The Best Thin Waffle Maker

If you’re in the market for the best thin waffle maker, you may want to consider one with elaborate browning control and is easy to store and clean. A good waffle maker should allow you to achieve the doneness you desire. So, to help you shop for the right waffle maker, I’ve listed down our faves. And sets them apart from the rest of the products in the market.

Thin waffles with honey and berries

Thin or Belgian, waffles make a great snack in late evenings and picnics. And if you’re tired of eating pancakes on a daily basis, it’s a good alternative you can have in the morning. If you’re a light eater, thin waffles might be enough for you.

When I think of good, crispy, yet soft waffles, I always say they are made with love, paired with a great waffle maker. With so many models and brands, finding the best thin waffle maker in the market can be a bit of a tricky task. Below are my top picks for the best thin waffle makers. Are you ready to make your own delicious classic waffles at home?

Comparison Chart: The Best Thin Waffle Makers

Premium Choice
All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker
All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker• 7 browning levels
• Has 4 easy-to-cut sections
• 10 x 7 x 13.5 inches
• 6.57 lbs
• Stainless steel
• PFOA free 
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Best ValueChef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Traditional Waffle MakerChef’sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste / Texture Select Waffle Maker• Non-stick coating
• 5 decorative slices
• 1100 watts
• 12 x 12.75 x 5.25 inches
• 5.05 lbs
• 120V
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Also GoodCarbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle BakerCarbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker• 4-slice waffler
• 7 browning controls
• 1000 watts
• Non-stick waffle grids
• Special golden-tone buzzer
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The Difference Between Belgian Waffles and Thin Waffles

Before I begin talking about my favorites, let me differentiate thin waffles from Belgian waffles first for our curious folks here. Thin waffles are easy to determine by the shallowness of their pockets. Non-Belgian waffles, as you may call them, are usually about 0.5 inches thick. If I were to describe thin waffles, it’s the regular and old-fashioned American waffle.

Belgian waffles are puffier than thin waffles and feature deeper pockets and are usually 1.5 inches thick. have deeper grilled patterns and hold more butter, syrups, and toppings. They’re usually spongier in texture than thin waffles. If you’re on the thicker side, Belgian waffles will fill you up.

The difference between Belgian and thin waffles is distinct. And because of this, it’s almost easy to tell which one is a thin waffle maker and which one is not when you shop online. Always look at the depths of the grill. The shallower the pockets, the thinner the waffles.

The Best Thin Waffle Makers

A well-done, crispy, and thin waffle wouldn’t be without the right waffle maker. There are many brands out there that offer great prices and features. But the kind of waffle maker you’re going to buy still depends on your preferences. Check out our top picks for thin waffle makers, and decide on which one suits your baking style and needs.

All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker – Premium Choice

All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

If you’re looking for one that has that classy and unique design while still serving its purpose, the All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker might be the deal for you. I like that it has seven browning controls. This lets you customize your waffle’s goldenness. It has a steam-release feature that creates a crispy surface. To me, the best thin waffles should be light and not spongy. And if you’re like me, this could be the perfect waffler for you.

Many kitchenwares contain Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA, a synthetic and chemical compound used in non-stick pans and pots. This could raise potential health risks. The All-Clad waffle maker has a PFOA-free non-stick surface for easy slide. It also has the All-Clad logo embossed on its body to last a long time.

The size of this model isn’t practical when it comes to saving up space in your kitchen. So, if you have smaller countertops, this waffle maker may not be the best option for you. This round thin waffle maker looks good on kitchen countertops. Especially if you have an All-Clad cookware set. 

• Has adjustable 7 baking settings/browning levels
• Automatically alerts you when baking is done
• Durable and easy to clean
• Has too many setting options
• Needs bigger space for storage
• Not the cheapest in the market

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Traditional Waffle Maker – Best Value

Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Traditional Waffle Maker

If you’re bored of the usual look of your waffle and want to tweak it a bit, Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro could do the trick. I appreciate this waffler for it’s five decorative heart designs. This will surely look attractive to kids. You can even stuff each waffle with different batters to make it more fun. It has 1110 watts and makes a quick waffle breakfast as it only takes as little as 90 seconds for your waffles to cook.

I think its distinct feature is the floating top, which adjusts as your waffles bake. It makes waffles crispy and uniformly brown. This waffler always goes out of stock. A proof that many customers love the fun waffle-making sesh it offers.

This waffle maker has non-stick plates that are easy to maintain and clean up. It has a buzzer that indicates when your waffles are ready and a quick recovery feature. The product is convenient and easy to use. Just get used to the browning controls though as there are no markings on the knob. Overall, it’s excellent at making decorative pancakes; it’s heavy-duty, lightweight, and well-built.

