all of your culinary needs.

Still on the fence about acquiring a NutriBullet? Consider the best NutriBullet blenders an upgrade, but without breaking the bank!

Why Switch to a NutriBullet Blender?

The brand is well-recognized for many of the best and most affordable blenders on that market. NutriBullet specializes in designing compact blenders that come in various styles. 

The NutriBullet family offers the largest set of personal-type blenders, with sizes ranging from 10 to 45 ounces, not to mention its full-size countertop models.

The peel and seeds of many fruits and veggies provide the majority of their nutritional benefits. When you blend apples with the skin, you get more than half of the fruit’s fiber. Adding chia seeds to your smoothies will provide you with essential nutrients like protein, magnesium, and fiber. As well as omega-3 fatty acids.

The best NutriBullets can effortlessly break down anything you throw at them. Especially if you use the higher-powered models. They can help you to reap all the health benefits from your ingredients. Many of the NutriBullet models can crush tough ingredients like ice cubes and nuts.

Aside from affordability, another thing that makes NutriBullet so popular is its unique blending method. Typical blenders use a huge jug with a cover that rests on top of the base to start the blending process. But NutriBullets employ a cup that latches into the base to power the blender.

Nutribullets are among the few appliances that earn excellent ratings. It continues to gain popularity among professional chefs and folks with small kitchens and tight budgets.

My Top Picks for the Best NutriBullet

ImageProductKey SpecsPrice
Best OverallNutriBullet Personal BlenderNutriBullet Personal Blender– 600 watts
– 24-ounce blending jar
– Stainless steel blade
– BPA-free
Check price
Best PowerNutriBullet RXNutriBullet RX– 1700 watts
– 45-ounce cup with handle
– 34-ounce souper Blast pitcher
– Stainless steel blade
– BPA-free
– Top rack dishwasher-safe
Check price
Best CapacityNutriBullet Blender ComboNutriBullet Blender Combo– 1200 watts
– 64-ounce blending jar
– 32 and 24-ounce cups
– BPA-free
– Stainless steel blade
– Dishwasher-safe
Check price
Best DesignNutriBullet SelectNutriBullet Select– 1000 watts
– 32-ounce blending pitcher
– BPA-free
– Stainless steel blade
Check price
Great OptionNutriBullet ProNutriBullet Pro– 1000 watts
– 32-ounce blending jar
– BPA-free
– Stainless steel blade
Check price

The Best NutriBullet Blenders

Smoothies, sauces, soups, hummus dips, and protein shakes—you name it, a NutriBullet will take care of it.

The brand offers different models, providing unique features. But how do you know which NutriBullet is best for you? I’ve looked at a few of these blenders, their features, pros, and cons to help you decide.

NutriBullet Personal Blender – Best Overall

NutriBullet Personal Blender

With a 600-watt power, this personal blender isn’t the most powerful choice but it serves its purpose well. The NutriBullet Personal Blender is one of the best NutriBullet blenders and offers the easiest ways to make nutrient-dense smoothies.

Due to its portability, it’s been one of my go-to NutriBullet blenders when I’m on the road and need a portable machine.

This blender can easily blitz through tougher ingredients like nuts, just make sure that the mixture has enough liquid. It also works well at pulverizing fibrous veggies such as celery.

However, it might struggle with crushing through a large number of ice cubes at once. So, if you wish to make frozen drinks, you may need to go for something more powerful than this blender.

It comes with a 24-ounce blending cup that you can drink from after blending. Since it doesn’t include additional cups, you might have to purchase one separately. I think that the lack of extra accessories makes it easier to save cabinet space since you won’t have a lot of parts to store.

• Easy to use
• Super compact and portable
• Has the muscle to crush through tough and fibrous ingredients
• Good-sized blending cup
• Struggles with crushing through a lot of ice cubes at a time

NutriBullet RX – Best Power

NutriBullet RX

The NutriBullet RX is one of the most powerful blenders out there. With 1700-watt power and large-capacity blending cups, you can make healthy smoothies and hearty soups within minutes. It comes with a 45-ounce blending cup, a 34-ounce souper Blast pitcher, and a 30-ounce short mug.

This blender features a heating cycle that allows it to mix hot soups and sauces. And, with its hands-free smart technology, it can automatically starts and stops the operation for the optimal blend.

It works by placing the blending jar and blade assembly into the base unit, and the motor will start the process. Whenever you need to do another run, you can detach the whole thing off of the base unit and re-insert it. Which I think is a bit inconvenient, but it does so well at blending fruits and veggies.

However, blending anything that isn’t fully liquified might be tricky. The NutriBullet RX is also too strong during the first blending phase, and there is no option to slow it down to properly combine foods with a thicker consistency. So, you’ll need to mix a lot of liquid to blend everything properly.

• Powerful motor
• Auto starts and stops
• Offers decent capacity; also comes with extra cups
• Great for mixing hot soups and sauces
• Struggles with foods of thicker consistency
• Requires a lot of liquid for proper blending

NutriBullet Blender Combo – Best Capacity

NutriBullet Blender Combo

If you’re looking for something to do large-batch blending, the NutriBullet Blender Combo comes with a 64-ounce blending jar with extra 32 and 24-ounce cups.

