Best Commercial Slush Machine

If you want to have the best commercial slush machine, you should consider your capacity requirements, the machine’s durability, and power. To help you shop, I’ve rounded up some of the best slush machines on the market.

I’ve also included a handy buying guide to further help you pick the best machine for your business. My goal is to ensure you’re only narrowing down to the best options possible.

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Everybody loves a cold, refreshing, and sweet-tasting slushy on hot summer days. And it would be lucrative to set up a little machine and serve the smoothest frozen drinks in town.

Also referred to as a granita machine, a commercial slush machine is a versatile tool. It allows you to make a range of drinks like smoothies, coffees, lemonades, and even cocktails.

Frozen cocktails and margaritas are likely to impress a crowd if you own an exclusively adult hub. But if you’re catering to kids and the youth, smoothies and frozen lemonades will be a blockbuster.

And whether you’re looking for a machine you can use at home or for your business, a good commercial slush machine is a great investment. Having said that, below are some of the top commercial slush machines on the market right now.

My Top Picks

Best OverallMargaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction MakerMargaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker– 20 x 20.1 x 20.1 inches
– 700 watts
– Durable plastic construction
– Die-cast components
– Bamboo wood and aluminum finishes
– Three independent blending stations
– Automatic Shave-N-Blend controls
– Comes with (3) 24-ounce blending jars
– Up to 72 ounces capacity
– 1-year limited warranty
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Runner Up, Best OverallVEVOR 110V Commercial Slushy Machine– 16.5 x 22.0 x 29.9 inches
– 700 watts- Food-grade materials
– 3-layer thickened stainless steel body
– Comes with two bowls
– Comes with detachable trip trays
– Convenient separate switches
– Each bowl has a 15-liter capacity
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Best Full SizeMargarita Girl Double-Bowl Slush MachineMargarita Girl Double-Bowl Slush Machine– 15 x 15.8 x 32 inches
– 1/3 HP compressor
– Durable plastic construction
– Stainless steel panels
– Makes up to 100 cups
– 2-year parts warranty
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Best Double BowlBRAVO ITALIA Slushie MachineBRAVO ITALIA Slushie Machine– 14.5 x 19 x 28 inches
– ‎800 watts
– Stainless steel construction
– High refrigeration capacity
– Makes up to 100 cups
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Best CompactNostalgia RSM650COKE Slush Drink MakerNostalgia RSM650COKE Slush Drink Maker– 7.75 x 8.75 x 17.25 inches
– Alloy steel construction
– Makes up to 32 ounces
– Easy-flow spout
– Removable cup rest and drip tray
– Detachable tank from the base
– Convenient cord storage
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The Best Commercial Slush Machines

Seeing the whirling, colorful refreshments can brighten up any day. So, why not have your well-crafted drinks on display with a good frozen slush machine? Well, let’s have a look at a few of the best commercial slush machines. With each having its own sets of pros and cons.

Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker – Best Overall

Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

When it comes to serving delicious slushies and other frozen drinks, you may count on the Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker.

I like how unique it is from your typical slushie machine, sporting quality bamboo wood, and brushed aluminum finishes. As well as polished stainless steel accents, and heavy-duty die-cast components.

Equipped with a 700-watt motor, this machine operates with the automatic Shave-N-Blend controls to create the smoothest slushy drinks. And, if there’s anything else to love about this machine, it must be the low noise level.

The low noise actually amazes me considering its power. Loudness is often expected with any powerful machine, but not with this one. This machine also gives you options for six various frozen drinks. It comes with three 24-ounce blending jars, providing you with three independent blending stations.

But keep in mind that this margarita machine is really mainly geared for small, low-volume enterprises. With a liquid capacity of only 72 ounces, it may not be ideal if you take a high volume of orders on a regular basis.

Unless you want your customers to play the waiting game (which is not good), this one might suffice. On the brighter side, this frozen drink machine is easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

• Powerful yet operates quietly
• Versatile slushy machine for a variety of drinks
• Stylish and unique design
• Durable construction
• Comes with a one-year limited warranty
• Small capacity; not ideal for large volumes of orders
• Some users find it hard to clean

VEVOR 110V Commercial Slushy Machine – Runner Up, Best Overall

VEVOR 110V Commercial Slushy Machine

The VEVOR 110V Commercial Slushy Machine is one of the most-rated commercial slushy machines. This 700-watt commercial slushy machine features a simple control panel that allows for easy operation.

