The Best Commercial Faucet with Sprayer

The most important features to look into when looking for the best commercial faucet with sprayer are the fixture’s height and reach and the water pressure and flow rate. As well as price and durability.

I know how overwhelming it gets trying to find the best products on the market. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top commercial-style kitchen faucets to lessen the hassle. I’ve also included a handy buying guide to help you in picking the ideal model for you.

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We simply hate dirty dishes. And hard-to-reach areas in our kitchen sinks are frustrating when not properly cleaned. Thank goodness for industrial kitchen faucets! Which not only make life simpler but also lend a touch of class to any kitchen setting.

And, whether you want to use a professional kitchen faucet in your household or purchase one for your small business, a commercial faucet will be a more visually appealing and functional option than standard faucets. 

Aside from these perks, they are also more durable. These fixtures are tall and slender. With a simple style that makes them ideal for modern kitchens.

The commercial-style faucets I have on the list provide a range of functions. I’ll also go over what you should look for when buying a commercial kitchen faucet. But first, let’s define what a commercial kitchen faucet is.

What Is a Commercial Faucet With Sprayer?

Commercial-style kitchen faucets or pre-rinse faucets are the types of fixture that is commonly seen in restaurants. They may be large and could take ample headspace under your cabinets, but they are quite strong. These faucets have a high arched neck and a pull-down sprayer nozzle for blasting food residues off your plates.

Meanwhile, commercial-style has the same design but the only difference is that they are tailored to suit your kitchen. A commercial-style kitchen’s high arch is smaller. Even their high-pressure sprayers are not quite as strong. But they still work so well and get the job done.

Why Choose a Commercial Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer?

There are several reasons why you should get a commercial faucet with a sprayer. And here are a few advantages.

Great Performance

Cooking is fun, but the cleaning that follows afterward? In terms of performance, commercial kitchen faucets are unrivaled. They make clean-up a breeze. And here is where semi-pro faucets work hard.

These faucets feature pull-down spray heads that can normally stretch at least 20 inches in length. Certain models can even reach much further. Because of their length, you can pull them out and handle bigger pots and pans.

Commercial faucets also offer different spray modes. You can set it to use on a daily washing and cleaning.  While you can use the stronger spray mode for heavy-duty operations like cleaning tough stains off your dishes.

Easy Installation and Use

Most commercial-style kitchen faucets are easy to install, requiring only one hole. They include a single tap, making it easy to control the temperature of the water. Industrial faucets may appear to be complex versions of your standard faucet. But they are quite intuitive.

They have the standard single-lever system for activating the water and adjusting the temperature. And most sprayer heads often feature a button to adjust the modes.


Commercial, professional, or industrial — whatever you call them, these faucets look amazing! And, while appearance alone isn’t enough, it would be nice to have a fixture that adds to the kitchen’s visual appeal.

These types of faucets are head turners. Their long, swan neck or crisp U-neck is what truly defines them. Placing them on your central island would make them the focal point of your kitchen. If you place them in your corner, they’ll surely draw attention.

Longer Warranty Period

These faucets aren’t the most economical. But the longer warranties are a nice perk that comes with purchasing a commercial faucet. Many manufacturers offer long warranties of five years or more. But they can also come with an extended full warranty period. Bigger brand names even provide lifelong protection for your investment.

My Top Picks for Commercial-style Faucets

Best OverallMoen 5923 Align Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen FaucetMoen 5923 Align Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen Faucet– Made of alloy steel; chrome finish
– Spot resistant- 21.75” Spout height
– 10” Spout reach- Deck mount
– Duralock Quick Connect
– Retractable pull-down hose
– Single handle lever- ADA Compliant
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Runner UpKraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Commercial Kitchen FaucetKraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Commercial Kitchen Faucet– Made of brass; spot-free stainless steel
– Pure ceramic cartridge
– 6.4” Spout height
– 8.5” Spout reach
– Deck mount
– Single handle lever
– Swivels 360 degrees
– Dual-function sprayer
– Easy-clean spray
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Best for Small KitchensKraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen FaucetKraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet– Made of brass; spot-free stainless steel
– Pure ceramic cartridge
– 6.38” Spout height
– 8.75” Spout reach
– Deck mount
– Dual-function pull-down sprayer
– Single handle lever
– Swivels 90 degrees forward
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Best BudgetOWOFAN Commercial FaucetOWOFAN Commercial Faucet– Made of brass; matte black finish
– 3.9″ Spout height
– 9.2” Spout reach
– Deck mount
– Dual-function pull-down sprayer
– Swivels 360 degrees
– Single handle lever
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Here Are the Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets With Sprayer

Commercial kitchen faucets are one of the best kitchen investments you can make. The following are some of the best commercial faucets with sprayers. With each having its own set of pros and cons.

