The Best Quesadilla Maker

When shopping for a quesadilla maker, some of the factors to look at are material, heat distribution, and ease of use. Today, I’ll walk you through finding the best quesadilla maker that’s durable, and easy to use. And one that’s also budget-friendly. Complete with reviews and a buying guide, you should be able to choose only the best quesadilla maker.

Quesadilla is a popular, cheesy Mexican delight that’s loved by many. This Hispanic staple is very simple and easy to make at home, needing just a few ingredients: queso or cheese, tortilla, and your favorite fillings. You can choose fillings from olives, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. But you can practically put anything in your quesadilla.

My Top Picks for the Best Quesadilla Makers

Best OverallGeorge Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001– 10 x 10 x 3 inches
– 10 Inches in diameter
– Has deep-dish pockets
– Durable nonstick grill plate
– Easy clean up
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Best ValueHamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla MakerHamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker– 10.6 x 9.7 x 5 inches
– Power and preheat indicators
– Non stick surface
– Easy clean up
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Best for Thick QuesadillasNostalgia Electric Quesadilla MakerNostalgia Electric Quesadilla Maker– 13.2 x 12.3 x 5.3 inches
– 10 Inches in diameter
– Has two indicator lights
– Has adjustable two-position latch
– Compact; easy storage
– Easy clean up
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Best MultipurposeBetty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla MakerBetty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla Maker– 13.78 x 15.87 x 5.04 inches
– 12 Inches in diameter
– 1440 watts
– Power-on indicator light
– Ready to bake indicator light
– Non stick baking surface
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Best BudgetGeorge Foreman GR10B Quesadilla MakerGeorge Foreman GR10B Quesadilla Maker– 9.38 x 5.12 x 10.25 inches
– Has durable grill plates
– George tough nonstick coating
– Has a fat-removing slope
– Has a dishwasher-safe drip tray
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Reviews: The Best Quesadilla Makers

While ordering a quesadilla online removes the hassle on your end, it’s likely to get cold by the time it arrives at your doorstep. Thankfully, you can perfect this all-time favorite Mexican recipe with a good quesadilla maker. If you don’t have one yet, let me help you find the best quesadilla maker that will help you make it quick and easy.

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001 – Best Overall

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001

Delivering great results and the ease of use are probably what makes the George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker GFQ001 the best choice. This model is designed after the George Foreman grill. The grill, which has been a popular indoor grill and healthy cooking appliance, was introduced in 1994. It’s no surprise that now the brand’s quesadilla maker operates in the same way as the company’s best-selling product.

This flashy machine features a 10-inch cooking surface. It has six deep pockets which can hold a lot of stuffings. The George Foreman is easy to use and offers a larger cooking surface for your cheese and tortilla. Your favorite quesadilla will be ready to eat in less than five minutes — all thanks to the simultaneous heat on both sides.

One drawback I’ve noticed when I was reading through the reviews is that users say tortillas smaller than 10 inches won’t touch the press and sealing lines. This allows fillings to escape through any open corners. But don’t fret. You can easily wipe any spillages or excess cheese and oil with the nonstick coating. This quesadilla maker is compact, easy to store, and saves counter space.

What are the perks?

• Easy to use
• Larger cooking surface
• Easy to clean
• Quick cooking

What are the downsides?

• Not suitable for smaller tortillas

Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker – Best Value

Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker

We all love getting the best out of what we pay for. And that’s why the Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker exists. This pocket-friendly dish uses two stacked wheat tortillas to form six quesadilla wedges. It uses lines that press the edges and generate score marks.

This Hamilton Beach quesadilla maker works quite similarly to the George Foreman model. It is a good choice for cooking snacks in child-friendly servings as it can fit 6 or 8-inch tortillas. With a nonstick surface that efficiently distributes heat, you can expect a crisp surface which is essential for an excellent flour quesadilla.

You can have a cantina-style snack ready in around five minutes — all thanks to its preheat light that alerts you when the appliance is set to use. Its non-stick coating makes cleanup easy. The device also stands upright, saving you some space.

What are the perks?

• Easy to clean
• Budget-friendly quesadilla maker
• Easy to store

What are the downsides?

• Only suitable for smaller tortillas

Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla Maker – Best for Thick Tortillas

Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla Maker

Do you find yourself munching on thicker quesadillas? Then the Nostalgia Electric Quesadilla Maker could be the ideal appliance for you. This beauty creates a stylish quesadilla maker by bringing back the old-school style. Plus, combining it with contemporary internal parts.

Fill your tortilla with as much cheese as you desire. The grill’s adjustable two-position latch design will take care of it by holding everything in place. With six deep grooves in the heating plates, this appliance guarantees that every slice of your quesadilla is evenly filled with stuffings.