This slushie machine has a modern and stylish design. It’s made of corrosion and rust-resistant and durable construction. Which can help you with cleaning and upkeep.

The VEVOR slush machine has two food-grade Polycarbonate (PC) tanks. With each having a 15 liters capacity. With evaporators made of high-quality stainless steel, this slushy machine is sure to provide efficient refrigeration

What I like about this machine are the separate stirring switches that allow energy-saving and worry-free operation. The stirrers are wide, minimizing residues and stir drinks 360 degrees. It’s also equipped with intelligent temperature control. Which allows it to function automatically at a steady temperature.

This machine includes removable drip trays for the placement of cups and glasses. They also keep your space nice and clean. You’ll also appreciate its large-diameter faucets for quick dispensing. Another feature I like is the rubber foot pads which add stability and protection.

It’s on the more expensive side. But that’s common for most commercial frozen drink machines. You must also consider that it’s designed for heavy-duty applications. Overall, it’s a wonderful investment.

• Powerful motor
• Easy to use
• Made with food-grade materials
• Intelligent control allows for convenient operation
• Rubber footpads for added stability
• Plastic parts aren’t very sturdy

Margarita Girl Double-Bowl Slush Machine – Best Full-Size

Margarita Girl Double-Bowl Slush Machine

If you run an adult lounge and want to serve margaritas, the Margarita Girl Double-Bowl Slush Machine could be an excellent pick. It’s a large-capacity machine that perfectly freezes margaritas. With two tanks, this machine can make up to 100 cups of frozen drinks in total. Which gives your customers two flavors to pick from.

This slushy machine has an air-cooled ⅓ HP compressor. Which also protects your machine from freezing up. It also allows for consistency control. One of the advantages of this model is that it comes with a two-year parts warranty. So, in the event that the compressor malfunctions, consult with the manufacturer.

Great for commercial applications, this full-size slush machine may be an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a large-capacity frozen margarita machine that can serve a big crowd. A full-sized commercial slushy machine reduces the number of times you’ll need to refill the tanks.

• Large capacity
• Offers versatility for a range of drinks you can make
• Reduces the number of times you’ll need to refill the tanks
• Easy to use
• Comes with a 2-year parts warranty
• Takes longer to freeze
• Expensive

BRAVO ITALIA Slushie Machine – Best Double Bowl

BRAVO ITALIA Slushie Machine

Another great twin tank option may be the BRAVO ITALIA Slushie Machine. Many slushy machines don’t have fill marks on their tanks or bowls. And I know it’s easy to tell when a tank or bowl is full, but it is handy to determine when it has reached its maximum capacity.

Unlike other slush machines, this one features a fill line on the bowls. And while it may sound like a minor feature, it is really incredibly useful in knowing how much mix to eventually put into the tanks.

In comparison to other slushy machines, this 800-watt slushy maker is also powerful, yet incredibly compact. These are two features that are rare to find in small machines.

Another perk that I appreciate about this machine is that it won’t require much effort from you in terms of cleaning. It’s designed with easy-to-remove and clean tanks and its machine is also quite small, so no more worries about it being too filthy.

• Powerful motor
• Comes with fill marks/lines
• Easy to use
• Easy to clean and maintain
• A user finds the machine hard to operate

Nostalgia RSM650COKE Slush Drink Maker – Best Compact

Nostalgia RSM650COKE Slush Drink Maker

The Nostalgia RSM650COKE Slush Drink Maker, on the other hand, can only produce 32 ounces of slushy beverages. If you’re looking for the best compact slush maker, you may consider this bright red model that would surely look good in a commercial setting.

Just to be clear, it is not intended solely for the soda brand. I assume the design is more focused on instilling a nostalgic vibe (hence the brand name). And I also think it would make a great statement piece on your kitchen counter. With a single click, this machine makes a range of delicious frozen beverages. 

Aside from being portable, it is also simple to work with, clean, and upkeep. It comes with a removable cup rest and drip tray, and you can detach the tank from the base for easy cleaning. Plus, the convenient cord allows hassle-free storage.

Although it will perform decently for home use or a small business, it might be counterproductive to use this model in a larger setting. Also, it lacks the variety of options found in other slushie machines. You can’t even adjust the temperatures.

