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If you’re in the market for the best truffle oil, you should look into the various types, as well as the quality of the ingredients used. To help you shop, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best truffle oils, as rated by chefs and home cooks. I’ve also included a handy buying guide to further help you narrow down your options.

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Truffle oil can upgrade your home-cooked meals to restaurant-quality dishes. It’s recognized for its amazing earthy flavor and aroma, which complement any food you prepare. These bottles of gold oils are made with extra-virgin olive oil that contains white or black truffle flavor. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both. 

The best truffle oils are typically used as a finishing oil instead of cooking since exposing them to heat destroys their flavor. Whether you’re looking for a finishing touch for your pasta, salads, pizza, or popcorn, drizzling a nice amount of truffle oil can enhance your food.

While there’s a growing number of varieties of truffle oils available, it can be hard to tell if the product you’re getting is of high quality.

In this article, I’ll talk you through the best truffle oil brands on the market. But before we get into the reviews, let me talk about truffle oil and how it’s made.

What Is Truffle Oil?

First, let’s talk about truffles, the spores. Truffles are edible fungus, but unlike mushrooms, they grow underneath close to the roots of trees. They are naturally growing fungi that can’t be farmed.

The best truffles are outrageously expensive, though. This is why for those of us who love it, grabbing a bottle of good truffle oil will be a more affordable solution.

Truffle oil is a modern cooking ingredient that adds the flavor and aroma of truffles to dishes. Truffle is a flavor sensation like nothing else. It’s umami and earthy, with notes of garlic and an inherent nuttiness.

Some characterize their scent as musky, earthy, spicy, or even sensual, yet none of these words fully explain the odor. Once you’ve sniffed it, you’re going to want to smell it again.

How Is It Made?

Truffle oil is essentially truffle-infused oil made with a high-quality base oil like olive oil, sunflower oil, or even grapeseed oil. The base oil absorbs the truffle’s inherent flavor. And the type of truffles infused into the base oil determines if it is white or black.

The scent is the first thing you will sense once you open a bottle of truffle oil, and this is how you know it’s made from real truffles. If you don’t smell truffle but do smell olive oil, you’ve bought counterfeit oil.

Health Benefits of Truffle Oil

Like its olive oil ingredient, truffle oil is also a healthy oil. It is rich in polyphenols, which are a vital component that helps battle combat several illnesses. Here are some of the many ways truffle oil can get you into a healthier diet.

Reduces Inflammation

Since truffle oils are typically made with olive oil, the oil can be high in oleocanthal. It’s a phenylethanoid or natural phenolic compound present in extra-virgin olive oil. This compound contains anti-inflammatory properties. Which makes truffle oils an amazing way to help your body fight inflammation.

Improves Mental Focus

Truffle oils are mostly made up of good fat, which has been proven to improve brain function. The oil has the ability to alleviate inflammation in the brain. As well as improve the process through which your body eliminates intracellular waste.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

As I’ve mentioned earlier, truffle oil includes a high level of polyphenols due to its olive oil base. This micronutrient was proven to be extremely good for your cardiovascular health. Polyphenols, in addition to reducing oxidative and cellular damage in the heart, can reduce the risk of chronic heart disease.

Encourages Weight Loss

Since the fat present in truffle oils is thought to be a healthy fat, which means it can be beneficial to your weight loss goals. Also, the unsaturated fats in them might help to minimize your cravings.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Truffle oils contain high levels of vitamin E. Which has been reported to slow the effects of skin aging and keep it supple. Also, vitamin E can help to avoid skin conditions including acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Aside from keeping your skin healthy, it can also fight your body to fight cancer. It helps slow down the development of cancer cells.