Moen 5923 Align Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen Faucet – Best Overall

Moen 5923 Align Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Looking for the best commercial faucet with sprayer? Manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the market, the Moen 5923 Align Pre-Rinse Commercial Kitchen Faucet is favored by many restaurant owners. If you want an extra powerful commercial kitchen faucet, then this one could do wonders.

Moen strives hard to produce powerful faucets, with this model having 50 percent more power than their other commercial faucets. It’s crafted with durable alloy steel with a gorgeous chrome finish, which I appreciate. The finish is mirror-like. It reflects light while looking sleek and stylish.

It features a PowerClean technology that delivers adequate push to break down encrusted gunks and grease from your cookware while minimizing splashes. Its hose is quite long, too. Which retracts back to its place, effortlessly. The hose also allows you to customize the water flow and pressure to meet your demands.

In addition to the impressive features, this commercial kitchen faucet has a modern design that accentuates many kitchen decors. The clean lines in the body give a modern feel to many kitchen settings.

It’s also easy to install with a single hole and is compatible with a wide range of sinks. The Duralock connect mechanism in this Moen faucet also contributes to a seamless and speedy attachment. It’s expensive as you would expect in many commercial faucets. But I think it’s worth the splurge.

• Has PowerClean technology for superior cleaning
• Long hose
• Easy installation with Duralock Quick connect
• Durable construction with spot-free finish
• Spray head is made of plastic

Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Commercial Kitchen Faucet – Runner Up

Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Commercial Kitchen Faucet

The Kraus KPF-1690SFS Britt Commercial Kitchen Faucet is could also be another excellent choice for industrial kitchens. This commercial faucet achieves both a strong aesthetic and great performance — thanks to its robust brass material and flawless steel finish and handy features. It’s made for heavy-duty cleaning!

It features reach technology, where its spray head has a swivel adaptor that rotates fluidly to flex, rotate, and extend. And simply slides back into the spout once you’re through. I love this for easy and convenient use!

With two spray modes and a push-button, you can switch from aerated stream for your veggies to strong spray for heavy-duty cleaning. Its single handle creates splash-free flow and accurate temperature control. And it rotates 90 degrees forward. Which offers easy installation in compact spaces.

Another thing I like about this model is how simple it is to upkeep. With the easy-clean spray nozzle, you can simply swipe your finger and all the build-up and gunks will come out. So easy and convenient!

• Durable construction
• Spot-free finish
• Great splash-free water flow and temperature control
• Easy to install, even in compact space
• Does not come with pressure valves
• Some users say it lacks the weight needed to provide resistance in the hose

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet – Best for Small Kitchens

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Here’s another great option from the same brand that fits many small kitchens. Crafted from solid brass with Kraus’ signature “all-brite” stainless steel finish, the Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet could be a wonderful addition to your kitchen.

This commercial faucet has a heavy-duty open coil spring spout. Which lends an industrial appeal to your kitchen. It has a handy pull-down spray head and a smooth-retract flexible hose. And this makes it very easy to move for full sink accessibility.

Like many commercial kitchen faucets, its dual-function spray head allows you to adjust your water supply to fit the work at hand. With the touch of a button, you can seamlessly go from aerated stream to powerful spray.

• Suits small kitchens
• Durable construction
• Spot-free finish
• Handy, flexible hose
• Easy to install
• Fitted a holding arm keeps you from moving it to the side
• A user says the head hangs really low

OWOFAN Commercial Faucet – Best Budget

OWOFAN Commercial Faucet

To the thrifty folks out there, the OWOFAN Commercial Faucet could be the ideal option for you. It’s affordable, has a solid brass construction, and has a beautiful matte black finish. It fits many small kitchens since it’s compact.

