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ZLINE appliances have been in the industry for over a decade and the brand is considered to be amongst the best appliance brand in the United States. ZLINE’s wide selection of products is very stylish and has a professional look in them which can make your home have a luxurious feel.

You might have been wanting to own a ZLINE appliance but are not sure where and who makes them. Well, you are not alone. It is a valid feeling to know if the appliance you are bringing into your home is made well, especially if these are high-end and luxurious products.

ZLINE is a family-owned American brand and it is founded by Andrew Zuro. ZLINE appliances are designed in America but, Andrew Zuro and his team source the appliance parts from Germany, Italy, and the United States. The appliances are then assembled in ZLINE-owned facilities in China.

In this article, we will talk about where ZLINE manufactures its products, if its products are good, and what appliances they have in its selection.

Who Makes ZLINE Appliances

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned American brand and it was founded in 2007 by Andrew Zuro, current president of the appliance company. As the company name suggests, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath offers high-end kitchen appliances and bath fixtures for other customers.

ZLINE headquarters is located at Lake Tahoe, USA and they also have locations in Ohio, Nevada, and Tennessee.

ZLINE’s wide selection of products was inspired by the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Andre Zuro and his team wanted a luxurious experience for ZLINE’s customers without the luxury price. The company takes pride in its products and they strive to give its customers a range of luxury appliances for every home.

Where Are ZLINE Appliances Manufactured?

Where Are ZLINE Appliances Manufactured

ZLINE appliances are designed by Andrew and his team in the United States but, the parts are sourced in different parts of the world. 

According to ZLINE’s website, the appliance parts are sourced in Germany, Italy, and the United States. However, the appliances are assembled in China.

But, why do they assemble their products in China?

This is because ZLINE has manufacturing facilities in China. Most companies manufacture their products in China because of the cheap cost and labor. But, that does not mean the quality of the products will turn up bad. Most of these companies have materials and parts that are high-quality so even if they are manufactured in China, they can still sell products that are high-quality.

Are ZLINE Appliances Good?

Are ZLINE Appliances Good

ZLINE appliances are considered one of the best appliance brands in the United States. A lot of people consider ZLINE appliances good as the company provides great quality products to their customers.

All of ZLINE’s products have features that make them a nice addition to a home. They have a range of kitchen appliances and bath fixtures that you can choose from to elevate your home.

ZLINE Product Warranty

ZLINE Product Warranty

ZLINE have a warranty policy for their Italian burners that are found to be defective due to their materials or workmanship. The Italian burners have a lifetime warranty which includes a replacement for parts. Do note that brass burners naturally form patinas to protect them from corrosion and this is not covered by ZLINE’s lifetime warranty.

They also offer warranties for parts and services depending on the product. ZLINE’s warranty policy includes:

– 1-year parts and services warranty for their Ranges, Rangetops, and Cooktops

– 3 years parts only warranty for the Rangehood. According to their website, there is a lifetime motor warranty if you’ve purchased their Rangehoods on or after January 2017

– 1-year parts and services warranty for their Wall Ovens and Dishwashers

– 2-year parts only for Microwaves

– The Refrigerators have a 1 year parts and service warranty and a 5-year warranty for sealed items like the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and receiver/dryer

Sinks, faucets, and shower systems have a limited lifetime warranty

If you want to know about ZLINE’s warranty policy, you can check their website.

ZLINE Products


ZLINE offers a wide selection of cookware appliances. These appliances have a professional style that can elevate the look of your kitchen.

Their cookware appliances include:

– Freestanding ranges

– Rangetops and Cooktops

– Wall ovens

– Microwaves

– Rangehoods


ZLINE’s Refrigerator selection also has a professional look that matches their selection of cookware appliances. You can choose from their Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, or Autograph Edition.

The Refrigerator selection includes:

– Counter-depth Refrigeration

– Built-in Refrigeration

– Monument Wine and Beverage Coolers


If you are looking for kitchen and bath appliances, ZLINE also offers:

– Kitchen sinks

– Kitchen Faucets

– Kitchen Accessories

– Bath faucets

– Shower Systems

– Tub Fillers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Owns ZLINE Appliances?

ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a family-owned brand is that is owned by Andrew Zuro. ZLINE’s headquarter is located in Lake Tahoe, USA with other locations in Nevada, Tennessee, and Ohio.

What Is The Warranty Of ZLINE Appliances?

ZLINE appliances have a warranty period for all of their products.

Their Italian burners have a lifetime warranty for parts replacement, but the natural corrosion of these burners is not covered by their warranty policy. Their other products have a warranty policy of 1 to 3 years, depending on their products. Do note that some of these warranties only cover the parts and not the service.

We’ve talked about ZLINE’s product warranty in this article so, make sure to take a look at it!

Where To Buy ZLINE Appliances?

ZLINE has many partner retailers and dealers where you can buy their products. Some of these are Home Depot, Lowe’s, Range Hood Store, and Best Buy.

When buying appliances, it is best to see them in person so you can have a closer look at the product before deciding if it is worth the purchase.

ZLINE has several showroom dealers where you can see and buy ZLINE appliances. You can schedule an in-person showroom tour or a virtual showroom tour to have a look at ZLINE appliances. If you are having trouble finding a dealer in your area, you can check ZLINE’s website and have a look at their ZLINE Dealer Map to find a dealer closest to your location.

Is ZLINE Made In China?

ZLINE appliances are assembled in China but the parts are sourced in Germany, Italy, and the United States. ZLINE has manufacturing facilities in China where they assemble the appliances before they are shipped to the US. When you buy ZLINE appliances, the products will be shipped from Nevada, Tennessee, or Ohio, depending on where you are located.

Is ZLINE a luxury brand?

The people behind ZLINE market their brand as high-end luxurious appliances. ZLINE is an appliance company that offers high-end products to its customers at an attainable price point. ZLINE also has a wide selection of high-end kitchen appliances and bath fixtures that provides a luxurious feel in your home.


ZLINE appliances are assembled in China but the parts are sourced from the United States, Italy, and Germany. ZLINE makes great quality products that have an attainable price point for their target customers.

For people who want to have a luxurious look and feel in their home, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath might be worth checking out. You might find your next appliance there!

Hopefully, this article answered any questions you had regarding ZLINE and its products. But, if you have any other questions, do let us know via the contact form on our website and we would be happy to help you out!

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