The Best Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker

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The Best Commercial Ice Cream Machine

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The Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine for Home

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Coffee Kahlua Popsicles

What could be better than popsicles that are caffeinated and boozy? …Not much. These coffee kahlua popsicles are my grown-up take on kid’s popsicles – the perfect Summer treat that’s super easy to make! These frozen coffee kahlua popsicles couldn’t be more refreshing on blazing hot, humid days. I keep them stocked in my freezer … Read more

Muffin Pan Sticky Toffee Pudding

These decadent, British-style sticky toffee puddings are sweetened with brown sugar, molasses, and dates, my favorite dried fruit. Because the dates are processed and baked along with rich toffee, vanilla, and molasses flavors, even date skeptics absolutely love this dessert! These are my favorite Fall and Winter-time treats because they’re warm, sweet, sticky, and gooey. … Read more

Glazed Monkey Bread Muffins

This recipe is my all-time favorite dessert-breakfast hybrid because I get to enjoy pulling apart delicious monkey bread without having to fight with a large, sticky loaf (or with other people.)  People of all ages love pulling apart monkey bread and nobody can resist the flavor of cinnamon-sugar and caramel coated biscuit muffins. This is … Read more

Espresso Brownies

Mocha lovers, rejoice! My formula for espresso brownies borrows from many top-rated recipes for unbeatable flavor and texture. These decadent delights are chocolate-heavy and coffee-infused with melt-in-your-mouth richness.  This recipe is fantastic for people like me who love cooking and baking but strongly dislike doing the dishes. Not only does the prep for these brownies … Read more

Cinnamon Toast Marshmallows

This recipe I developed to go along with my delicious homemade chocolate honey graham crackers after dreaming of souped-up, gourmet s’mores treats. These incredible homemade marshmallows put store-bought versions to shame, and will satisfy even the most critical marshmallow skeptics.  Though they require 6-8 (very long) hours to set, these classic kids cereal-inspired treats cook … Read more

Chocolate Graham Crackers with Honey

These simple but delicious homemade chocolate honey graham crackers are a recipe I came up with after seeing a box of chocolate grahams at the store and experimenting in the kitchen. They transform the classic American s’mores cookie into a flavorful, lightly sweet treat that I cannot stop munching on.  I use these amazing homemade … Read more

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

This recipe is my take on chocolate crinkle cookies, the classic christmas treats that taste like chocolate fudge brownies! The best part about these cookies are the incredible texture they have- with a slightly crisped, sugar-dusted outside with a soft and fudgy center. They are rich, indulgent, and melt-in-your-mouth irresistible.   I am a ridiculously huge … Read more