This Nostalgia quesadilla maker also features two indicator lights. It alerts you when the surface is preheated. Because of the nonstick coating, the grill is also very easy to clean. All it takes is a quick wipe. This quesadilla maker also includes storage support. This allows it to stand upright, which saves counter space.

What are the perks?

• Makes thick tortillas
• Easy to store
• Adjustable two-position latch design holds everything in place

What are the downsides?

• Might be too bulky
• Handle offers minimal grip
• It could have been cheaper

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla Maker – Best Multipurpose

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla Maker

If you’re looking to get an appliance that does more than just making your favorite quesadilla, then the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla Maker may be the best option. Technically, it’s a pizza maker. But it can certainly serve you both snacks in one. This model has a deep hole that can handle tortillas up to 12 inches. 

And since it can hold larger tortillas, you may use this to create two large folded quesadillas in one go. Its lid and well heat up around the same time, allowing the upper and bottom baking plates to cook simultaneously. The Betty Crocker’s nonstick baking surface crisps to perfection. Cleaning this appliance is a breeze with a simple wipe-down.

Whenever you’re not making quesadillas, you may bake cookies or flatbread. As well as create pizzas, or make nachos and frittatas. This quesadilla is a convenient alternative for folks who would rather have multipurpose kitchen equipment than one specific for quesadillas.

What are the perks?

• Handles larger tortillas
• Multipurpose
• Easy to clean

What are the downsides?

• Tortilla won’t touch the top plate; requires you to flip tortilla
• It could have been cheaper

George Foreman GR10B Quesadilla Maker – Best Budget

George Foreman GR10B Quesadilla Maker

Looking for the most budget-friendly quesadilla maker? You may refer to the George Foreman GR10B Quesadilla Maker. This appliance is also excellent at making more than just tortillas. You can grill cheese, sear steaks, and chicken. As well as press paninis to perfection, just like the way it would with quesadillas.

With this George Foreman quesadilla maker, You can simply stuff your tortilla, fold it in half, then push the top down to bake all ends fast and uniformly at the same time. There’s no turning needed here. All extra oil will flow into the drip tray, which is detachable — all thanks to the slanted dishwasher-safe grill. This model can also accommodate fuller quesadillas loaded with meat and cheese owing to its floating hinge.

And you know it’s a George Foreman hallmark with its sloped grilling surface. This feature could remove up to 42 percent of fat. Giving you leaner, and better-tasting meals. Its durable nonstick coating makes cleaning a breeze, and it does not require butter or oil to maintain its nonstick properties. This compact, lightweight model has a sleek design. And it may also be placed on its side, making it simple to draw out and put away when you don’t need it.

What are the perks?

• Budget-friendly
• Great for small tortillas
• Multipurpose
• Healthy choice for the health-conscious
• Easy to use
• Compact and easy to store

What are the downsides?

• Can only handle smaller tortillas
• Nonstick coating’s durability is questionable

A Buyer’s Guide In Selecting the Best Quesadilla Maker

Before you purchase a quesadilla maker, it makes sense to look at some important features. This is to make sure you will get the ideal unit for you. Depending on your needs, you may look for one with either a smaller or larger-capacitated unit. The price, ease of use, and clean-up, also affect your buying decision, among others.

Size and Capacity

Most specialized quesadilla makers come in either 8 or 10 inches. These sizes handle the two most common tortilla sizes. Your specific needs will most certainly determine your ideal quesadilla maker size. If you’re a couple or prefer snack-size quesadillas, you can opt for a small maker.

Families or larger groups may prefer something that’s relatively large. Considering the quantity of your fillings is also crucial in selecting the ideal size for you.


Nonstick coating is common on electric quesadilla makers and grills. Such coating makes cooked quesadillas easy to release. Keep in mind that even these coatings are not resistant to scratches. the key is to avoid using metal and sharp utensils. As well as abrasive scrubbers. Much like most nonstick coated surfaces, it will end up showing signs of wear. And you may need to replace it after a few years.


If you like your quesadillas extra cheesy stuffed with more fillings, then get a unit with deeper pockets. But some folks like their quesadillas light and slimmer with minimal fillings. A quesadilla maker with less depth will work best. However, keep in mind that making this cheesy delight in a quesadilla maker with pockets that are too deep might result in undercooked quesadillas. This may require you to flip tortillas halfway through.


A quesadilla maker should preferably be both compact and robust. Models that are lightweight are much easier to manage and so will be portable. It is going to be inconvenient if the model you select is excessively hefty.