This compact machine also doesn’t have other useful features that allow you to opt for the types of frozen drinks that you can make with the machine. But overall, it may still be worth considering, especially if you’re a beginner in the world of slush making.

• Compact size
• Great statement piece
• Easy to use, clean, and store
• Not suitable for a larger commercial setting
• Lacks other useful features

Things To Consider in Choosing the Best Commercial Slushie Machine

A commercial slushy machine can get so expensive. So, keeping the following key considerations in mind will help ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Capacity Requirement

Each slush machine has different capacities. So, it’s crucial to determine how many liters or ounces you’ll need. If you don’t intend to serve a lot of drinks with your slushy maker and choose one with excess capacity, you could end up dumping a lot of your ingredients.

But if you get a machine that doesn’t have a capacity that’s large enough to accommodate the volume of orders you take, you’ll have to continuously refill it.

The ideal option is to seek a slush machine with enough capacity to meet your demands, but not excessively large that you end up wasting your ingredients. Plus, large machines can be hard to store and take up ample space.


Heavy-duty slushy machines are used in commercial establishments. So, what does this say? No matter how the manufacturer characterizes the machine, if it’s not sturdy, you’re better off without it. I suggest that you check if the tanks or bowls are constructed of durable plastic or if they were built poorly.

You would want a machine that’s crafted from durable steel or another robust material. The rule of thumb I follow is if it has a powerful motor with hardened plastic tanks and a base built of sturdy metal, it should work well for your business.


Wattage is the driving force of your slush machine. It’s the amount of power required to run a machine. This means the more the wattage, the more powerful your machine will be.

A commercial slushy machine must be powerful to do its job, otherwise, it may just break down in the process. I suggest that you get a slushy machine for commercial use if it consumes 300 watts at the very least. But again, the higher, the better.

Ease of Use

Unless you have all the time in the world to learn how to use your new slush machine, you should go for one that’s easy to work with. It’s understandable that you’ll need to figure things out when setting up your new machine. And this is where a user’s manual comes in handy.

Ease of Cleaning and Upkeep

You can’t make sweet-tasting frozen or slushy drinks and smoothies without sugar. And when sugar solidifies and dries, it can make cleaning a hard process. Sugar can ferment when it dries out and exposes a perfect opportunity for molds to grow.

When choosing a slushy machine, consider how easy it will be to clean and maintain the machine after each use. And this is particularly important if you want to use it frequently.

What Types of Products Are You Serving?

When it comes to such machines, not all are created equal. Some models are designed specifically to make slush drinks. And others specialize in creating frozen beverages.

When picking your slush machine, you need to decide on the type of product you will be making with it. Let’s say, you want to serve both slush drinks and smoothies. Then you definitely need to buy a machine that can produce both drinks efficiently.

However, if you intend to serve several types of products (more on this later), you may still need a machine that can create both smoothies and slush drinks.

Where Do You Intend To Use It?

Setting up your slush machine outdoors differs greatly from setting one up indoors. With an outdoor slush machine, you’ll have to contend with a variety of factors. You will have to come to terms with heat and humidity levels that you might not see with an indoor setup.

This might have a significant effect on the quality of the products you serve from it. Your beverages can lose their thickness or won’t be as frosty as they should be.

If you want to set up your slush machine outside, you will want to opt for one that you can easily clean. This is important since the amounts of sugar used in most frozen drinks can lure flies and other insects if not cleaned promptly.

Identify Your Customers

Another factor you must think about is the demographic that your machine will serve. If you only intend to make drinks for our family, obviously you’ll want something compact and portable. But for commercial use, you’ll want something with a large capacity and a sturdy motor.

ADA Compliant

It’s also important to consider who will be the main user of the machine.  If you’re considering self-service equipment in front of your house, make sure it can accept all of your potential customers. You can simply achieve this by getting a machine that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Luckily, most ADA compliance machines include extra-long dispenser handles that allow for easier use. And they are more user-friendly.

Refrigeration System

Certain slush machines feature an in-built cooling mechanism. Others rely on ice or salt to keep them chilled for extended periods of time. I suggest you opt for a machine that has an integrated cooling system to keep things simple.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems ensure that your drinks are clean. By eliminating contaminants from the water, it will be safe for consumption with a pleasant flavor. They can also help expand the life of your machine. It does this by regularly reducing cysts, sediments, and scale from blocking interior functioning.

