The Best Milligram Scale

On the hunt for the best milligram scale, three important factors to consider are the scale’s capacity, the number of units it supports, and accuracy.

To help you shop, I’ve prepared a shortlist of the best milligram scales. Including only those with thousands of positive customer reviews on the market. And with a handy buying, you should be able to narrow down your options.

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In weighing smaller items such as pharmaceuticals, jewelry, and powder, and each milligram counts. And that’s where a digital milligram pocket scale comes in handy. Generally used to measure the smallest of items with the highest accuracy, these devices are also portable. Which means you can take one anywhere you go.

There are so many milligram scales on the market, each with its own set of functions. Certain milligram scales involve the use of conversion tools, while others don’t. But overall, the best digital milligram scale should be able to provide you with the most accurate measure. Have a look at the top milligram scales I’ve picked just for you!

Check Out My Top Picks!

Best OverallWeigh Gram Digital Pocket ScaleWeigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale– Supports multiple units
– 60-Second auto shut off
– 0.01-Gram accuracy
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Runner UpSmart Weigh Digital Milligram ScaleSmart Weigh Digital Milligram Scale– Supports multiple units
– Manual and auto shut off
– 0.01-Gram accuracy
– 50 Grams capacity
– Tare function
– 2-Year warranty
Check on Amazon
Best UpgradeAMIR Digital Kitchen ScaleAMIR Digital Kitchen Scale– Supports multiple units
– Auto shut off
– Low battery indicator
– Smart button functions
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Here Are the Best Milligram Scales

Milligram scales are compact devices that come in handy for measuring in such a small unit. With lots of options out in the market, finding the best milligram scales can get overwhelming. So, I’ve put together the top-rated milligram scales to help you narrow down your options. Have a quick read!

Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale – Best Overall

Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale

There are several other milligram scales that look like this model on the market. But the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale is among my top choices because of its affordability and reliability. And the thousands of positive customer ratings place this scale on a pedestal.

Designed with a stainless steel platform and a sturdy flip cover, this pocket scale is lightweight and portable. It allows you to measure a maximum capacity of 100g and readabilities of 0.01g. Ensuring you’re provided with accurate results and an efficient weighing experience every time.

The touch controls and large numerals are particularly handy features. These make it simple to operate and read results. This pocket scale lets you weigh in g, oz, ozt, and dwt. And its brightly-lit LCD display also makes the job easy.

• Durable parts
• Large weight capacity
• Offers easily readable results
• Multifunctional, with highly accurate results
• Budget-friendly
• Heavier items might make the top cover drop
• Some users encounter issues with the calibration

Smart Weigh Digital Milligram Scale – Runner Up

Smart Weigh Digital Milligram Scale

The Smart Weigh Digital Milligram Scale is another model that gets a lot of praise. This high-precision digital milligram scale includes all of the features (and accessories) that make it a useful tool.

It includes tweezers, two 20g calibration weights, and three weighing trays in various sizes. As well as a sturdy travel bag to keep everything together. The case is a good addition because some scales don’t have one to keep things sorted.

This device also boasts superb build quality with its superior satin plastic finish and sturdy feel construction. It features a high precision accuracy of 0.0001 g. In such a compact device, it’s multifunctional as well. It allows you to weigh items in g, oz, ct, ozt, dwt, and gn.

Aside from features like the Tare function and high contrast LCD display, this model also has an auto switch-off feature that turns off your device after 60 minutes of inactivity. Which helps you preserve battery power. But you can disable this functionality by changing the settings.

You can do so by simply deactivating it and your reading stays on the LCD display. The manual shut-off option is useful for things that are very fine and require precise measures like pharmaceuticals and powders.

• Precision sensory system
• Comes with several useful accessories
• Has a carry case storing the device and its accessories
• Multifunctional
• Comes with smart features
• Excellent construction
• Comes with two calibration weights
• Portable
• Some users say it malfunctions at times
• Small weight capacity
• Eats up battery
• Pricier than other scales on the list

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale – Best Upgrade

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

If you’re looking to upgrade from your old milligram scale, the AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale may be a fantastic option. And not only can you weigh jewelry and pharmaceuticals with this scale. Because of its wide platform, it comes in handy for weighing food.