What I like about this combo is that it gives you two NutriBullets which you can use for various purposes. Equipped with a 1200-watt motor, you can crush through pretty much anything you toss into it. This blender offers three precision speeds to help you achieve the right consistency for your blends.

Its pulse function and extract program give you complete control at the touch of a button, allowing you to create an infinite variety of smoothies, sauces, nut butters, and more. Simply load the large container with your favorite ingredients, press your preferred settings, and walk away!

This standard method is easier to use than typical NutriBullets in many situations. I love this design because it eliminates the need to put the caps on tightly enough to avoid leaks. Also, unlike standard smoothie cups, you can use the blender jug to purée hot meals and liquids. It works for blending pre-heated ingredients since it has a vent on the side.

But since it doesn’t use a heating cycle like another model, you can’t make hot soups from scratch with this. If that’s something you can’t leave without, the NutriBullet Rx could be a better choice.

Also, it doesn’t look like the typical NutriBullet design you often see. It is still a countertop blender with a fairly small footprint, but it is in a larger size with bulkier accessories. So, there’s an obvious tradeoff here. But if you don’t mind freeing more space for this, it could be a great large-size workhorse.

• Powerful motor
• Offers large capacity
• Hassle-free operation and gives you full control of the process
• Works well for blending pre-heated ingredients
• Bulky, eats up storage space

NutriBullet Select – Best Design

NutriBullet Select

If you haven’t realized, NutriBullets seem to look the same in terms of design. The NutriBullet Select caught my eye, though. It’s designed with a bright orange blade assembly and cap on its 32-ounce blending jar. Which I find a bit unique among the many NutriBullets I’ve seen.

It’s equipped with a 1000-watt power that makes it efficient in crushing through frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. This NutriBullet features a two-speeds, a pulse control button, and nutrient extraction capabilities for full control over your mixtures.

Its precise speeds can tackle any recipe, the pulse function is perfect for making thick sauces and dippings, while the extraction mode helps you get the most nutrients from your ingredients.

The blender itself isn’t as compact as the single-serve ones and you can’t drink straight from the jar. But that’s why it includes an extra drinking cup for easy pick-ups.

One of the downsides of this model is that it might struggle with large ice chunks, as noted by some users. Another is the volatility in price.

• Beautiful design
• Has the muscle to crush through anything
• Hassle-free operation
• Offers decent-size capacity
• Not as compact as single-serving models; takes up more storage space
• Volatile price

NutriBullet Pro – Great Option

NutriBullet Pro

The NutriBullet Pro is one of the most popular NutriBullets among smoothie blender fans. Powered with a 1000-watt motor, this blender can help you make high-quality and refreshingly delicious drinks.

It’s been rated the best NutriBullet blender due to a few usability upgrades. Its blade base is significantly easier to install and dismantle. And, the cup no longer includes the lip ring attachment. The wave pattern on the blade assembly also makes it easier for you to grip it as you position it for blending.

However, it still does not include any buttons. It has the typical twist-and-push action as other NutriBullets. This makes things really simple because there are no buttons or settings to deal with. But, it’s not perfect. It struggles with ice on its own. But with the right amount of liquid, it can crush ice cubes well.

This NutriBullet isn’t designed to handle thicker mixtures like meat sauces. Again, you need to add enough liquid to blend your ingredients properly.

It’s also worth noting that the jars aren’t vented, so you can’t process pre-heated ingredients. The heat will just allow pressure to build up, which can result in injury. If you wish to make hot soups, it would be better to opt for the NutriBullet Rx, instead.

• Powerfully crushes for smooth blends
• Upgraded features
• Offers decent-size blending cup
• Easy to use
• Struggles to crush through ice on its own
• Doesn’t work for blending hot soups
• Might require adding more liquid to blend everything properly

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best NutriBullet

To find out which NutriBullet is best, there are a few things you must consider: 


The watt power of your NutriBullet is the most important factor to keep in mind. You’ll come across models with watt power ranging from 600 to 1700 watts. If you need to crush tougher ingredients such as frozen fruits and ice cubes, a NutriBullet with 600 watts or higher should suffice.

There are also other models equipped with a 200-watt motor, but they will fail at crushing through ice cubes unless they’re in little chunks. If you intend to create a lot of ice-based cocktails, a more powerful model is preferable.

The more powerful the NutriBullet, the better. But this also means that you’ll have to deal with a loud noise, which can be rather annoying.


The capacity of the NutriBullet you choose depends on the amount of ingredients you’ll be blending. Some people use blenders to emulsify ingredients for their food. Others blend their favorite smoothie ingredients to make a delicious drink. 

The size of your family also determines the capacity of your blending jar. It’s always a good idea to go for a large one to suit your needs. But if you are a single person who simply wants to make quick smoothies, a NutriBullet personal blender should suffice.


Whether included in the package or sold separately, accessories can be handy. Certain NutriBullets include self-serve cups that let you to drink on the go. Besides the main blending jar, you may also get extra grinding cups. These extras are a convenient way to grind herbs and spices in smaller quantities.

