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When looking for the best electric saucepan, some of the most important factors to consider are durability, features, and size. To help you shop, I’ve rounded up some of the best electric saucepans on the market. I’ve also put together a handy buying guide to ensure you’re only looking at the best options.

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The simple convenience of electric saucepans can make a difference in the way you prepare your food. Some people already having a complete set of cookware at home may not consider it to be a culinary staple. But for many home cooks, it is a very handy cooking appliance.

Electric saucepans are incredibly portable. And they have the potential to reach very hot temperatures while still remaining low enough, keeping your food heated without overcooking it.

Electric Saucepans vs. Cookware for Electric Stove

When most people think about cookware, they think of a typical pot or pan that you could use at home on a stovetop that uses either electricity or gas. What’s different about electric saucepans is that they have an integrated heating element that you can plug in directly, without the requirement to use a separate stove. If you’re looking for regular cookware for an electric stove or electrical coil stove, check out our separate article here.

Electric saucepans are typically used for making what it’s named for: sauces. But not just that; you can also use them to make small batches of various soups, stews, and broths. As well as delicacies such as custard. They are also wonderful for thickening sauces or dishes like risotto.

Whether you need to make small dishes, keep food warm, or simply don’t want to turn on your stove, you need the right electric saucepan. That being said, here are my top picks!

My Top Picks: Best Electric Saucepan

Best OverallDezin Electric Hot PotDezin Electric Hot Pot– 150 to 600 watts
– 1.5-liter capacity
– Non-stick cooking surface
– Overheating protection
– Boil dry protection
– Comes with an egg rack
– Comes with a silicone turner spatula
– Available in green and purple
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Best PowerPresto 06006 Kitchen Multi-CookerPresto 06006 Kitchen Multi-Cooker– 1200 watts
– 5-quart capacity
– Heavy cast aluminum base
– Comes with a basket hook
– Dishwasher-safe tempered glass cover
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Best FeaturesKaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot PotKaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot Pot– 600 watts
– 1.5-liter capacity
– Intuitive intelligent control
– Non-stick liner and pan
– Overheating protection
– Anti-drying protection
– Available in green and white
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Good OptionsMirsmo Electric Hot PotMirsmo Electric Hot Pot– 400 and 800-watt power rates
– 1.5-liter capacity
– Has a non-stick coating
– Non-slip feet
– Waterproof design
– Overheating protection
– Boil dry protection
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Roadpro RPSP225NS SaucepanRoadpro RPSP225NS Saucepan– 180 watts
– 2-quart capacity
– Non-stick surface
– Non-slip feet
– Suitable for warming only
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Dezin Electric Hot Pot – Best Overall

Dezin Electric Hot Pot

The Dezin Electric Hot Pot may be small, but it packs a punch. If you have a small family or need to make meals for two, this 1.5-liter capacity electric cooker might be perfect. It’s also very adorable and would make a nice present for friends who live in a tiny abode.

This model features a food-grade non-stick coating, making it a safe option for preparing and sauteeing a variety of meals like steaks, chicken, ramen, and a lot more. It’s also equipped with overheating and boil dry protection for safer use.

With a power adjustment feature from 150 to 600 watts, you can easily set it to your ideal cooking power. Adjusting the temperature to 600 watts allows for quicker heating and more efficient cooking.

When you purchase this pot, you will receive a free silicone turner spatula and an egg rack to round out your culinary arsenal. It’s an easy-to-use cook pot that will spare you lots of your storage space – thanks to its compact design!

• Food-grade material
• Adjustable power
• Easy to use and clean
• Adorable and compact design
• Some users encounter peeling on the cooking surface

Presto 06006 Kitchen Multi-Cooker – Best Power

Presto 06006 Kitchen Multi-Cooker

Although the Presto 06006 Kitchen Multi-Cooker is essentially a kettle, you may also consider this cooker for making sauces, soups, casseroles, roast beef, cooking rice and pasta, and more. True to its name, this 1200-watt cooker gives you endless possibilities in the kitchen.

This multi-cooker allows a fast and even heat transfer, owing to its heavy duty cast aluminum base. It has a tempered glass lid that prevents spills and lets you keep an eye out for the cooking process. And with its automatic temperature regulator, you won’t have to worry about manually adjusting the heat.

The basket that comes with it allows for simple steaming and deep-frying, and it has a clamp that lets you conveniently drain your food right in the pot. I also appreciate the generosity of this pot for having a 5-quart capacity.

Another thing I like about this cooker is that it is non-stick surface and exterior, which prevents food from becoming stuck and allows for easy cleaning. You can even remove the heat control so you can thoroughly clean the whole appliance. Plus, the parts are dishwasher-safe!