The OWOFAN commercial faucet features a pull-down design with a flexible hose that you can rotate at 360 degrees to conveniently reach sections of your sink. Its two-function spray also lets you quickly and ergonomically shift from spray to stream to a high water flow.

This faucet exudes simplicity in every way, from the design to the setup to operation. This is an excellent choice for kitchens with a mostly black color scheme.

• Budget-friendly
• Flexible design for efficient use
• Easy to install
• Some users find switching modes functional
• Hangs low

APPASO Contemporary Kitchen Faucet

APPASO Contemporary Kitchen Faucet

The APPASO Contemporary Kitchen Faucet may also be a great option that suits many contemporary kitchens. This one is made of a variety of materials. It has a brass body, an NSF grade zinc alloy cover with multi-layer brushed nickel that serves a timeless look. It also features a high-temperature resistant Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) hose.

When I first saw this commercial faucet, I thought it looked complicated. But as I read through online reviews, many users find it easy to use and install. The faucet’s Quick-connection mechanism requires only four simple steps to set up. All without the need for plumbers and special tools.

The design of this commercial faucet also exudes a unique charm. It has a mirror-like finish and is suitable for any design style. When it comes to fixtures, though, we must go past the surface. This features a spring with superb flexibility, offering you more space to maneuver. To make extra space for the sink, you can rotate the spout, pot filler, and sprayer 360 degrees.

The pot filler’s independent switch design allows it to operate in both the stream and spray modes, simultaneously. Because of its linear jet design, which eliminates splashing, its strong sprayers make heavy-duty flushing a breeze.

• Elegant and durable design
• Lets you operate the sprayer and the pot filler at the same time
• Quick-connection mechanism makes for easy installation
• Some users find it leaky

Fapully Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet

Fapully Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet

Going for that industrial look can cost a lot. But the Fapully Commercial Kitchen Sink Faucet is reasonably priced, allowing you to experience utility with elegance. This kitchen faucet, designed for the heavy-duty requirements of industrial kitchens, will add a sense of style and refinement to your home.

The Fapully commercial faucet has a solid metal body a rust-resistant finish. A strong coil spring wraps its spout, and a high-grade ceramic cartridge prevents leaks.

This pull-out faucet will let you handle a variety of tasks — thanks to its one-function sprayer and separate pot filler spout. You can smoothly swivel the spray head and stream spout at 360 degrees rotation for complete sink access. It also maintains high pressure. All while conserving water.

This single-handle commercial faucet regulates both the amount and temperature of the water. Also, you’ll appreciate the sprayer’s snug docking mechanism as soon you’re done with your task. I love how the sprayer lock design’s innovation and simplicity let you use one-hand rinsing as you wash. I think this faucet is also a game-changer!

• Durable construction
• Exudes both elegance and functionality
• Docking device keeps the hose in place
• More affordable compared to its other counterparts
• Short pull-out nozzle
• Hangs low

AIMADI Commercial Kitchen Faucet

AIMADI Commercial Kitchen Faucet

The AIMADI Commercial Kitchen Faucet is one of the top-rated kitchen faucets in the market today. Crafted from sturdy metal, it also has superior corrosion and rust-resistant brushed nickel finish that’s so easy to clean. But what I find very unique about this kitchen faucet is the LED design.

It includes small built-in electricity-generating devices that help produce the light. As long as there is water flow, there is light. The LED lights also show in varying colors based on the water temperature. A little fancy but it sure does the job.

The AIMADI commercial faucet also features a handy sprayer lock system that lets you use one-hand rinsing while washing. This means the water comes out continuously. Allowing you to wash or rinse conveniently with both hands.

Its 360-degree spinning spout with a nozzle allows you to reach the entire sink, making cleaning a breeze. You can also simply and conveniently switch from spray to stream with its high-quality dual-mode sprayer. Plus, it’s easy to upkeep since the spray holes allow mineral buildup to be easily wiped away.

• Fancy LED design
• Convenient with easy to use features
• Strong water pressure
• Easy to install
• Hangs low
• Some users say it produces loud noise

A Buyer’s Guide in Choosing the Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet With Sprayer

Sometimes hearing all the nice things about a product isn’t enough to convince you to invest in it. There are still some important factors to consider when picking the ideal commercial kitchen faucet for you. A savvy customer also does extensive research. You can learn more by reading the buying guide below.