• Makes 5 decorative waffles
• Has floating top baking plates for even baking
• Has built-in cord storage compartment for easy storage
• Has ready to cook light indicators and and waffle done buzzer
• Has light or dark selection switch
• Has 1-year limited warranty
• Price is higher
• Browning adjustment is not clear
• Non-stick coating scratches easily
• Requires careful cleanup

Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker – Good Option

Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker

Here’s another champ when it comes to perfecting a delicious thin waffle. The Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker is slightly thicker than some of the regular waffle makers around. But still makes that same regular, non-Belgian waffle we all love. Its lines and sleek stainless steel design stand out. In my observation, it’s not your typical waffle maker with a good ol’ plain design.

It features seven different temperature controls. You can easily adjust it to your browning preferences, or how done you want your waffles to come out. One feature that I appreciate about this waffler is the golden tone that beeps when your waffle is ready to eat. Carbon’s malted gourmet waffler has to be one of the prettiest and easiest to use. And mind you, it’s not the cheapest but it’s worth splurging on.

• Has 7 browning settings
• Has special “golden-tone” to alert you when baking is done
• Has sleek and unique design
• Easy storage
• Reasonable price
• The browning control slides almost too easily
• Smaller than most
• Non-stick waffle grids

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart is one of the pioneers in producing quality kitchenware and it’s been here for ages. Looking for an affordable alternative to make delicious waffles? The Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker is significantly cheaper than many of its counterparts in the market. It features five browning controls for your preferences.

This waffle maker has 850-watts, ideal for a small unit, and is strong enough to bake your favorite waffles. It has light indicators that switch on once the iron heats up, and once the waffle is ready to eat. The waffle maker has a lightweight lid that provides an even browning. This makes your waffle come out perfectly shaped and delicious.

The only downside I noticed about it is that you’ll only bake a small batch of waffles, so I would recommend it if you’re single. But it makes tasty waffles while saving up time and space. It’s lightweight and has a stainless steel exterior which looks great on any countertop. It’s safe to use and contains no bisphenol A (BPA). It also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

• Has 5 browning settings
• Heats up easily
• Has light indicators
• Saves storage space
• Low cost
• Has limited 3-year warranty
• Its small size makes only one waffle at at time
• Setting indicator is not always precise

Cucina Pro Non-Stick Waffler

Cucina Pro Non-Stick Waffler

Here’s another inexpensive option that serves its purpose without breaking the bank. The Cucina Pro Non-Stick Waffle Iron with adjustable browning control has great perks when it comes to making your own delectable homemade waffles. It belongs to the small-sized category. But I think it still makes a fairly large serving with four sections.

However, I noticed that the adjustable browning control is not as accurate, though it still gets the job done. I also appreciate its simplicity. It’s designed with a timeless stainless steel exterior and non-stick baking plates, which make it easy to clean up. Because of its size, this Cucina Pro waffle maker doesn’t eat up as much space as waffles do in your belly. It’s easy to store in an upright position with a cord wrap.

• Easy to store
• Saves up space
• Simple yet gets the job done
• Has non-stick plates for easy clean up
• Low cost
• Browning adjustment is not clear

Tutorial: How to Use Thin Waffle Maker

It’s always exciting to unbox your new waffle maker. Always ensure the unit is tightly sealed, otherwise, don’t accept it. After you’re done inspecting, it’s time to put it to the test.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use your new thin waffler.

  1. Prepare basic ingredients: eggs, flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, and oil.
  2. Mix up your batter —  you can make this from scratch. Add a few drops of vanilla essence or any essence of your choice for a flavorful aroma.
  3. Spray or brush up a light coating of cooking oil into the baking plates for an easy slide.
  4. Turn on your waffle maker and adjust it according to how brown and done you want your waffles to come out. Observe the light indicators or the beeps once it reaches optimal temperature.
  5. Start pouring your batter onto the heated waffle plates. Measure to make sure you are not spilling on the very edges, so the waffles have room to expand while it bakes.
  6. Leave the top of the waffler close. Avoid opening it unless the indicators beep or light up. As your waffle cooks, you’ll see smoke escaping through the edges of your waffle maker.
  7. Once cooked, take the done waffles out with a non-metallic utensil. Don’t use forks, metal spatulas, and knives as those will scratch the non-stick plates of your waffler.
  8. Sprinkle some powdered sugar or any toppings of your choice. Your hot, mouth-watering waffles are ready to be served.
  9. After cooking, unplug the unit and let it cool down before cleaning and storing it.

Tips: Making the Perfect Thin Waffle

Actually, I’ll take that back — there’s really no perfect waffle as we all have different tastes and preferences on how we want our waffles to come out. But just for general knowledge, a good waffle is light, airy, moist on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

Here’s how you can make it:

  • Separate eggs and beat the whites until it forms a stiff paste. Then, fold it into the batter before baking.
  • Mix a little cornstarch into your batter so as to not keep it mushy.
  • To crisp up your waffles, place them in a 250-degree oven for five minutes
  • The batter is the key to tasty waffles. Add buttermilk to achieve this.
  • Do some experiments on the amounts of batter until your waffles come out just the way you like it. You can use the same amount of batter whenever you cook with your waffle iron.

How to Clean Your Waffle Maker

First, make sure your unit is unplugged and has cooled off. Always wipe the plates with clean paper towels. If there are any baked bits on the cooking plates, gently remove them and avoid scrubbing them off with sharp and metallic utensils. Wipe excess cooking oils on the cooking plates.