The AMIR kitchen scale features a high-precision sensor system that provides immediate and precise results ranging from 0.05g to 500g. Such large capacity also makes this more versatile than many other models with a weight capacity of only 50g.

This scale is multifunctional and can convert measurement readings between g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in no time. It’s also user-friendly with smart button functionalities. It features a PCS function that lets you count pieces. The “T” function provides the net weight, whereas the “M” function assists you in selecting the right unit.

But there’s more to it than just those. This device will alert you if the battery is running low, if it’s overloaded, or if the surface is incorrectly positioned. Too fancy? Well, I think it should be one of the main features in every milligram scale, and that’s why this device garners the recognition it gets.

This scale comes with two trays and a protector scale. It’s budget-friendly, too!

• Minimalist, elegant design
• Multifunctional, with highly accurate results
• Smart button functionalities
• Greater capacity
• Alerts you when the device is low in battery, overloaded, or incorrectly positioned
• Budget-friendly
• Bulkier in size
• A few users say it eats batteries

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale

The Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale features a nice blend of great design, functionality, and portability in one device. But given its compact size, this device can provide exceptionally precise readings. It’s ideal for measuring small items while being portable, and can fit small pockets.

This small device can accommodate items with a maximum weight of 200 grams, while the calibration weight for the scale is 50 grams. And much like any good milligram scale, this one has an accuracy of 0.001g.  However, the required minimum weight for this device is 0.03g.

The Fuzion digital scale has a backlit LCD that clearly shows numbers on the screen for better readability. It offers adequate brightness to let you read even in low-light situations.

Aside from that, it’s multifunctional, allowing you to weigh items in oz,  gn, ct, dwt, and gram. It also includes a settings icon that may display weights in various units. Its tare button is useful for precise results in just a click.

I also like how this gadget alerts users when the battery is running low or if it is overloaded. And with an auto shut-off function, your device turns off when idle for 180 seconds.

• Has a high-precision sensor system
• Multifunctional
• Compact and sturdy design
• Auto shut-off feature saves battery
• Readily calibrated
• Offers easily readable results
• Easy to use
• Budget-friendly
• Some users find the plastic lid not very sturdy

AWS GEMINI-20 Digital Milligram Scale

AWS GEMINI-20 Digital Milligram Scale

From one of the most reputable names in weighing scales, the AWS GEMINI-20 Digital Milligram Scale could be an excellent solution for all of your weighing needs, from food to medication to powder to herbs. The first thing that strikes me about this one is its modern look with a nice silver finish. Needless to say, this scale is made of high-quality, solid materials.

The AWS milligram scale is portable, has a highly flexible size, and is suitable for carrying. With this model, you can weigh items in various units, making it ideal for a range of applications. You may also convert your reading into units like oz, g, ozt, ct, and gn.

Also, its digital LCD offers comfort when reading the digits. You can even see the screen in low-light situations — thanks to the LCD lighting!

What’s more? It also has a built-in flip cover to shield the scale from breakage. It also keeps scratches at bay. And because it’s stainless steel, cleaning this device is a breeze. This device is on the pricer side, but I think it’s still worth considering.

• Compact and portable
• Durable construction with a modern and stylish look
• Multifunctional, with high accuracy
• LCD lighting for improved reading
• Small weighing tray
• Lacks auto shut-off feature
• Some users find calibration a bit off
• Pricey

Lan Sheng Digital Scale

Lan Sheng Digital Scale

One of my favorites (and consumer’s fave, too) is the Lan Sheng Digital Scale. I like the look of it first of all. But the scale’s reliability takes the cake. It has a 200g capacity, which makes it more flexible than a standard milligram scale with only a 50g capacity.

