Guide to Appliances and Fixtures

Outfit your kitchen with the most up to date appliances and tools to make your cooking experience most enjoyable.

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or need to make upgrades, this guide will help you achieve your perfect kitchen. You’ll learn about selecting the best major kitchen appliances, countertop appliances, and plumbing fixtures for your perfect kitchen setup.

What you'll find in this guide:

Major Kitchen Appliances

Appliances making cooking and cleaning a breeze. There are several factors to consider when choosing new kitchen appliances, so read about the best models, how they work, and how to make smart comparisons in the articles below. 

Faucets and Fixtures

Have you ever had a kitchen faucet that just didn’t cut it? Consider this your guide to finding the best kitchen faucets and the features to look for when making comparisons. Read all you need to know about disposals and faucets, plus brand reviews. 


Blenders are great kitchen tools and time savers, but there are models best suited for certain tasks. Read about the various types of blenders to decide which one you need to purchase. 


If you love to juice, read about the best juicers for your kitchen, plus all the features a great juicer should have. 

Meat Prep Tools

If you like to grind your own meat, or want the option, read about meat grinders and mixers or other tools that multitask. 

More Countertop Appliances

These are my top picks for handy countertop appliances that help with all kinds of tasks. Pick your favorite after understanding the qualities needed in the type of appliance you need. 

Grills and Smokers

No kitchen is complete without the ability to grill. Read all about the various types of grills and smokers for your kitchen extension outside.