Heat Distribution

You’ll obviously want your quesadilla to be cooked to perfection. Your quesadilla must also be uniformly cooked so all of the sections are the same. Fortunately, it’s easy to find quesadilla makers that distribute heat evenly.

Ease Of Use

A quesadilla maker with a complicated interface is such a hassle. You don’t need the complex features when it comes to making this delectable cheesy delight. Always look for a model that’s user-friendly. Perhaps inexperienced users will be able to quickly learn how to operate the best quesadilla maker. To make the job as simple as possible, the manufacturer should provide clear directions. A recipe book is included with several models, which would be a nice freebie.

Ease of Cleanup

Making delicious quesadillas can be untidy. And this can be the result of the melted cheese which can seep out of your unit’s pockets, dressings, and oil. This, of course, makes cleaning quesadilla makers more challenging. Durable non-stick baking surfaces and drip trays can make this job simpler.


It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to prepare quesadillas. Many brands offer decent electric units for under $40. Much like with many other kitchen equipments, however, you are most likely to get what you have paid for. Should you plan on preparing a bunch of quesadillas, you might need to opt for a higher-priced one that can handle daily use.

Reasons to Buy a Quesadilla Maker

So, you love quesadillas. But you’re not sure if a device for making it is worth the time and investment. Truth is, having a good quesadilla maker is practical and makes cooking convenient. Many quesadilla models offer versatility that you can use for different purposes. Not just for making quesadillas. Aside from this, you’ll find your cheesy quesadilla cooked to your desired doneness.

Efficient, convenient, and cooks to perfection

Quesadilla makers are fast and efficient cooking equipment. And the good news is that they mostly come at reasonable price points. With such an appliance, you can make quick and easy quesadillas at home. All it takes is gathering all your ingredients together. Then, place a tortilla on the baking plate. Stuff it with your favorite filling and spices. Within just five minutes, you’ll get a gorgeous plate of golden crispy and delicious slices.

Those that are designed for making quesadillas make it easier for you to create your preferred results each time. With such appliances, you won’t need to worry about flipping the stuffed tortillas, and any ingredient spillages. Your quesadilla will be cooked in half the time as each side is baked at once.

Most quesadilla makers come with light indicators. So, you won’t need to worry about burning your tortillas. This leaves you that crispy, golden quesadillas you’ve always loved. They also come in non-stick surfaces, which means mess-free cooking. And in case your ingredients ooze out of the tortilla, you can simply wipe them clean.


Quesadilla makers exude versatility. And this is why many favor this kitchen appliance. They possess the flexibility of making different dishes, snacks, including quesadillas, needless to say. You can bake cookies and flatbreads, make fluffy pancakes, omelettes, grill cheese, and crepes.

And if you’re into burger buns, hun, you can toast them with this appliance. It’s amazing and seems limitless how you can use a quesadilla maker. Plus, they are compact and easy to use, and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quesadilla maker to buy?

The best quesadilla to buy could be the George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker. It’s affordable, easy to use, and offers a larger cooking surface for your cheese and tortillas. This unit is also very easy to clean and offers quick cooking.

Is a quesadilla maker worth it?

A quesadilla maker is definitely worth investing in. It cooks quesadillas more effectively. Such an appliance is also great if you want to stuff your quesadillas with delicious fillings. Quesadilla makers will keep your ingredients from squeezing out.

What else can you make in a quesadilla maker?

There are tons of foods you can make with a quesadilla maker. You can make grilled cheese sandwiches, omelettes, fluffy pancakes and crepes, and french toast. And you can also toast your burger buns. All this in one compact, and easy to use equipment.

Final Verdict

My favorite is the George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker because it’s both budget and user-friendly. And it doesn’t poke a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for good value for your money, the Hamilton Beach 25409 Quesadilla Maker could be a delightful choice. It’s also budget-friendly and offers both ease of use and clean-up.

Do you like fuller quesadillas? Then you may refer to the Nostalgia Electric Deluxe Quesadilla Maker. It’s excellent at holding tortillas with more stuffings — thanks to its adjustable two-position latch feature. Looking for an appliance that does more than just making quesadillas? The Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Quesadilla Maker may be it. It’s a multipurpose appliance that also handles larger tortillas.

And if you’re looking for the most affordable quesadilla makers, then the George Foreman GR10B Quesadilla Maker could be a great option. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s also a healthy choice for health-conscious folks.

I hope you find this guide helpful in choosing the right quesadilla for you. Make sure to check out the latest prices on these amazing quesadilla makers, so you can start making this easy cheesy Mexcian delight at the comfort of your home. Good luck, and don’t forget to let me know how well you did with your quesadilla cooking!

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