My Top Choices for the Best Truffle Oil

ImageProductVolumeKey FeaturesPrice
La Tourangelle White Truffle OilLa Tourangelle White Truffle Oil8.5 fl oz– Has complex notes of wood, earth, and fruit
– Vegan, certified Kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free
Check price
TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Gift SetTruffleHunter Truffle Oil Gift Set(3) 3.38 fl oz– Comes in a set of black, white, and English truffle oils- Black truffle oil has intense earthy aroma
– White truffle oil lends a nice garlic aroma
– English truffle oil adds a deliciously earthy aroma with a smooth and nutty finish
– Vegan, certified Kosher and gluten-free
Check price
TruffleHunter White Truffle OilTruffleHunter White Truffle Oil8.45 fl oz– Imparts delicate aroma and flavor
– Vegan and certified Kosher
Check price
D'allesandro Gourmet White Truffle OilD’allesandro Gourmet White Truffle Oil8 fl oz– Adds bold and slightly floral flavor
– Certified Kosher
Check price
Urbani Truffle Italian White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive OiUrbani Truffle Italian White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oi3.38 fl oz– Adds a strong aroma and flavor
– Has actual truffle pieces in the bottle
– USDA organic, made in Italy
Check price
TRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot SauceTRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce6 fl oz– Gourmet hot sauce imparts a spicy and savory flavor
– Vegan and gluten-free
Check price
Roland Foods Black Truffle OilRoland Foods Black Truffle Oil3.4 fl oz– Lends an intense, earthy flavor
– Contains tiny bits of summer truffle
– Vegan and gluten-free
Check price

The Best Truffle Oils

Can’t wait to drizzle your food with the sparkling goodness of truffle oil?

Here are some of the best truffle oil brands, which are rich in earthy savory flavor. These truffle oils are a good way to upgrade your homemade risotto, vinaigrette, popcorn, or even soup. I’ve also included a spicy truffle oil-infused hot sauce that I’m sure you’ll appreciate!

La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil

La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil

Best for drizzling over pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and more, the La Tourangelle White Truffle Oil imparts an intense, deep earthy flavor to any food. The rich flavors of woods, earth, and fruit in this white truffle oil are typical of the Italian white alba truffle.

Due to the high quality of its ingredients, one of the reviews I’ve come across from a chef at a top fine dining restaurant in NYC even gave this truffle oil his stamp of approval. The aroma is wonderful, and the base oil is precisely balanced, which brings out the truffle’s unique aroma.

One of the downsides some users pointed out is the design of the cap of the bottle. The oil tends to drip into the cap’s top as you pour. And, since 8 ounces isn’t a huge bottle, I don’t think you wouldn’t mind wasting any oil.

• High-quality ingredients
• More affordable than other truffle oil brands in smaller sizes
• Poor cap design
• Some users find the flavor too mild for their liking

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Gift Set

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Gift Set

Getting a set of good truffle oils with varying flavors can give you endless possibilities in the kitchen. The TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Gift Set comes in three delicious truffle oils including white, English, and black truffle oils.

The black truffle oil is infused with extra virgin olive oil and has a strong earthy aroma. Its white truffle oil is also infused with the same base oil that gives any food a rich garlic aroma. However, the English truffle oil is made with cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed (canola) oil. It features an earthy aroma with a smooth, nutty finish.

Some consumers love drizzling the oils over their pan-fried salmon. The oils also complement pan-fried rib-eye for a more complex and tasty steak.

However, you might find the pouring spout is a bit larger than you’d like it to be. As a result, dispensing a few drops may be tricky. Also, the spout will cause some oil to spill down the side of the container. Some users also find the pungent smell a bit overwhelming.

• Offers great value for money
• Comes in three different flavors
• Great as a gift set
• Pouring spout might be a bit too large
• Pungent smell might be too overwhelming

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil

Expertly blended with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, the TruffleHunter White Truffle Oil could be one of the best truffle oils you could get. It imparts a delicate aroma and flavor, which can transform your food into a restaurant-style gourmet dish.

I’ve read a few reviews where folks were dissatisfied with the flavor. Well, the truffle oil is definitely flavorful—with a strong and smoky flavor. But if you can stomach sesame oil, I believe you will be able to take this truffle oil. I think it’s even milder than sesame oil.

I recommend that you don’t use too much of this oil if you find it too robust. A little goes a long way with this one.

While some users complain about the too robust flavor, others find it too mild for their liking. According to a review I’ve come across, this truffle smells aromatic but lacks a robust truffle flavor. The bottle might also be a little expensive given its volume.

• Pure quality
• Great for all types of dishes
• Some find the flavor too robust, others say it’s too mild
• A bit more expensive

D’allesandro Gourmet White Truffle Oil

D'allesandro Gourmet White Truffle Oil

Here’s yet another great product to pair with your pasta dishes. The D’allesandro Gourmet White Truffle Oil features a bold yet delicate floral flavor that compliments many Italian-style dishes. This truffle oil also has an alluring aroma. Which can brighten up both your kitchen and your meals.

Aside from being a finishing oil, you may also drizzle a good amount of this golden deliciousness at the finish of your cooking. This adds to more flavorful and savory food. To some users, it is by far the best truffle oil you could get, having high notes of truffle.