One of the downsides I learned about this cooker is that it tends to get pretty hot during cooking. So, it’s best to use potholders for handling. Also, its bottom screws can get wobbly after a while, but you can easily tighten them up. Overall, I still think it’s a wonderful option for cooking on the go.

• Clean, sleek, and simple design
• Offers large capacity
• Easy to use
• Removable parts are dishwasher-safe
• Comes with a free basket
• Can get very hot while cooking
• Base can get wobbly

Kaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot Pot – Best Features

Kaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot Pot

When it comes to multiple features, the Kaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot Pot holds the top spot. This electric saucepan has an intuitive control that allows you to easily set your desired cooking setting.

Its temperature control feature provides eight levels of firepower adjustment to prepare various meals. My favorite is the appointment time function up to 9.5 hours. With this feature, you can set the time of your cooker in the evening, and you’ll have a nice hot breakfast the next morning.

In terms of durability and cleaning, this 600-watt cooker includes an FDA-approved non-stick surface and liner. Which keeps food from sticking to the surface. It has a double-hole exhaust glass lid that allows you to see the cooking process while keeping it from overflowing.

With its overheating and anti-drying protections, you can be confident that cooking with it is safe. It also sits nicely on the counter because of its exquisite design. Plus, it comes with a steaming grid and an egg rack to go along with your electric cooking arsenal.

• Comes with a wealth of features
• Easy to clean non-stick surface
• Comes with handy safety features
• Attractive design
• Gives off a bit of flimsy feel

Mirsmo Electric Hot Pot – Good Option

Mirsmo Electric Hot Pot

If you’re looking for another great electric saucepan that can cook a range of meals, the Mirsmo Electric Hot Pot would be a nice addition to your cooking appliances. This 1.5-liter capacity cooker is equipped with dual power controls at 400 and 800 watts, allowing you to create delicious meals at your fingertips.

I would also recommend this if you’re into eating healthier. It features a high-quality and safe nonstick coating. The pot has white dots that employ a fresh era of processing technologies. And this allows you to use less oil in your cooking, which is healthier. Plus, it lets you easily release the food and makes cleanup a breeze.

What I like about this electric saucepan is its unique waterproof components. And that includes the rocker switch, as well as a secure silicone waterproof cover.

Also, the bottom of the long handle has a silicone waterproof plug. Which essentially prevents the short circuit induced by water, giving you extra peace of mind when cleaning the unit.

Another feature I like is the overheating and boil-dry protection technologies, making it suitable for use in your dorm or flat. Its exterior is made of dual anti-scald material to prevent burns from coming into contact. As you can see, this cooker has a slew of handy safety features, which I think is why it made the cut.

• Food-safe coating
• Adjustable power rates
• Healthy non-stick coating
• Comes with lots of safety features
• Easy to use
• Some users find it hard to clean

Roadpro RPSP225NS Saucepan – Another Good Option

Roadpro RPSP225NS Saucepan

The Roadpro RPSP225NS Saucepan has a lower power rating of 180 watts but a slightly larger capacity than most of the other portable models on the list. If you want a convenient electric saucepan to heat up your soups and stews, this one could be one good investment.

It features a non-stick cooking surface for easy food release and cleaning, as well as a vented tempered glass cover. Also, this electric saucepan is very lightweight, but the non-slip feet help to keep it stable on your countertop as you cook.

Everything about this pan seems pretty straightforward, from the design to the use. I think the main downside is that you can only use it to warm your food. But that makes sense considering its low power rate. Which makes it impractical to use for cooking.

• Offers a slightly higher capacity than other portable models
• Comes with easy non-slip feet for added stability
• Great for heating up food
• Simple design and easy to use
• Some users find it very lightweight, which doesn’t give it a sturdy feel
• Can only be used for heating up food
• Low wattage

Things To Consider in Choosing the Best Electric Saucepan

Finding the best electric saucepan entails understanding the factors that make it ideal for your needs. Have a look at the handy buying guide below to learn more.


Electric saucepans are often made of nonstick-coated metal, such as heavy-gauge aluminum or stainless steel. Others even have non-stick coatings on the interior and exteriors. But don’t just go for non-stick saucepans, though. You need to check if it’s a heavy-duty non-stick coating to get the most out of your appliance.

Due to its high heat conductivity and ability to heat up quickly, electric saucepan bases are typically built of cast aluminum. To avoid warping, you need to verify whether or not it’s made of thick cast aluminum. High-quality stainless steel will also keep your electric saucepan’s well-designed form.


Electric saucepans have a variety of functions.

To avoid mishaps, several models may feature an overheating safeguard. They may also include boil-dry protection. Other models even include non-slip feet and waterproof construction, making it even more convenient to use. These features aren’t hard to find in electric saucepans.