I’ve made the mistake of using metallic utensils on my Teflon pan before, and boy did I regret it. You don’t want to commit the same mistake I did, right? Well, use plastic utensils and non-metallic spatulas, instead.

You can get rid of baked-on batter using a damp cloth on warm grids then close the lid. This creates steam from the cloth that softens and loosens the blobs of batters on the plates. Make sure that the grids are warm, not hot. Wipe them off or use plastic utensils and non-metallic spatulas.

With removable cooking plates, simply soak them in a sink filled with water with mild dish soap. Only use a soft sponge to remove hardened bits so as not to hurt or scratch the non-stick cooking plates. Dry them with a soft towel after washing.

Gentle care for the stainless steel exterior of your unit is also as important as the cooking plates. Clean it up with a warm, damp dishcloth or soft sponge to remove traces of cooking oils and bits. Polish it with a dry cloth. Keep in mind that using cleaning liquids can wear off the newness of your unit, so avoid using it unless stated by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide: Selecting the Right Thin Waffle Maker For You

Choosing a good thin waffle maker means selecting the one that suits your budget while serving its purpose. You probably want one that is easy to maintain, has cooking indicators, simple browning control, and more. Find out more on our handy guide for selecting the right thin waffle maker for you.


It’s important to consider your budget prior to purchasing a unit. If you want an inexpensive one that does the job and has all the features necessary for your baking needs, you can always find ones that work decently. If you have the budget, get one that’s a bang for the buck. Expensive ones tend to have more functions and features, though there are cheaper alternatives that offer the same desired result.

Easy Clean-Up

If you’re like me, keeping my kitchen and everything in it clean is an important factor. Whichever waffle maker you choose, all comes with pockets and gaps that batter just seems to always stick on. Some wafflers have options where you can pop the cooking plates and wash them in the sink.

But it’s also worth noting that the ease of clean-up and how you will care for your waffle maker depends on what type of plate material there is. Wafflers come in either cast iron, non-stick or ceramic cooking plates, so consider checking its material before deciding.

Easy Storage

Buying a big thin waffle maker is practical when serving large groups. A larger waffler is efficient as you don’t need to cook in small batches as you would with a smaller waffle maker. If you’re cooking for yourself or for a smaller group, as you’d guess, opt to a smaller waffle maker.

Bigger wafflers take up space in your countertop and are heavy. Smaller waffle makers save up space, are handy and easy to store.

Browning/Temperature Control

A waffle maker with good temperature control makes a difference in your waffles. It is one of the most important features you must look for when it comes to goldening or darkening your waffles. Generally comes in knobs, the browning control determines how golden or dark your waffles are going to be and their texture.

Some days I prefer my waffles to be a bit darker. Other times I like them medium, so the browning control is a must-have feature for me.

Cooking Indicator

Burnt waffles are a waste of delicious batter. And time. Most waffle makers have either light or sound indicators. This feature lets you know when your waffle is ready for baking and alerts you when it’s ready to eat. Many units have one indicator, while expensive ones have either more or a mix of both indicator types. Whatever your preference, choose one that works best for you.


Warranty is the most important factor you must consider when buying a new thin waffle maker.  And I can’t stress this enough. It guarantees replacements and repair of parts in case your unit suddenly stops functioning. Being meticulous about the product you’re buying is always a good thing. Ask the manufacturer whether they provide a warranty or not. Typically, it can last from one to three years from the date of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have those question marks in your head that you’re itching to find answers for but couldn’t seem to find a helpful guide. Keep reading and find out if you share the same questions as other curious minds.

Should waffles be thick or thin?

It depends on your liking. If you want your waffles to be thicker, the consistency of your batter should be full and thick as well. Think about the consistency of pancake butter or honey. A batter that’s way too thick and clumpy can cling on to your whisk, and you don’t want that. But you also wouldn’t want a batter that’s too runny; it’s almost watery. It’s all a matter of making sure you get the right consistency.

What’s the difference between a Belgian waffle and a regular waffle?

Belgian waffles are thicker than regular waffles. Belgian waffles are cooked in a waffler with deeper grid patterns than regular waffles. One of the best ways to distinguish regular ones from Belgian waffles is to look at the texture and fluffiness. 


My favorite is the All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker. This waffler automatically gets the job done by alerting you once waffles are ready. And it has more browning options to choose from. It’s a good investment as it’s durable and guarantees that professional and premium feel. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty and well-built waffler that cooks fast, then Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro could be it. Carbon’s Golden Malted Gourmet Waffle Baker may also be a good choice if you’re into the fancier side of things. It also has more browning options than others, plus, it’s lightweight and easy to use.

Tons of thin waffle makers are being sold on the market every day but it’s crucial to do research before you blow cash. I hope that this list of the best thin waffle makers with guides helps you with your buying decision. Start making your own crispy and delish thin waffles at home by checking out the latest prices and stock above. And good luck!

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