Some NutriBullet blenders also come with a tamper. This is useful in keeping thick and stubborn ingredients circulating in the blender.

Ease of Use

One defining feature of NutriBullets is their simple design. The personal blenders are easy to use by simply pressing the blending cup into the machine. Some of their larger models require you to press buttons with various functions. They have intuitive controls that won’t take you time to figure out.

Ease of Cleaning

NutriBullet blenders are easy to clean since most of them can stand a run in the dishwasher. Some models that come with extra accessories and attachments might be challenging to clean unless you’ll only use one cup at a time. The accessories that come with some models may also take up more cupboard space.


When it comes to finding a budget-friendly blender, NutriBullet is the way to go. The blenders come at unbeatable prices so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one. Just make sure the model you choose has the features you need for your blending needs.

Best NutriBullet FAQs

Which model of NutriBullet is the best?

The NutriBullet Personal Blender has to be the best NutriBullet you could get. It’s equipped with a 600-watt motor base that is powerful enough to crush tough ingredients including nuts and seeds. This personal blender also comes in a very compact design, allowing you to carry it everywhere.

It’s easy to use, and it offers a decent capacity. It is a great single-serving size blender for busy folks who still want to make quick healthy smoothies.

Which is the most powerful NutriBullet?

One of the best NutriBullet lenders and most powerful is the NutriBullet RX N17-1001. It boasts 1700-watt motor and is capable of churning out even the toughest of ingredients.

How does the NutriBullet blender work?

It depends on the NutriBullet blender you have. These blenders typically work by twisting and snapping the blending cup into the machine’s base. Once the cup is sealed in place, it will automatically start and stop after a minute.

You can also manually stop the blending process at any time. Just unlock the cup from the base, and pour your smoothie into a cup.

Are the NutriBullet and food processors the same?

The best NutriBullet blenders not only produce delicious smoothies, sauces, and soups, but they can also serve as a small food processor for a quick salsa. Its blades function similarly to that of a food processor. But because they blend straight into the cup, you don’t waste nutrients.

The sole disadvantage of some NutriBullets is that you can’t use them to chop large amounts of food. This is because they only blend in the cup, which isn’t large enough for large-batch blending.

NutriBullet blenders are designed for single-serving sizes. These are substantially smaller than food processors. They are designed to be compact so they don’t take up too much counter space.

Are Nutri bullets better than blenders?

Both Nutribullet and blenders can churn out food effectively. The brand, however, promises to be able to break down ingredients, resulting in smooth, fine results. Which is something that less powerful blenders cannot achieve.

What makes a NutriBullet different from a juicer?

While both NutriBullet blender and NutriBullet juicer make great drinks, the combinations you can make with them are very different. The differences are in the design. Juicers are designed to extract juice, while a NutriBullet is a blender that will produce smoothies.

Are 600 watts enough for a blender?

To decide how many watts you require for a quality blender, you must first consider the types of operations you will be doing with it.

Portable immersion blenders are adequate at 250 watts. Smaller-batch models with 300 to 600 watts work nicely. Standard blenders work well for casual use at 500 to 750 watts. If you intend to use it for crushing through ice cubes regularly, you can opt for a higher-powered blender.

Are NutriBullets noisy?

Depending on the model and wattage, NutriBullets can be some of the loudest blenders on the market due to their strong built-in motor. High-powered ones can reach around 100 decibels under normal operating settings. Which makes them possibly the loudest blenders today.

But aside from the motor, other factors such as blade design can have an impact on its noise.


My favorite is the NutriBullet Personal Blender because it’s one of the easiest to use modes for blending smoothies, milkshakes, and other quick recipes. I love that it is super compact and portable, with 600-watt power that is enough to crush through tough and even the most fibrous of ingredients.

But if power is the sole basis of a good blender (which isn’t), the NutriBullet RX would take the top spot. It boasts a 1700-watt motor base and offers decent capacity. If you want to blend thick sauces and make hot soups from scratch, this is the workhouse.

When it comes to large-batch blending and versatility, nothing beats the NutriBullet Blender Combo. It includes a 64-ounce blending jar with extra 32 and 24-ounce cups. This NutriBullet essentially gives you two blenders in one, allowing you to make an endless array of smoothies, sauces, dips, and more.

It’s equipped with a powerful 1200-watt motor and offers a hassle-free operation, giving you full control of the blending process.

The NutriBullet Select, on the other hand, will brighten up your counter. This beautifully-designed blender is more than meets the eyes. With a 1000-watt power, it can crush through anything and allows for hassle-free blending.

Lastly, the NutriBullet Pro could be another great option with upgraded features to make blending more convenient. Powered with a 1000-watt motor, this blender powerfully crushes for smooth blends. Plus it’s very straightforward.

NutriBullet is a treasure trove for the best blending machines you could own. And I hope this helped you find which NutriBullet is best for you.

Make sure to check out the latest prices and discounts on these fantastic bullets!

I can’t wait for you to try out the healthiest recipes in your book with these blenders, and good luck!

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