However, like many other bottles of truffle oil, this one does not come with a pour spout. This can make it tricky to dispense the quantity you need.

• Affordable
• Great for a range of Italian-style dishes
• Tricky for drizzling due to lack of pour spout

Urbani Truffle Italian White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Urbani Truffle Italian White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oi

The Urbani Truffle Italian White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of my personal favorites because it has the most defining feature of good truffle oil: truffle chunks in the bottle. It’s made with high-quality olive oil and real white truffle pieces. It contains no chemicals, which means you’re getting an all-natural product.

This truffle oil has an excellent and long-lasting flavor and adds complexity to your cuisine. This truffle oil has an excellent and long-lasting flavor and adds complexity to your cuisine. The flavor is so authentic that any true connoisseur will love the notes of truffle.

Also, this wonderful white truffle oil contains over 200 polyphenols. Due to the high levels of antioxidant properties, drizzling the oil over your meals can slow down your body’s aging process.

The bottle is a bit expensive, though. But I think it is worth the splurge since you’re getting a premium quality truffle oil that beats many other brands in terms of authenticity. Plus, it comes in beautiful protective packaging.

• All-natural; has actual white truffle pieces
• Nutritious
• Comes in a beautiful, protective packaging
• Expensive

TRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce

TRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce

I say black truffles simply enhance everything, particularly when infused with spicy sauce. If you want to spice things up a little bit, then you may want to check out the TRUFF Original Black Truffle Hot Sauce. This black truffle-infused hot sauce earns a spot on my list despite its variation from your typical truffle oil.

This bottle of spice offers a combination of ripe chili peppers, black truffle, savory spices, and a hint of natural agave nectar for an umami-packed experience.

If you’re into spicy foods, you’ll fall in love with them. This truffle hot sauce has a milder flavor, though it’s packed with umami flavor, which is something I prefer. I think that the sweetness of the agave nectar mutes it a little, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

You can always build up the heat by consuming large amounts. But for folks who like mildly spicy flavors, you can expect to enjoy your food with this truffle hot sauce without the burning explosion in your tongue.

And, If you want to find your intense spice from cooking with chilis instead of adding sauce and rely on hot sauce for complex flavor, I think this is a terrific product trick to use.

But the fun doesn’t end in the flavor. Many of those who tried it praised the sleek bottle, obsidian cap, and crisp label design. This spicy sauce is delicious as a drizzle topping, a dipping, or an addition to soups as well as other sauces.

• Has the perfect combination of ingredients
• Mildly spicy and packed with umami flavor
• Affordable
• Sleek bottle
• Some don’t like the sweetness of the sauce

Roland Foods Black Truffle Oil

Roland Foods Black Truffle Oil

The Roland Foods Black Truffle Oil is probably the most affordable product I’ve looked at, but it doesn’t fall behind its rivals at all. Made with authentic Italian ingredients, this truffle oil is a favorite among professional chefs.

If you’re into making European-based recipes like Italian pizza and spaghetti, this truffle oil is sure to enhance the overall flavor of your food. It also goes nicely with fried foods including potatoes, pork, and veggies.

Besides the black truffle extract, it also contains tiny bits of summer truffle, which is something that many products lack. With just a few drops, you can have a really aromatic food due to its powerful earthy flavor. If you find it a bit too robust though, you can add dilute with more olive oil.

In addition, this shiny, golden Italian truffle oil adds flare to your meal while imparting a rich taste and aroma.

Some users find the bottle size small, but that’s likely what comes with the lower price tag. I still think it’s one of the most affordable yet high-quality truffle oils you could get.

• Contains black truffle pieces
• Made with authentic Italian ingredients
• Great for a range of dishes
• Affordable
• Some users find the taste slightly synthetic

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Truffle Oil

Before getting a bottle of this golden oil, you need first understand the two types of truffle oil. And since all truffle oils are not the same, the ingredients list is also a crucial factor to consider. I’ll go over these and other points below.

Type: Black Truffle vs White Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is available in black and white. Both types of truffles grow at various seasons. While each has its own unique flavor, I think they are equally good. Both these oils’ flavors are very divisive, though. Some consumers love the flavor, while others despise it.

Black truffle oil adds a deeper, bolder, and more pungent flavor to food. White truffle oil, on the other hand, imparts a more delicate flavor. The latter tastes more garlicky to peppery, while black truffle oil tastes earthy.