Height and Reach

Certain commercial faucets have a taller arch than others. And I hate to break it to you, but these types of fixtures aren’t ideal for every kitchen. Since they are larger and bulkier than standard kitchen faucets, they will need enough room above, below, as well as to the sides.

Most commercial faucets are also built with an arch that extends at 20-inches. Some of the most accurate reproductions of the classic industrial fixtures may extend a tall height of 26 inches. So, having adequate space under your upper cabinets is important.

Also, the sprayer hose of commercial kitchens needs room beneath your sink. It has a retractable structure that allows it to shrink back to its place after being extended. They are commonly under your sink. So, you need to make sure that there is adequate space to accommodate this.

Water Pressure and Flow Rate

These faucets, unlike standard ones, need more pressure to function properly. You can check the flow rate by the gallons per minute (GPM) flowing from the faucet. You can read through the user’s manual for the suggested water pressure, making sure you’re getting the ideal faucet for you. You need to also verify whether or not your local water supply delivers enough water pressure.

You can measure the water pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI). Water pressure of roughly 60 PSI is optimum for commercial faucets. The faucet must have a flow rate of at least 1.8 GPM for this. Otherwise, you won’t have the same superior efficiency if the water pressure is lower.

It’s also worth noting that installing a commercial faucet when it lacks sufficient water pressure to function correctly will result in poor performance. Its spray head won’t have the pressure needed to destroy tough food residues. Cleaning loads of dishes will also be a hassle.

Sink Depth

The depth of your kitchen sink is worth considering since this will impact how much splashing you will have. Having a deep sink requires a commercial-style faucet with a lower spout clearance.

The clearance gets the faucet’s head is nearer the counter level. The deeper the sink, the better it will control splashes. Another thing to think about is the barriers between your sinks. For a  two-basin sink, make sure the faucet has a swivel capability. This way, the spout does not point straight towards the barrier.

Sprayer Modes

A commercial faucet’s powerful sprayer is among the reasons to opt for this style of faucet. They often come with spray and stream sprayer modes. But some brands provide an extra booster option. This improves the spray’s strength without squandering excess water.

A pause button is also a great feature to look at. This function lets you pause it without having to change the handle. But not all commercial faucets have this feature. So, look specific model that offers this function.


Manufacturers usually provide you with the option of choosing between chrome and stainless steel finishes. Both of these are visually appealing and long-lasting. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to those finishes. Darker finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or brass are a wonderful option.

You’ll also see different styles like matte black. But, because they detract from the commercial faucet feel, you may forgo this option. A nice finish to go for is a spot-free stainless. This is particularly crucial if you want a stainless steel finish but don’t want the fingerprints. Opting for a spot resistance finish also helps if you don’t want to clean the faucet each time you use it.

Brushed nickel is also an attractive finish. Kitchen faucets with a brushed nickel textured surface conceal fingerprints and water stains nicely while looking stylish.


A single handle type controller is common among commercial faucets. Single handle faucets may not be suitable. But it still depends on where you intend to install your faucet.

Certain single handles don’t rotate at all toward the back of the faucet. This will allow you to place your industrial kitchen faucet with hardly any backsplash clearance.

There’s also an option for handles that swivel a whole 180 degrees from back to front. It’s considered suitable for open sinks, like the ones on kitchen islands. Certain single-handle faucets also include joystick controllers. This allows for a more accurate water flow and temperature adjustment.

Lastly, you may want to opt for a faucet that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (ADA). This is means that you won’t have to exert too much force to run the faucet on and off. Which is very helpful for people with disabilities.


Having a faucet body that rotates from side to side is very useful. You can swing the spray head a larger distance since the body pivots to meet your motions. And you can move the faucet out of the way so if you want to use the whole sink without it. This is especially handy for deep sinks with a short spout clearance or spout height.

Ease of Installation

Most commercial faucets are very simple to install, requiring only a one-hole installation. But you’re unlikely to stumble across a faucet that requires two or more. Opt for a deck plate to hide the other holes if your sink currently has two or three pre-drilled holes. Several faucet manufacturers offer them as standard.

However, if your sink only has one hole and you opt for a faucet that requires more, go for another. Since drilling new holes in your sink can be a hassle and dangerous if done poorly.