This compact device has a solid and durable construction that will provide greater longevity. As well as various useful features which provide you with a wonderful weighing experience.

What I like about this model is that it’s waterproof. An added protective feature is the plastic shell which protects it from dust and dirt, offering a more precise reading. It also has a stainless steel scaling surface and highly sensitive sensors.

With an orange, easy-to-read LCD display, you won’t have problems reading your measurements.  This also makes for easy conversion into g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, and oz. The Lan Sheng is very easy to use with just three buttons: tare, mode, and PCS.  It also produces an audible click confirmation, which is a nice perk!

• High-precision censors
• Solid and durable construction
• Nice protective features
• Great capacity
• Offers easily readable results
• Compact design makes it easy to carry
• A few users question its accuracy

RASSE Digital Pocket Scale

RASSE Digital Pocket Scale

Another nice option for portability and accuracy could be the RASSE Digital Pocket Scale. This milligram scale offers a capacity of up to 50g, with a 0.0001g of accuracy. Suitable for use as jewelry, carat, and lab scale, this model supports g, oz, dwt ct, gn, and tl. With one click, you may weigh your items in any unit.

The RASSE digital scale features two buttons, providing you with a simple weighing interface. Its backlit LCD display will also provide readings in various units. This pocket also comes with accessories like tweezers, calibration weight, and a weighing pan.

It features a tare button that lets you weigh items that must be stored in a container, providing you with accurate results. And with the PCS function, you can count on this model for counting items on the scale. Also, you can use the hold mode to keep your readings displayed on the LCD screen.

What I like about this model is that it automatically shuts off once it becomes idle for 180 seconds. Which, again, saves battery life. Another feature I like is the flip-down cover that protects the device’s surface and keeps it clean.

I don’t know about you, but in terms of appearance, I consider it to be attractive. Plus, its pocket-friendly size makes it such a handy tool portable tool whenever you need it. And its appealing look compliments the amazing underlying functions that make it a worthwhile purchase.

• Multifunctional, with highly accurate results
• Comes with useful features
• Auto shut off features to save battery
• Easy to carry
• Offers easily readable results
• Intricate design with protective cover
• Comes with accessories
• Longer auto shut off mode
• Some users find it hard to calibration

A Buyer’s Guide Choosing the Best Milligram Scale

There are lots of milligram scales on the market. However, not all of them are trustworthy. When it comes to finding the best milligram scale, there are a few variables at play to ensure that you’re settling for the best option possible. To know more, check out the handy buying guide I’ve curated below.


Milligram scales come in a variety of capacities. The capacity of a scale is important. The reason why is because if the item you’re weighing exceeds its capacity, you’ll get an inaccurate reading.

Higher grade standard scales often have capacities ranging from 20g to 50g. But there are certain scales with substantially bigger capacities, like 100g or 300g.

Keep in mind that the scale’s total weight capacity may not include the weight of the containers and scoops. But there are certain digital scales that can add Tare weight in their capacity.

Supported Units

A lot of portable milligram scales you will see on the market can support four to six weight units. Having one of those helps with fuss-free measurement reading. This means you don’t need to convert the readings to various units when using another unit scale.

A simple scale should be capable of reading measures in ounces (oz), pounds (lbs), grains (gn), and grams (g). With a multi-functional scale, you don’t have to switch it if you need to measure weights in a frequently used but unavailable unit. Your milligram scale will convert your readings to the unit you specify.


Accuracy refers to how near the average of presented measures is to the exact weight of the object. The best milligram scale should provide you with the most accurate readings.

These scales have the most minimal accuracy range, like 0.001 or 0.01. Avoid anything above those ranges since it may provide inaccurate readings.

In addition, you must also consider the error range. Digital scales with an error range of ±0.003g are extremely accurate in comparison to anything greater.

Scale’s Versatility

Multi-functional units that support more units are the best digital milligram scales. They can measure various items like jewelry, powders, and pharmaceuticals. As well as gems and pennyweight. You can even calibrate them easily.