Choosing a machine with a water filtration feature also makes your drinks clearer. Which results in colorful, delicious-looking drinks.

Products You Can Serve With a Commercial Slushie Machine

Aside from slush drinks, there’s more you can do with a good commercial slush machine. This means you’ll have the option to diversify the scope of what you sell and fit different taste buds.

Traditional Slushies or Granitas

Traditional slushies or granitas are a mixture of water, sugar, ice, and flavored syrup. You can create drinks faster by putting your concoction in a walk-in so it won’t have to chill the liquid before it freezes.

Also, the more sugar you put, the shorter the freezing time. But not enough sugar results in a coarser drink due to bigger ice crystals. This may cause your machine to freeze. which is why it’s crucial to play with the water-to-sugar ratio to make sure that your machine can run smoothly and produce delicious drinks.

Frozen Cocktails

Certain models can handle alcoholic drinks like frozen cocktails. But even so, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your local food service regulations, since some places do not permit you to pump liquor into the machine. And because alcohol slows the freezing process, you could end up with fewer slushy drinks each hour.

Also, it would be a  good idea to actually read the user’s guide to make sure making frozen cocktails won’t require special maintenance.

Do you want to serve frozen cocktails but without pouring liquor in the machine? Well, you can try a neutral base granita. And as you dispense drinks from the tank, you can add any liquor flavor you like and blend it with a stirrer.


Some machines are authorized to deliver dairy-based beverages. However, you need to always clean them thoroughly. You can refer to the user’s manual to see if your equipment is suitable for serving dairy.

Types of Slushie Machines

Do you know there are several sorts of slush machines? Have a look at the following options to help you pick the best type of machine for your business.

Liquid Auto Fill Slushy Machine

These machines have a reservoir to contain liquid product mixture and an automated refilling system for the main bowl. They require an external pump to obtain water that takes up more room and costs more to set up. But these machines can save you or your staff time when it comes to refilling the tank.

Powdered Auto Fill Slushy Machine

This type of slush machine includes a reservoir that holds the powdered ingredient. Then, it automatically mixes it with water. Such a machine also requires a continuous pump for water to function properly.

Standard Pourover Slushy Machine

These machines require manual refilling. They have a reservoir where you pour the syrup and water into and create the slush. Once the reservoir reaches halfway, you’ll have to refill it with syrup and water.

Standard pour-over slushy machines are inexpensive. The downside is that they take longer to make slushies as you need to manually blend the syrup and water.

Frozen Cocktail Machine

These machines are also common. And they are easy to use. They are designed to compensate for the influence of alcohol on your final product’s temperature and consistency.

Best Commercial Slush Machine FAQs

What is a slushie machine?

Slushie or slushy machines are used to make flavored and sometimes colored pulverized ice beverages. It shares the same purpose as a blender. But a typical alcohol drink maker will require you to feed ice-cubes into it to be crushed, shaved, or pulverized. And a slushie machine creates the chilly slush from scratch using water.

Are slush machines profitable?

Selling slushy drinks can be incredibly profitable. You can either turn it into your main source of income or you can include it in your current menu. It’s worth noting that having the necessary equipment is critical to maximizing your profits.

How do commercial slush machines work?

A commercial slush machine works by converting a refrigerant from a liquid to a gas in the evaporator. It’s an endothermic process. Which means that the refrigerant soaks up the heat surrounding it, causing the slush machine to become chilly.

Can you put alcohol in a slush machine?

Of course. Just be sure you add it gradually and taste your concoction. This way, you’ll be able to decide if you’d want to pour a bit less or more alcohol.

Why do you put salt in slushies?

The reason you put salt in your slushies is so your drink doesn’t reach its melting point. When you put salt in ice cubes, they stay frozen for a longer period of time.

How often should you clean a slushy machine?

Your slush machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and the seals lubricated once a week, or every 500 drinks. Proper maintenance and cleaning can extend your machine’s lifespan. Plus, you wouldn’t want a sticky and dirty machine on display.


Since you’ve made it this far, I do hope that you’ve found this article helpful in finding the best commercial slush machine for your business. I also hope that getting to know each of the machines I’ve discussed above will inspire you to make the most colorful, refreshing, and thirst-quenching frozen drinks in town. Good luck!