Since black truffle oil has a stronger flavor, you can add them to sauces when you cook with it. You may also incorporate it with vinaigrette or drizzle it over other dishes. With w white truffle oil, its mild peppery and garlicky flavor goes well with rabbit meat, skinned fish, or shellfish.

Whichever way you choose to use each type of oil, both make for a great addition to a wide range of foods like potatoes, risotto, pasta or noodles, pizza, deviled eggs, and many more.


The ingredients in your truffle oil are important since a lot of products in the market contain additives. Some of them are made with real truffle extract. While others, unfortunately, are made with artificial truffle flavor. Going for oil with real truffles will be more expensive, but it’s worth the splurge for a more authentic flavor.


When it comes to quality, going for a cold-pressed virgin olive oil infused with truffle or truffle extract will be your best option. Infusing truffles in olive oil is the most common method of producing high-quality truffle oil that is also super flavorful.

You must double-check the authenticity of the oil, and if it is chemical-free. Most brands would resist using additives and colors. As well as artificial flavors. These manufacturers aim to provide pure-quality truffle oil.

Oil Base

Truffle oils are produced by combining truffle extract with oil as the base. As a result, it is crucial to understand what type of base oil you want.

To enhance the scent and flavor of truffles, you can opt for flavorless oils such as canola and grapeseed, which are more affordable. Cold-pressed or extra virgin olive oil is also another wonderful oil base since it retains the flavor and scent of the truffle oil for a lot longer.

Nutrition Facts

A savvy shopper takes time to read the back label. You should consider the nutrition facts of your truffle oil to ensure that it is suitable for your dietary preferences.


Gluten-free truffle oil provides several health advantages while maintaining flavor and aroma. You must also look into truffle oils with zero trans fat and are non-GMO.

How To Properly Use Truffle Oil

Truffle oils are finishing oils used to dress and decorate foods rather than to cook them. The reason for this is because they have a low smoke point and their flavor degrades fast when exposed to high heat. To get the full flavor of your truffle oil, you need to drizzle it shortly before serving.

And since truffle oil has a particular flavor, you should use it carefully in your dishes or it may overpower your food. You can drizzle a small quantity at the end of your cooking. One thing you shouldn’t do is use it as a substitute for your regular cooking oil since high heat destroys its flavor.

Best Truffle Oil FAQs

Which truffle oils are the best?

The best truffle oils should be made with all-natural ingredients with no toxic chemicals. Premium truffle oils contain truffle bits at the bottom of the bottle. They also have a unique truffle taste.

Is truffle oil the same as truffle olive oil?

Still-used olive oil has almost no taste. So, the finished truffle oil tastes just slightly different from olives. But the reason behind the variation in flavor is because it lends additional complexity to truffle oils that are weaker in flavor.

White truffle-infused olive oil has a refined taste that is ideal for cooking. Whenever you start trying out recipes with truffle oil, keep in mind that it is best to use it as a finishing oil.

Are there any real truffle oils?

Yes. Real truffle oil is made from high-quality olive oil that has been thoroughly infused with truffle particles to provide the oil with its unique flavors.

How do you choose truffle oil?

The best way to know if truffle oil is good is to check the ingredient list and check for any reference to real truffles. As well as any chemical additives. Anything labeled with “natural truffle aroma” or “truffle flavor” should be your last option.

Do chefs use truffle oil?

Although many chefs hesitate to use commercial truffle oil in any way, others think you can use it in moderation.

Is white or black truffle oil better?

White truffle oil, generally, is preferable for light and creamy meals. Black truffle oil is excellent for heavier and thicker foods. Whatever you pick, you must use truffle oil carefully, or else it can overpower your food instead of enhancing its flavor.

How long can truffle oil last?

If stored in the fridge, truffle oil will normally survive for around 8 months after it’s been opened. While the oil can get cloudy or hardened, it won’t have any impact on the quality or flavor.  Bringing the truffle oil to room temperature will revert it to its regular texture and color.

Final Thoughts

Truffle oil is a versatile ingredient that you can use as a finishing oil on a variety of recipes. Chefs and home cooks alike use truffle oil not only to enhance and complement the flavor of meals but also to bring a deep earthy flavor and scent to non-truffle dishes.

If you haven’t tried truffle oil yet, now is the time. And I hope my recommendations helped you find the best truffle oils.

Make sure to update me on how your dishes turn out using these products—I’d love to hear how this, too! Good luck!

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