PCS and Tare Features

PCS and tare are two essential features you should look into. These features contribute to your scale’s high accuracy. The piece counting scale (PCS) feature allows you to count items like pins, beads, and screws.

On the other hand, the tare lets you determine the actual weight of your item. It resets the measurement to zero and subtracts the weight of the plate of your device from whatever it is that’s on it. This lets you see the actual weight of the item you’re weighing without having to do any calculation.


Calibration is an essential factor for your scale to read correctly. When your scale is idle, it must display a zero value. But if that value doesn’t appear, you must calibrate it for precise data. Also, calibrating your scale is not a complex task. But there are devices that are already calibrated if you don’t feel like calibrating your scale every time,


The best milligram scale should allow you to read numbers clearly. Most high-quality digital scales include an LCD display. With an easy-to-read screen in a range of colored backlighting options. You may choose between orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Additional Protective Parts

Protective components such as the flip cover and dust screen help in protecting your device. One of the most common is the draft shield. Which serves to keep outside factors from confusing the scale reading.

The Advantages of a Milligram Scale

Because every milligram counts when weighing small items, a milligram scale may be quite useful. There are various advantages to using this device.

Great for Measuring Small Weights

Whenever your measurement pieces do not contribute many inconsistencies to your final reading you may perform this with a regular scale. But if you wish to determine the lowest value, a milligram scale will be handy. Getting the best possible outcome is highly crucial. Especially when weighing substances or counting items.

Precise measures are essential for certain industries. These include jewelry and pharmacy. Let’s assume you’re a jeweler crafting with gems and other valuable metals. Failing to account for pieces and microscopic bits might lead to an unsatisfactory final product. A milligram scale aids in precision for these kinds of jobs.

Time-Saving Device

When working in such industries mentioned above, time is valuable. Plus, who likes wasting their precious time converting to milligrams?

Yes, you may use a calculator to convert your readings from an ordinary scale to milligrams. But they are a great inconvenience and a decrease in productivity. A milligram scale can perform this task within seconds.

Easy To Use

Milligram scales make it easy to calculate weight for smaller items.  You can view precise and clearly readable data on your device’s LCD screen. Also, these scales are often powered by lithium or alkaline batteries, making them portable and easy to use.

Resolution, Precision, and Accuracy: What Are These?

These are the three important factors that indicate if your scale is capable of doing the job. Some scales may lack one or two of these qualities, but your device should have one or two of them.


Resolution is a figure that shows how closely your scale could read to the actual weight of the object. For scales with a  resolution of 1g and a 30g item on it, it should show the weight of your item as 1g either way from its exact weight.


Precision refers to a scale’s skill to read the same measurement several times with little fluctuation. When you buy a scale, it comes with a certain level of precision. And you can maintain it with proper upkeep.


Accuracy refers to how close the average of presented readings is to the real weight of your item. So, if your scale reveals that the 20 lb reference weight weighs 20.10 lb on average, it would be safe to say that the device’s accuracy is within 0.10 lb in 20 lb or 0.1 percent.

How To Properly Calibrate Milligram Scale

What is calibration? And why is it important? Calibration is the practice of establishing a quantitative comparison between the actual reading of your scale and the reading provided by a reference weight.

It’s important that you calibrate your scale as soon as you unbox it because external influences like mechanical shocks and other unsafe elements may deteriorate your scale faster than you think. You need to also consider the usual cycle of wear and tear. You must perform the calibration on a regular basis.

Simply put, if you want to acquire precise readings and avoid devolving the operation into guesswork, you must calibrate your scale. You may follow my step-by-step guide below:

Step 1 – Switch on your milligram scale.

To calibrate, you must first turn on your scale. Obviously, if your scale is switched off, you cannot calibrate it.

Step 2 – Wait until the scale is fully activated before using it.

It may take some time for your scale to activate. At that point, you will see “0.000g” displayed on the LCD. If the device isn’t displaying the mentioned reading you can restart it.