It’s important that a kitchen faucet is durable enough to withstand daily use. Quality is essential in a commercial kitchen faucet that is subjected to high water pressures on a regular basis. Lead-free brass is by far the most commonly used material in industrial faucets. It’s tough, resists corrosion, and keeps the water safe for consumption.

Deck Mount vs. Wall Mount

You can wall mount a commercial faucet, but there are several distinct disadvantages to wall installation over typical deck installation.

First, they are more costly. This is due to the fact that you need to install the wall-mounted faucet before the wall can be built. Special bracing is also necessary for wall-mounted faucets. It’s often mounted with a couple of studs, but, if your sink is not properly centered between two studs, you’ll need to adjust it. Raising the overall cost.

Another difference between a wall-mounted faucet and a deck-mounted faucet is access. So if something bad happens with your wall-mounted faucet, you won’t be able to get to check it on the inside. This will require a plumber to build an access door through which you may access the damp wall.

Price and Warranty

Commercial kitchen faucets are more expensive than many standard faucets. But you could still find high-quality fixtures for less than $100. So, if you’re worried about breaking the bank, there are more reasonable options accessible to meet your demands.

You may also want to opt for one with an extended warranty period. Manufacturers often offer extended warranty terms. But you really should choose one with the longest warranty period. Keep in mind that the longer the warranty duration, the greater the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Best Commercial Faucet With Sprayer FAQs

Are commercial kitchen faucets worth it?

Commercial faucets are well worth the investment since they not only provide superior efficiency. But also elevate the atmosphere of your kitchen. Yes, they may be costly. However, due to the popularity of commercial-style kitchen faucets, you can now find models that may fall within your budget.

What is a professional faucet?

Pre-rinse faucets used in commercial eateries inspired the semi-professional faucet. You will recognize them by their long, high-pressure hose or coil with considerable reach. As well as a wide washing head at the tip. They’re often used for washing dishes and food preparation. As well as other washdown purposes.

Is Kraus a good brand?

Kraus is a name known for affordable yet quality fixtures. It’s one of the masters of kitchen faucets with good ratings and positive customer reviews.

Why do commercial faucets have springs?

Most commercial-style faucets have spring. They’re known as coil-spring or spring-spout faucets. The strong water pressure and flexible neck of a spring-spout faucet help you do tasks quickly. They are efficient to use in industrial kitchens.

What is a semi-pro kitchen faucet?

A semi-pro kitchen faucet is essentially a fixture with added functionality that you don’t typically see in regular kitchen faucets. It’s also stylish. And you can install them in most existing or new kitchen sinks.

Are coil faucets hard to clean?

Commercial faucets are more difficult to clean due to the coil around the top, which makes cleaning beneath it a challenge. Although there are many quality faucets today that could last you for a long time. Also, many manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the finish.

What is a pre-rinse faucet?

Pre-rinse faucets are types of faucets often used in restaurants or industrial kitchens. These faucets feature a high-arc spout with a rather high-pressure pull-out spray nozzle. It comes in handy when blasting food residues. To conserve water, ensure the spray nozzle includes an aerator.

Is pull-down or pull-out faucet better?

Pull-out faucets occupy far less headroom than pull-down ones. And this makes pull-out faucets suitable for kitchens with cabinet space over the sink. But if your sink is deeper, a pull-out faucet may well be preferable over the pull-down version. This is also because the pull-out faucet has less backsplash.

What is the point of a spring faucet?

The simplest and most efficient way of doing the dishes and keeping your kitchen clean is with a spring pull-down faucet. Its flexibility lets you place it lower in the sink. Which allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas in your kitchen sinks. Making cleaning the kitchen quick and easy.

Wrap Up

Commercial faucets not only add a contemporary look to your kitchen. But they are also efficient and a durable option over your standard kitchen faucet.

However, keep in mind that not all commercial-style kitchen faucets are suitable for every kitchen. Since they are intended for use in industrial kitchens, they are typically taller than regular faucets. Which means they will require extra overhead space.

I hope my selections help you pick the best commercial kitchen faucet with a sprayer. Make sure to check out the latest prices and discounts on these awesome commercial faucets, and don’t settle for less than convenient daily kitchen cleaning. Good luck!