Electric saucepans come in a range of sizes, but the most common are 2-3 quart saucepans. Mini versions on my list even come in 1.5-quart capacity. Saucepans are typically smaller than a stockpot or dutch oven. But they are much deeper and typically narrower than your frying pan.

Even Heat Distribution

When it comes to even heat distribution, cast aluminum wins the race. Luckily, there are many models out in the market that feature a cast aluminum bottom. And as I mentioned above, make sure it’s made of thick cast aluminum to keep your electric saucepan from warping.


The wattage of your electric saucepan powers the efficiency. Most of the models on my list have power ratings ranging from 150 to 1200 watts. These are adjustable through a dial control. And you can change it depending on the type of meal or food prep you’re making.

If you want to use your electric saucepan to prepare a variety of recipes, make sure it has an adjustable power rating.

Ease of Use

Electric saucepans are designed for ease of use. This means a non-stick feature is something you must look into. A non-stick surface makes food release easier and keeps your food from sticking on the surface.

An intuitive control knob or control panel will also make cooking more efficient. The reason we opt for electric appliances like a saucepan is that we love the convenience of simply plugging it in and having our meal ready in a matter of minutes. So, it’s always best to look for one that’s easy to use with no complex settings.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Electric saucepans that come with non-stick surfaces require non-metallic utensils. To avoid damaging and ruining the saucepan’s coating, you can use wooden or silicone tools.

For dishwasher-safe saucepans, I recommend carefully brushing off any food particles prior. You can also hand wash your saucepan to extend the life of its non-stick coating. Washing by hand is something that people might find a hassle. But it’s worth doing if you want to keep it in tip-top shape.

Electric Saucepan vs. Electric Stove

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef, deciding between an electric saucepan and an electric stovetop can be a tough decision. Although they share the same role and both don’t produce heat, they are different in many ways. And both have their own pros and cons.

You don’t need to choose one over the other, though. You can easily add an electric saucepan without having to replace your electric stove. But, for the sake of my readers’ interest, I will give you a brief comparison between the two.

Pros of Electric Saucepan:

• Versatile; can be used for preparing a wide range of meals
• Often made of aluminum and featuring a non-stick interior, which avoids the risk of burning your food
• Offers easy maintenance
• Comes with a wide range of temperature settings, allowing you to adjust it to your desired temperature
• Offers even heat distribution, which helps to evenly cook food
• Offers portability and better heat control
• Low cost
• Uses less electricity

Cons of Electric Saucepan:

• May pose hazards if not use properly
• Saucepans with non-stick coating are hard to clean and may burn your food

Pros Electric Stove:

• Easy to use
• Offer stable heat for pots and pans
• Sleek glass cooktop
• Easy to wipe clean
• Offers stable work surfaces for pots and pans

Cons of Electric Stove: 

• Requires special cookware
• Leaves fingerprints and marks
• More expensive than electric saucepans
• Uses a lot of electricity
• Requires intricate installation

Best Electric Saucepan FAQs

Is there an electric saucepan?

Yes, there is such a thing as an electric saucepan. They offer several features that make them ideal for preparing food on the go. Just like your regular stovetop saucepan, they often have a nonstick surface coated to provide even heating and to prevent food from burning.

Electric saucepans also feature a temperature control feature. This allows you to adjust the heat to your ideal temperature for the type of food that you’re making.

Are electric frying pans good?

Electric skillets are useful in a number of scenarios when cooking space and energy are limited. They also come in handy whenever you just do not want to heat up the kitchen.

The best electric skillets are excellent for show cooking, buffets, or creating large amounts when you don’t have enough cooking space or a large enough pan.

Final Verdict

My favorite is the Dezin Electric Hot Pot. And don’t even dare underestimate this small cooker. It’s easy to use and comes with adjustable power rates. This compact electric saucepan is a wonderful choice if you want to make a range of meals.

If you need one that can do it all, you may consider the Presto 06006 Kitchen Multi-Cooker. It’s multifunctional with a clean, sleek, and simple design. Out of all the products on the list, this one offers the largest capacity.

For tech-savvies, the Kaqiluo Multi-Function Electric Hot Pot could be a great choice. It’s the only saucepan on the list with eight levels of firepower adjustment to prepare various meals. And you don’t control it with a knob, but with a touch panel.

Another great option would be the Mirsmo Electric Hot Pot. This pot offers a healthier way to cook your meals. It features adjustable power rates and comes with lots of safety features.

But if you want an electric saucepan for the sole purpose of heating up your food, the Roadpro RPSP225NS Saucepan might be a nice pick. This electric saucepan offers simplicity, from its design to application.

I hope you find this helpful in finding the best electric saucepan for you. Make sure to check out the latest prices and discounts on these fantastic cookers, and I can’t wait to hear how well they work for you! Good luck!

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