Step 3 – Press and hold the mode button.

On your scale, you’ll see a mode key for adjusting the scale’s operating modes. Continue to hold the button down. On the monitor, you will read the word “CAL.” It’s an abbreviation for calibrating, meaning that the scale is currently in the calibration stage.

Step 4- Use the calibration weight.

Each scale comes with a calibration weight. This allows you to calibrate the scale yourself. How you do it is you add the weight that comes with the scale. It’s essential to use calibrated weights because they are more exact and accurate. And anything else could cause your scale to be improperly calibrated.

Step 5 – Wait until the word “PASS” appears on the screen.

You’ll read the word “pass” once the calibration process is complete. At this point, you can now take the weight out of the weighing pan.

Step 6 – Press the mode button.

To return to normal mode after lifting the calibrate weight, hit the mode button. Your milligram scale has been completely calibrated so it’s now ready to use.

Best Milligram Scale FAQs

Can you weigh milligrams?

In the metric system, a milligram is a very small unit of measurement. It’s meant for measuring certain tiny items. A milligram also involves the use of high-precision sensors.

How do you read a milligram scale?

When reading a milligram on your scale, consider that you are calculating values smaller than a gram and must conduct an exact conversion. 0.001 grams equal to 1 milligram, 0.01 grams is equal to 10 milligrams, and 0.1 grams is equal to 100 milligrams.

It’s an extremely important step. And you would not want to take a higher quantity than intended.

Why does my scale give me different numbers?

When the scale is initialized, the internal components are reset. This enables the scale to identify the right 0 weight and provide reliable readings. Unless you move your scale and don’t calibrate it, you will most likely notice weight variations.

How do you accurately measure milligrams?

Measuring becomes easier with the best milligram scale. When weighing a pharmaceutical, for example, you must first calibrate your scale.

You can do so by placing the weighing tray on the scale and pressing the “calibrate” button. This will reset the scale to zero so the weight of the plate is subtracted from the weight of the pill on the scale. You can always refer to your device manual for instructions.

Then, slowly pour the pill into the weighing tray until you see that it corresponds to your intended dose. You can even close the cover for a more accurate reading. Finally, gently gather the medication by using a capsule to scoop it up.

Are milligram scales accurate?

Many scales have an accuracy of 0.001 grams. It’s logical to say that this milligram is one of the most precise scales available. With such precision, its 50g capacity helps you weigh in larger quantities.

What is a lab scale?

A LAB scale is a high-precision analytical scale that can weigh up to 220 grams. The big LCD touch screen is a unique feature of many LAB scales. A LAB scale can do piece counting, percentage weighing, and density determination, among other things.

What is DWT on a scale?

A pennyweight (dwt) is a unit of mass equating to 24 grains, 1/20 troy ounces, 1/240 troy pounds, and 1.55517384 grams. The unit is abbreviated dwt, with the letter d standing for denarius. Which is an ancient Roman coin that was subsequently adopted as the sign for an old British penny.

How much does an mg scale cost?

Many milligram scales come in good price points. The cheapest one on my list cost only $10. While the more expensive ones might run from $30 to $50 or more.

Wrap Up

My top picks (and what most users favor) are the Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale and the Smart Weigh Digital Milligram Scale. Both are easy to use, multifunctional with highly accurate results, and come with smart features. Except that the latter is pricier, which is why the Weigh Gram one has my vote as my number one.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your old scale with a smaller platform, the AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale could be a wonderful choice. I like its minimalist and elegant design while being multifunctional. Its smart button functionalities also stood out. Plus, it has a greater capacity, and is budget-friendly, too!

All of the scales on my list are battery-operated and come with warranties. I hope you’ve found the best milligram scale through my recommended products. And if not, consider the buying guide I’ve curated to help you find the ideal scale that will suit your demands and budget.

Don’t forget to check the latest prices and discounts on these reliable milligram scales. And let me know how they work out for you — I’d love to hear that, too! Good luck!

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